Vestas Helps Engineer Sacking of Denmark’s Top Acoustic Professor, Henrik Møller


Option 1): lie. If option 1 fails, go to option 2): cover it up.


In Denmark, Vestas is the wind industry. And like the wind industry everywhere, it’s done its level best to infiltrate and influence every aspect of political and academic life: all aimed at preventing any pesky opposition to its plans to cover the planet with its giant fans.

Vestas isn’t afraid to cut all the ethical corners in its quest to be the world’s dominant fan maker: Vestas bosses are under investigation for abusing their positions to secure private financial gains through its business dealings with others in the wind industry (see our post here).

In Australia, Vestas splashed a fat pile of cash at “green” groups, going on the propaganda front foot, spending $millions in Australia to “shape the debate” – paying its team of dilettante advocates and juvenile propagandists a bucket of loot to “win hearts and minds” – and threw a fat pile of cash at the Australian Greens in their futile efforts to unseat STT Champion, SA Senator, Nick Xenophon at the Federal election last September (see our post here).

Back in Denmark, it appears Vestas has used its sway to see that Denmark’s leading academic expert on noise research, Henrik Møller would no longer be a thorn in its side. As a highly respected University Professor, Henrik Møller presented a clear and present danger to Vesta’s commercial interests: he has worked for years to show that turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound causes sleep deprivation and other adverse health effects; he has been especially critical of the noise “standards” set for households – which were written by the wind industry (read Vestas) in order to allow turbines to comply, no matter how large or how close to homes.

Vestas has been a vocal critic of Dr Møller and has continually complained about him to his boss, Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen. Vestas must be chuffed that its efforts have all paid off: Dr Møller has been sacked. Here’s John Droz Jr detailing Vesta’s successful effort to shoot the messenger.

The Danish Democracy Doesn’t Like the Truth
John Droz Jr
5 August 2014

Henrik Møller, Denmark’s leading academic expert on noise research, has been fired by his university after exposing a far-reaching cover up by the Danish government of the health risks caused by wind turbine noise pollution.

Shock and outrage at this latest example of the heavy-handed cover up of government-backed junk science has brought strong condemnation from independent scientists. John Droz Jr, a respected critic of wind farms, has issued the following condemnatory response:

As you probably know, a passion of mine is defending my profession (Science) from assault.

This is approaching a full-time job, as those promoting political or economic agendas are painfully aware that real Science is a major threat to their aspirations — so they are aggressively attacking it on multiple fronts. (See

We now have yet another distressing example, where a leading scientist has lost his job — apparently for the crime of being a conscientious, competent academic, focused on quality research (instead of chasing grant money).

Dr. Henrik Møller, is a world-renowned expert on infra-sound, and has published several high-quality studies on low-frequency acoustics (like hereherehere, and here). More recently, some of these have dealt with industrial wind energy noise (e.g. here — which was peer-reviewed).

He has been praised as Denmark’s “leading noise researcher.” What’s even more important is that he has been courageous enough to have publicly spoken out against poor government policies, as well as the misinformation disseminated from the wind energy cartel.

In Denmark there have been several newspaper reports about this surprising firing, but I’m sending this to the AWED list as such an event should have much wider coverage. Here are English translations of a few Danish articles (I have the originals as well). It seems to me that some of the key points made in them are:

— Dr. Møller has had thirty eight (38) years of distinguished service for Aalborg University.

— Ironically, this institution publicly prides itself as looking out for its professors: “At Aalborg University we focus intensively on staff welfare and job satisfaction.”

— He was the only one of 200± researchers at the Department of Electronic Systems in Aalborg who was let go …

— The purported reason for his firing, is that the professor is no longer “financially lucrative” for the university …

— Despite claiming that the termination was due to a shortage of funds, the university had recently hired two additional people in the same department …

— Dr. Møller’s reasoned responses were:

1) During the last year he may not have produced that much income, but in many other years his work resulted in substantial profit to the university.

2) Statistically, approximately half of the faculty would be operating at a loss — so why single him out?

3) In his prior 38 years of employment, and reviews, he was never informed that his job was solely dependent on outside funding.

4) Additionally, prior to the sacking, he had not been informed that his income production was a problem that need to be addressed — giving him a chance to do so.

