Exposure of UK’s Wind Power’s Crippling Costs sees Britain’s “Greenblob” Turn to Doublethink & Doublespeak

**** Britain’s energy policy is a debacle. It’s been driven by Marxist zealots of the hard-‘green’-left – branded the “Greenblob” by the reasonable and honest folks in politics, like Owen Paterson (see our post here). The Greenblob have set Britain up for an inevitable economic disaster, by wedding its increasingly bleak future to insanely expensive, […]

UK’s Disastrous Wind Power Policy the Result of Deluded “Green Blob” Politics

**** Britain needs political climate change to cut soaring energy bills The Telegraph Charles Moore 17 October 2014 Targets for renewables are unattainable, futile – and will cost us trillions of pounds It is surprisingly common for our main political parties and policy-makers to agree about something. When they do, they are usually wrong; the […]

UK’s Wind Power Debacle Threatens to Leave Brits in the Dark

**** Scrap the Climate Change Act to keep the lights on, says Owen Paterson The Telegraph Christopher Hope 11 October 2014 The Climate Change Act 2008, which ties Britain into stringent environmental measures, should be suspended – and then scrapped – if other countries refuse to agree legally binding targets, says Owen Paterson MP Britain […]

UK’s Environment Minister (Owen Patterson): Taking on the Great ‘Green’ Blob

Writing for The Telegraph, the former environment secretary, Owen Paterson, says he is proud of standing up to the green lobby, Owen Paterson: I’m proud of standing up to the green lobby Owen Patterson The Telegraph 20 July 2014 Every prime minister has the right to choose his team to take Britain into the general […]

How to destroy your most valuable asset – add giant fans

Secret report on wind farms to reveal turbines have slashed ‘billions’ from the value of rural homes The Daily Mail 23 August 2013 Wind farms have slashed ‘billions’ from the value of rural homes, a secret Government report is expected to disclose. The Coalition is in conflict over the critical document on renewable energy because […]

Cameron signals end for the Great British Wind Scam

There’s as an old Chinese proverb that says “even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered.” But when the targets under attack are wind weasels and the parasites that depend upon them, you can expect not just the odd rabbit-nip, but every dirty trick in the book.  Remember you’re standing between these people and […]