Michael Shellenberger Exposes Climate Industrial Complex in ‘Apocalypse Never’

Climate alarmists continue to berate us that the world is doomed and the only ‘solution’ offered is channelling $trillions more in subsidies to intermittent wind and solar. Their calls for ‘immediate action’ really means more of the same: more subsidies for more windmills and more solar panels; which really means the end of reliable and […]

They’re finally waking up – the Green-Labor Alliance is all but over.

They’re finally waking up – the Green-Labor Alliance is all but over. Not the sharpest tools in the shed, the greentard often misses the bleeding obvious or simply refuses to accept reality even when it jumps up and gives them an almighty “bitch-slap”. News just in from Mars is that Mark Kenber CEO of the […]

What price do you put on friendship?

“For four years, a handful of farmers in the district hid a secret that not even a weekly drinks session or years of friendship could drag out. They had covertly opened up their farm gate to wind farm developers, lured by the cash offer of $15,000 for every wind turbine dug into their property — unbeknownst to the mate across […]