John “Marshall” Madigan Declares War

  A couple of posts back we covered a Fin Review piece in which it was suggested that SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon and John “Marshall” Madigan had come out swinging in favour of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). At the time, STT said that Senators Xenophon and Madigan were merely using their positions […]

Letter #1 re Simon Chapman’s “study”

From Chris Jelbart Simon Chapman (Think healthy on wind farms, Monday March 18th) is not a medical doctor, but a sociologist who has specialised in fighting tobacco. This is his area of expertise. He speaks out against people who feel genuinely ill and suffer genuine symptoms, and denigrates those who try to help through considered, […]

These people knew – and did nothing

Remember these faces. Burn them into your memory. Long after the Royal Commission (we’re certain there will be one*), long after the books and documentaries and newspaper articles, long after the PhD theses, remember one thing. These people knew. They were told. And they did nothing. They chose to ignore that an industry was receiving […]