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do nothingNote the recipients of the email below. With several exceptions (ie Madigan, Xenophon, Ramsey, Schultz, Kelly, Tehan, Joyce) many of these people continue to do nothing. 

The Project reported on Jan Hetherington late last year. That report is at the end of this post.

From: janet hetherington
Sent: Tuesday, 26 March 2013 1:45 AM

To: ‘Scott Thomas’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘Tehan, Dan (MP)’; ‘’;’’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;’’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;’’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;’’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;’’


I have just had a pleasant break with my family in Melbourne for the past 3 days. Peace and quiet, and serenity.

I went to bed at 10.30pm Monday night, and awoke  at 12.30am Tuesday (this morning) with my heart jumping out of my chest, vibration running right through my body and feeling as though I am in a pressure cooker.

Outside it is calm, moon light, with a scattering of cloud and stars. Very still.

The whole house has a thick atmosphere lurking in the rooms. I cannot sleep because of the way I am feeling. I am now starting to shake.

This is what we ALL put up with nearly every night. Not feeling SAFE in our own homes.

Does AGL/Meridian have the right to make us live our lives in such distress?

If there is going to be a change in Government, then let it be a government that looks after its  people, and not one that turns its back on the very people who make up this great nation.

We ALL have a RIGHT to peace and quiet and a good nights’ sleep. This is being denied me, as I am 3 km away from the Macarthur wind farm, and cannot get peace and quiet and a good nights’ sleep.

I am one of many.

I am asking to have the turbines turned off at night, until proper, INDEPENDENT, noise testing can be carried out.

I am also asking that these power companies be denied the financial gift from OUR TAXPAYERS’ POCKET, if they are not prepared to be compliant. Something has to be done to make the Australian citizen feel SAFE in his or her  own home.

A very tired and  distressed,

Jan Hetherington.

Read Jan’s letter to The Australian here.

People like Jan are begging for help – and yet they are ignored. Big wind business in bed with big government is running rampant across rural communities.

Will people like Jan Hetherington just be collateral damage – or will we stop these things?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Ivan Chan says:

    What is called for is a thorough nation-wide criminal investigation into the FRAUD behind those pushing hopeless twirling toys of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) on the basis of the hoax of anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

    We, citizens of Australia, cannot afford anything less than a TOTAL BAN of IWT, together with pressing real criminal charges against ALL those responsible for IWT swindle for heavy fines in the millions and imprisonment for whoever it is, whether it is the Prime Minister or any lowly scumbag executive of a wind company. All of them must be held as criminals. Clear evidence exists and more is unraveling so none can feign ignorance.

  2. When the money dries up…..the turbines go away!

  3. We live in the Penshurst district close to the Macarthur wind farm also. Heaps of people have complained to AGL about the impacts on their health and all they do is tell us that they are kindly monitoring the noise near their homes and – alas – the monster Macarthur wind farm – 140 turbs 3MW 146 metres tall – is working within the government noise limits. IT IS COMPLIANT. ………. they tell us. Of course it is, and always will be when the acoustic company employed by AGL to record noise data at all the farm properties only records the average and doesn’t ever record the enormous peaks – sound output is directly related to power generation and it’s amazing how some of the worst impact is around 6pm – have a look at the windfarm performance website and see that most of the power for the day is generated around 6pm – but this wind farm is definitely operating according to the strict noise limits, AGL tell us …..

    You can run but you can’t hide AGL – the first family left the district yesterday principally due to the horrible impact on their family’s health – how many more will leave ?

    Of course the host landowner interviewed on The Project last year,IS ALSO LEAVING – I wonder why ? – bought another property (as you can afford to do when in receipt of millions of taxpayers dollars) closer to town where they’ll now build their multi million dollar dream home they have claimed for 8 years now that they’ll build in amongst the 50 odd turbines on their property.

  4. Interesting to note that since this report on The Project was broadcast Hamish Officer has bought a property about 30 kms away where he plans to build his family home. No longer will he watch the wind blow by as his neighbours are trying to sleep. Though he loves the whole concept of wind energy it is not enough to keep him in his ancestral home looking over the turbines. You have to ask why. The other two landholders also live far from the site!!!

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Who are the citizens of this country, who are the people who grow and produce the food citizens put on their plate, and who grow and produces the food and produce which is exported earning the country that ever required export Dollar – No it isn’t Industrial Wind Turbines Energy Companies, it’s those who live and work in Rural Australia, those who get up at 4am to milk the cows, who sit on tractors in heat leading up to and extending into the National Holiday period of Christmas.
    The Energy companies invest NOTHING into communities or the country, their infrastcture so lorded as the investment they are making is only expected to last 20-25 years and in many cases even less. We the citizens of Australia are the ones paying for it from Government Coffers, and it is being spent without adequate evaluation of whether it is being spent wisely.
    These companies have ‘stolen’ money from us for far too long, its time the Government and Parliament stopped this theft.
    If the companies cannot be profitable now then they deserve to go under – the same as so many different Australian companies have had to do – companies who would have provided far more work and productivity than these Industrial Wind Energy ones. Why were they not provided with funding, why were they told if they cannot make a profit then thats too bad????

  6. Grant Winberg says:

    Perhaps Jan Hetherington and all of the other sufferers of WF health impacts will find something being done as a first step when the to be newly elected federal coallition government enacts legislation similar to the Maddigan/Xenophon noise bill, including the requisite enforcement sticks to ensure compliance with existing consent/approval requirements (and ultimately, realistic noise limitations). That is, Mr Macfarlane will lead with introducing immediate compliance legislation, and, following well researched findings on how to limit health impacts, Mr Macfarlane will ensure the resulting more realistic noise limits, etc will be legislated.
    Having said all of that, nothing Mr Macfarlane can do will ameliorate the damage caused by the WF’s to the Jan Hetheringtons of Australia, both mental, physical & financial. As Mr Quin says in the Project interview, there will undoubtedly be a flood of litigation arising from this disgusting abuse of Australian’s right to live their lives free of this wilful imposition of these horreurs – litigation against developers, owners, operaters, governments and hosts.


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