The doctors, researchers and health practitioners worldwide who get it

courage1An impressive number of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians around the world are now voicing their concern about the impact of wind turbines on people’s health.

The list has been published by the Waubra Foundation, the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) and the North American Platform Against Windfarms (NA-PAW).

The latter two organisations represent more than 600 associations of wind farm victims from 27 countries.

These health professionals should be honored, assert the three NGOs.

It takes courage to uphold the rights of victims against the powerful coalitions behind the wind industry.

And when future generations look back on this extraordinary saga, these people will be remembered for their perseverance,  insight and resolution, often in the face of sustained personal attack.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Professor Mariana Alves Pereira, Biomechanical Engineer (Portugal, 2007)
  2. Dr Ian Arra, Public Health Physician (Canada, 2013)
  3. Mr Stephen Ambrose, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  4. Associate Professor Jeffrey Aramini, Epidemiologist (Canada, 2010)
  5. Dr Huub Bakker, Engineer, (New Zealand, 2010)
  6. Dr Linda Benier, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (Canada, 2011)
  7. Dr Owen Black, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (USA, 2009)
  8. Mr Wade Bray, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  9. Professor Arline Bronzaft, Psychologist & Researcher (US, 2010)
  10. Dr Nuno Castelo Branco, Pathologist (Portugal, 2007)
  11. Dr Micheal Cooke, General Practitioner (Ireland, 2012)
  12. Mr Steven Cooper, Acoustician (Australia, 2011)
  13. Dr Herb Coussos, Medical Practitioner (US, 2010)
  14. Dr R Crunkhorne, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (UK, 2013)
  15. Mrs Jane Davis, Nurse (UK, 2010)
  16. Professor Phillip Dickinson, Acoustician (New Zealand, 2009)
  17. Associate Professor Con Doolan, Mechanical Engineer (Australia, 2012)
  18. Mr Chuck Ebbing, Noise Engineer (USA. 2013)
  19. Dr Alun Evans, Epidemiologist (Ireland, 2011)
  20. Dr Amir Farboud, Ear Nose & Throat Specialist (UK, 2013)
  21. Professor Jerome Haller, Neurology and Paediatrics (US, 2008)
  22. Professor Colin Hansen, Mechanical Engineer, International Expert in Low Frequency Noise & Vibration (Australia, 2010)
  23. Dr Chris Hanning, Sleep Physician (UK, 2010)
  24. Professor John Harrison, Physicist (Canada, 2010)
  25. Dr Amanda Harry, Rural Medical Practitioner (UK, 2003)
  26. Professor Henry Horn, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (US, 2008)
  27. Mr Richard Horonjeff, Acoustician (USA, 2010)
  28. Mr Les Huson, Acoustician (Australia, 2011)
  29. Dr David Iser, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2004)
  30. Associate Professor Rick James, Noise Engineer (USA, 2009)
  31. Dr Roy Jeffrey, Rural Medical Practitioner (Canada, 2010)
  32. Dr Mauri Johansson, Occupational Physician (Denmark, 2012)
  33. Mr George Kamperman, Noise Engineer (USA, 2009)
  34. Professor Ralph Katz, Epidemiologist (US, 2008)
  35. Dr Noel Kerin, Occupational Physician (Canada, 2010)
  36. Professor Nicholas Kouwen, PhD., P.Eng., FASCE, University of Waterloo, ON (Canada, 2013)
  37. Ms Carmen Krogh, Pharmacist, Researcher (Canada, 2009)
  38. Dr Eckhard Kuck, Oral Surgeon (Germany, 2012)
  39. Dr Nicole Lachat, Biologist (Switzerland, 2011)
  40. Dr Sarah Laurie, Former Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2010)
  41. Dr David Lawrence, Rural Medical Practitioner (USA, 2012)
  42. Professor Joel Lehrer, Earn Noise & Throat specialist (US, 2008)
  43. Dr Lu Lombardi, Medical Practitioner, Ontario (Canada, 2010)
  44. Dr Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health, Grey/Bruce County, ON (Canada, 2012)
  45. Dr Robert McMurtry, Former Dean of Medical & Dental School, University of Western Ontario (Canada, 2010)
  46. Peter Mitchell, Engineer, Founder and Chairman of the Waubra Foundation (Australia, 2010)
  47. Dr Andja Mitric Andjic, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  48. Dr Sarah Myhill, Rural Medical Practitioner, Wales (UK, 2012)
  49. Dr Michael Nissenbaum, Medical Practitioner (US, 2010)
  50. Mr Bill Palmer, Engineer (Canada, 2010)
  51. George Papadopoulos, Pharmacist (Australia, 2011)
  52. Dr Helen Parker, Psychologist (US, 2011)
  53. Dr Robyn Phipps, Researcher (NZ, 2007)
  54. Dr Eja Pedersen, Medical Sociologist (Sweden, 2006)
  55. Dr Nina Pierpont, PhD, MD, Specialist Paediatrician, Fellow American Academy of Paediatrics (US, 2009)
  56. Professor Carl Phillips, Epidemiologist (USA, 2010)
  57. Mr Jerry Punch, Audiologist (USA, 2013)
  58. Mr Rob Rand, Noise Engineer (USA, 2011)
  59. Mr Bruce Rapley, Scientist (NZ, 2013)
  60. Dr Sandy Reider, Medical Practitioner (USA, 2013)
  61. Linda J Rogers, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Canada, 2013)
  62. Professor Alec Salt, Neurophysiologist (USA, 2010)
  63. Dr Paul Schomer, Noise Engineer (USA, 2012)
  64. Mrs Norma Schmidt, Retired Nurse (Canada, 2010)
  65. Dr Daniel Shepherd, Psychologist, Psychoacoustician (New Zealand, 2010)
  66. Dr Wayne Spring, Sleep Physician (Australia, 2011)
  67. Mr Mike Stigwood, Acoustician (UK)
  68. Dr Malcolm Swinbanks, Acoustician, (UK, 2010)
  69. Dr Scott Taylor, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  70. Dr Henning Theorell, Medical Practitioner (Sweden, 2012)
  71. Dr Bob Thorne, Psychoacoustician (Australia, NZ)
  72. Mr Peter Trask, Psychologist (Australia, 2012)
  73. Dr A Trinidade, Ear Nose & Throat specialist (UK, 2013)
  74. Dr Alan Watts, Rural Medical Practitioner (Australia, 2011)
  75. Dr Colleen Watts, Scientist, former Board Member of the EPA in New South Wales (Australia, 2011)
  76. Associate Professor Libby Wheatley, Medical Sociologist (USA, 2012)
About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. monique odman says:

    Although wind turbines have negative impacts on people’s health
    nothing about it is ever reported in the medias for the lay people,
    perhaps the result of the powerful Wind Energy lobbies.
    Medical studies must be made accessible to all.

  2. Chapman should go and have a meeting with these professional people above, and learn the truth about the trouble the wind turbines are having on peoples health.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Thank you all for following your conscience and making and ethical stand.

  4. Thankyou to all those who are on this list if it wasn’t for your efforts our situations would be much worse than they already are.


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