Who to believe: Waubra Grazier, Carl Stepnell or fully paid up wind power advocates?

**** STT hears that the Head Boy has taken a personal interest in the wind farm health inquiry and is keen to make sure that only the best of the best are involved in the task and that there’s a bucket of cash to pay them. And about time, too. Acciona’s non-compliant Waubra wind farm […]

Vestas is deceiving the public when it portrays itself as an ethical and moral company

“Is it really good export policy to dispatch a man like McAlpine to run errands on behalf of Vestas?” Occupational medicine specialist Doctor Mauri Johansson gave the following speech at the general meeting of Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer. The speech was given last year. We reproduce it here in full. (And don’t forget to […]