Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

There’s as an old Chinese proverb that says “even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered.”

Don’t push me – coz I’m close to the edge.

But when the targets under attack are wind weasels and the parasites that depend upon them, you can expect not just the odd rabbit-nip, but every dirty trick in the book.  Remember you’re standing between these people and a fat pile of taxpayer and power consumer cash.

The subsidy bonanza has been pulled to a screaming halt in Spain.

The Germans are lamenting the insane costs of their great wind rush – spiralling “green” power costs have resulted in 800,000 German homes being cut-off from the power supply.  And with a power punter revolt on the cards – Angela Merkel is winding back its ridiculous raft of subsidies to wind power.

Hostility to giant fans is spreading like wildfire through communities around the world.  Quite ordinary, apolitical people are now highly organised and are hip to the treachery, lies and deceit tossed up by the wind industry’s goons.

The wind weasel is now a threatened species.

I like to fight dirtier than a rabbit.

Bureaucrats and government ministers in charge of pretending that wind power provides a solution to a fictitious problem are the facilitators of the great wind power fraud.  The Minister gets the “glory” and the bureaucrats create a growing empire of public servants under their command.

But the whole “green” power edifice depends upon maintaining the fiction that wind power provides millions of “green” jobs and “free” electricity.

It also depends upon governments shouting down community opposition and greasing the media wheels to ensure that never a bad word is spoken about their plans to help lob giant fans all over the country – except, that is, anywhere near THEM.

And – whatever happens – make damn sure no-one learns just why their power bills are going through the roof.  In Australia – the “message” from our Green-Labor government on the topic of power price punishment has been all about the cost of “poles and wires”.  Sure it is.

With that in mind it comes as no surprise that slick climate change apparatchiks in the UK are working overtime to suppress a report which is – apparently – critical of the wind power scam on every level.

Here’s The Telegraph on the trail of yet another story about political skulduggery aimed at keeping the scam alive.

Ministers at war over secret wind farm evidence
The Telegraph
Peter Dominiczak
19 Aug 2013

An official study of the impact of wind farms and renewable energy on the countryside is being suppressed by the Department of Energy, Coalition sources have disclosed to The Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper has learnt that a new Government row over wind farms is blocking a report that could provide official confirmation that the controversial turbines can harm rural areas.

Sources have said that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) — run by Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat — wants to stop Owen Paterson, the Conservative Environment Secretary, publishing a major report that he has commissioned on renewable energy and the rural economy.

Mr Paterson, a known opponent of onshore wind farms, is understood to be furious at the attempts to stifle his department and is said to be “determined” to publish the findings. In June, he said that onshore turbines were often regarded as a “complete scam”.

Opponents of wind farms claim that they are unsightly and are an inefficient method of energy generation.

Sources in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) tonight claimed that figures in Mr Davey’s department were more concerned about “ideology” than scientific evidence. “This is our department,” a source said. “We are doing this report. It is part of our remit.”

It is claimed that figures in the DECC are concerned that the report, which has not been completed, could include negative conclusions about how renewable energy affects the rural economy.

“They don’t want information out there that would allow people to challenge the energy solution that they are going after,” the source added.

David Cameron this month signalled his growing opposition to onshore wind farms, saying that there is now “limited potential” for the technology in the UK.

The Prime Minister said he was in favour of offshore wind and shale gas exploration, known as fracking.

Mr Paterson’s report is about the impact of all renewable-energy sources on the countryside and on the rural economy. “There has been a back-and-forth with DECC but we are doing this report,” a source said. “We want some hard and fast evidence about the effect of renewables on rural communities. That is well within our portfolio.”

No DECC officials have seen the report as it is still in its early stages, it is understood. It is claimed that officials in the energy department have expressed concerns about the “principle of [the] report and what they fear may be documented about some renewables”.

The DECC said the departments were working together but appeared to raise doubts about the quality of Defra’s work.

A spokesman said: “We are currently working with Defra to ensure that a final report meets the usual standards and quality assurances that you would expect from any Government publication.”

A Defra spokesman said: “We need to ensure that energy is generated in a way that is sustainable.

“We need to understand the effects that different technologies have on the environment and on communities across the country. The energy report is not yet complete.”