— The Danish Society of Engineers, and the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs, have gone on record stating that it is unreasonable to dismiss researchers due to a lack of grants. Furthermore they reportedly said such a policy is contrary to the Danish University Act, which specifies that the purpose of research is to promote education, not to be a profit-making venture …

— The VP of the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations stated that it’s rare that a Danish professor is fired.

— It has been reported that the wind industry has frequently complained about Dr. Møller to his boss (Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen) …

— Consider this: the same Dean Nielsen was a keynote speaker at the Wind Industry Association’s meeting, the day after he fired Dr. Møller!

— As one article explains, this termination might have also come from the fact that the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has a very close association with the wind industry, and that Dr. Møller’s scientific research had resulted in embarrassing revelations.

— The same article states that with Dr. Møller out of the picture, wind industry friendly DTU will now take over responsibility for assessing acoustical impacts of industrial wind turbines on Danish citizens. (I wonder what conclusions they will reach?)

As one report accurately stated: it takes courage for academics to focus on scientific research, instead of pursuing outside funding.

Please consider writing a short, polite email to Dr. Møller’s boss (who fired him) objecting to this shameful termination: Dean Nielsen

It would be helpful to cc a reporter at an important Danish newspaper: Axel and bcc Dr. Mø

John Droz, Jr.
Physicist & Environmental Advocate

PS — Although his studies on industrial wind energy only comprise a small amount of his thirty eight years of academic work, they may have resulted in the most notoriety.

Since many of the people on this list are interested in that topic, here are a few other examples of Dr. Møller’s work related to wind energy, in his words:

1) We made an analysis of a wind project in Maastricht, planned to possibly have turbines from a Danish company. The City Council stopped the project after our report — a result that did not make us popular with the Danish wind industry.

2) A reason why we seem to be a nuisance to the wind industry in Denmark is that we keep finding errors in noise calculations and evaluations. As an example, we found serious errors in the environmental impact assessment behind a new law on a wind turbine test center, and the law had to be changed.

3) We also revealed that in a big Vestas promotion, they mixed up two acoustical terms (and Vestas had to change part of their campaign). I’m afraid there are only Danish newspaper articles about that — which is unfortunate, because it was quite funny.

4) We also criticized Danish regulation of wind turbine noise, which resulted in feature articles in Danish newspapers. I am not sure if others have been translated, but here is one example.

5) We also put together some web pages about the Danish wind regulations, which made the wind industry complain about me to the Dean (again).


henrik moeller

Henrik Møller: yet another Vestas’ victim.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Very unfortunate to see such an outstanding academic have his career terminated in this way. The reasons provided for his sacking make it difficult to assume anything but alterior motives.

  2. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.

  3. Terry Conn says:

    Dr. Moller is now free to tell the world his unfettered account of the true story regarding his dismissal and the university’s submission to politics rather than ‘science’. We look forward to a lot more from him!

  4. In the UK, our very good Environment Minister, Owen Paterson – a climate change/turbine sceptic was sacked by Cameron PM recently. Paterson blamed the ‘Green Blob’ for his downfall. These are so called ‘green charities’ and the renewables industry which gorge on taxpayer money and will viciously attack/remove/have removed anyone who threatens their gluttonous lifestyle.

    But Paterson is fighting back ! Many of us prefer him to Cameron any day !

  5. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Well we know what ‘financially lucrative’ means don’t we?

    I cannot believe a university would even think it was acceptable to dismiss such a high profile well respected Professor without a valid reason. One that they have leaned on for so long, who has produced such high quality scientific research for decades.

    However, it is testament to height this industry has reached in its ability to ‘influence’ those in power. It now seems this industry is in control of Denmark, that the Government there could appear powerless to stop the ‘take-over’.

    It’s also a warning to our own Higher Education institutions that flirting with industry for funding is a dangerous game to play. It takes careful and clear boundaries, and it needs constant attention to ensure that the companies do not ‘take charge’ of the direction that research goes in.

  6. Miss Marple says:

    No doubt it was more “financially lucrative” for the Uni to do Vestas bidding, than to pursue the truth. Again!
    Thank you for bringing this to light.

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