I won’t grow up, I won’t grow up

The wind weasel is a lot like Peter Pan – the eternal child, who will fight, kick and scream to avoid the stark reality of adulthood. How often have we heard the yarn about wind power needing a fat pile of subsidies for just that little bit longer to help it “mature”?  And how, if […]

Brits in wind powered economic death spiral

Green energy: How their green rush is costing us all The Telegraph Iain Martin 13 October 2013 Consumers are paying the price of a fallout over green energy between ministers A lot of people, said David Cameron, had warned him he was “mad” to treat the environment as the number one concern. In response, he […]

Brits overrun by their own Armada of Giant Fans

In 1588, the Spaniards set out to overrun Britain by sea with an enormous Armada. The Brits saw them off with the help of a plucky lad called Francis and some lucky wind changes. Not only did they cop a right Royal Navy flogging, but the cost of building Spain’s giant fleet eventually helped to […]