In June, following government moves to make it easier for local communities to block wind farms, Mr Paterson said: “I know there is huge unhappiness with some of these projects.

“There are places where these projects are well prepared, the community wants it. But in inland areas they are very often deeply unpopular.”

According to sources, Mr Paterson is in favour of “appropriate renewables” and is not opposed to some biomass projects and fracking. Defra said the report was being produced by civil servants in the department and that it will be peer-reviewed by experts when it is finished.

The row has echoes of a dispute last year between Mr Davey and John Hayes, the former energy minister. Mr Davey slapped down his Tory colleague after Mr Hayes said that the spread of wind farms across the countryside will be brought to a halt as “enough is enough”.

The Energy Secretary was forced to publicly state that government policy had not changed after Mr Hayes called for an end to wind farms being “peppered” all over the countryside.

In March, Mr Hayes was moved from his role as energy minister and became the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary adviser. He is tasked with improving relations between the Tory leadership and backbenchers.

He was replaced by Michael Fallon, who is also retaining his position as a business minister.

The Government has committed to erecting thousands of new onshore turbines by 2020.

DECC projections published earlier this year said that the Government is aiming to double the amount of onshore wind capacity in the country over the next 10 years.

Currently 6.3 gigawatts of energy comes from onshore wind — equating to 4,074 turbines. The DECC has said that the country could produce between 10 and 12 gigawatts of energy from onshore wind farms by 2020.

However, while speaking to factory workers in Lancashire earlier this month, the Prime Minister said that people should not “expect to see a lot more wind power onshore in the UK”. “There’s a limited potential for onshore wind,” Mr Cameron said.

“Frankly, we’ve got some in the UK — I don’t think we’re going to have a huge amount more.

“We’ve just changed the rules, we’ve cut the subsidies and we’ve said that any schemes that go ahead have to give more benefit to local communities. So I wouldn’t expect to see a lot more wind power onshore in the UK.”
The Telegraph

David Cameron has just drawn an obvious line in the sand – one with disastrous consequences for wind weasels.

The wind weasel and the fan manufacturer are ambitious and avaricious creatures – their plan for global domination critically depends upon the continuous erection of an endless sea of turbines.  Moreover, their financial well-being depends upon being able to flog fans and build wind farms at ever-increasing rates.

It’s the slowdown in wind farm construction around the world – including here and the US that has placed developers under huge financial pressure and the fan manufacturers are bleeding cash.  With Cameron’s announcement that the river of subsidies in the UK is set to become a trickle – expect to see some major corporate collapses very soon.

As to the suppressed report STT thinks, eventually, the truth will out – sunlight is such a great disinfectant.

Prime Minister when you say suppressing the report is a “courageous” decision, does “courageous” mean the end of my Ministerial career?

7 thoughts on “Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

  1. If the Tories ditched the LimpDims we may have a chance. They bleat on about climate change more than most and and call opponents to wind ‘Luddites’. When the deputy PM’s wife has connections with a wind farm company what can you expect?

  2. We hear in the press that coal dust on the railway lines could harm the Aged Community and the Children. The little Greentard Leprechauns stick their heads up all worried about it. Must be election time. They just don’t get that Infrasound and Low Frequency noise can and is doing extensive harm to the Aged Community and the Children.

    But this election the Greentards might just be running scared.
    I do hope so.

  3. The industry and it’s supporters keep repeating and coming up with excuse after excuse, they twist and turn like trapped snakes. However, even the most deadly snake can be destroyed/stopped before it has killed all in its path. We have the anti-venom – the TRUTH, and it is getting out there in ever increasing amounts, with more and more people willing to administer it.

  4. Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    This of course assumes dithering has a back bone and speaks the truth. We have no reason to suspect either of these is the case. Thanks for another great article guys, Cww

  5. Unfortunately, definitely not true – there are many consented onshore windfarms still to be built in the UK, (unless all the companies go bust – I wish) and many more that have been turned down by local councils, and are going to appeal – where Westminster or the devolved Scottish and Welsh Governments, will say yes.

  6. I wish it were true! Some of Cameron’s Ministers are open that turbines are a scam but Cameron and Co carry on blighting our relatively small countryside with turbines and solar farms. Cameron is like Blair – he says what we want to hear – on turbines – but does the opposite – and on many issues.

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