How to Steal Someone’s Home – with Government help


It’s bigger than I thought – better hit the taxpayer for help to bag this one

A few posts back we looked at how Scottish wind weasels are all set for another round of Highland Clearances – effectively stealing Scots’ homes before their very eyes.  Well, it seems weasels south of the Scottish border are all set to do the same.

Here’s the Exeter Express and Echo providing a template on how to steal a whole house with government (read power consumer and tax payer) assistance.

Wind farm ‘blight’ cutting value of homes by up to 33%, says MP
Exeter Express and Echo
30 December 2013

Westcountry homes close to wind farms have lost up to a third of their value, an MP has claimed as the Government considers paying compensation if developments cause a property price plunge.

Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for West Devon and Torridge, said constituents have been told by estate agents their homes are worth “significantly less” thanks to giant turbines, and that it is an “injustice” they lose out while developers and land owners potentially pocket millions.

This year, (2013) Mr Cox issued a blanket objection to all new commercial wind farms after proposals for scores of turbines have pushed parts of rural areas to “tipping point”.

Meanwhile, Planning Minister Nick Boles has proposed direct compensation for lost property value thanks to developments such as turbines, but also nuclear power stations, rail links and factories.

The minister is eyeing a pilot scheme in the coming months, and it could be based on the Dutch model that pays out an average of around £8,000 to householders that have suffered “detriment”.

Mr Cox said he welcomed the proposal, which is likely to curry favour across rural Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, where the growing number of wind farms are seen as a blight by residents.

The MP said: “An increasing number of people are coming to me with clear evidence that the value of their home is significantly less than what it otherwise would be were the wind farm not there.

“I’m seeing a minimum 10% to 15% reduction. Some are seeing a loss of one-third of the value. How can that be fair?

“How can it be right that landowners and developers are making millions of pounds, while the ordinary household is losing the value of what is their pension, or nest egg in old age.” Of the minister’s proposal, he said: “I would completely support households having to be paid compensation for the depreciation of their house value as a result of wind turbines.

“It is simple nonsense for the pro-wind lobby to say they have no effect on house prices.”

But he warned: “The devil will be in the detail. How would you differentiate between those that are entitled and those that are not?”

The compensation package was revealed quietly in December’s autumn statement, but was detailed by Mr Boles when her appeared before the Local Government Select Committee of MPs.

He said the proposal was a “radical departure” from Britain’s current planning rules, but would help speed up major infrastructure that will boost growth, and would bring “individual benefits” for local residents from new development.

His idea goes beyond existing schemes to compensate homeowners for roads and rail links which affect the property by creating noise and traffic.

Mr Boles said: “I think that everybody recognises that countries have to do difficult things – build roads, build railway lines, build nuclear power stations and other kinds of power sources.

“It is better for everyone that the amount of money is banged up in the transaction process – making the decision, let alone building the thing, as little as possible and relatively speedy. With certain projects there has been a principle established of some kind of a benefit being paid to very local communities.”

He added: “One of the things we are keen to pilot is whether people who have properties very close to a substantial development might benefit from some form of compensation for the loss of property value, something that does happen in some other countries, the Netherlands have innovated with it.”

“It’s quite a radical departure for this country – it’s not totally clear how you graft it on to our planning system so that’s why we’re going relatively carefully into it and looking to set up a pilot to see whether it can help people overcome their objections to developments that are of benefit to the local community but might have a negative impact on them personally.”

A report last year from The Infrastructure Forum, recommending such a scheme in the UK, estimated it would cost £80 million a year but the costs would be far outstripped by infrastructure benefits.
Exeter Express and Echo

Thievery of a slightly different kind is happening in Australia where Spanish outfit, Acciona – having driven 11 farming families from homes that neighbour its non-compliant Waubra wind farm – has bought up numerous properties using the mandated power consumer subsidies (ie Renewable Energy Certificates) it receives and which are tacked on top of all Australian power bills.

Acciona has, so far, received over $85 million in RECs (a Federal tax on all Australian electricity consumers) and has purchased, at least, 7 properties belonging to its numerous victims – making damn sure that the unwilling vendors all signed bullet-proof “gag” clauses – that prevent them from ever talking about the “sale” (see our post here).

Trish Godfrey is just one tragic example (see this article and our posts here and here).

To Trish and the dozens of Australians like her we hope they can have something like a Happy Australia Day. To date, their political betters have not served them well. But, things are changing for the better. Keep fighting and never surrender, we will prevail.

Trish Godfrey

Trish Godfrey, Waubra – had her house
stolen with Australian government help.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. S. ciancio says:

    There is a wind farm planned next to my wee rural small holding, I am the only property in a two mile radius. My bank wants to revalue my property as they are concerned the value will be affected so much it may now not cover my mortgage. We could at worst stand to lose our home. Local planning says this will not be mentioned at the planning meeting, it’s not something they would consider at the planning meeting!!

    • Get in their face and keep in their face and they will consider you. These fan companies do not like you being in their face all the time.

  2. Maureen campbell says:

    At long last, Mr David Mortimer has just written what I have said from day one. Let’s all get together, each group from every part of Australia and get in touch with the human rights in Geneva. Let’s see what they have to say. Perhaps it will be more truthful and get away from all what is going in here in Australia. Can you imagine these companies faces? My, would I like to be a fly on the wall They will scream like stuffed pigs.

  3. Sadly even if charges relating to government connivance with the wind weasels eventually comes to court, as it certainly should, sadly there’s no guarantee that justice will prevail. As witnessed recently in NSW, courtesy of former minister Chris Hartcher, the corrupt actions of government can be easily swept away at the stroke of the legislative pen.

    • wind industry smells says:

      There is no finer example of government collusion with the wind industry when the SA Labor Government, on what was virtually Mike Rann’s last day in office, effectively removed the avenue of legal appeal to the ERD court by most neigbours to proposed wind farms. In the name of ‘certainty’ for the industry.

      And in the middle of significant legal proceedings that challenged the Allendale East wind proposal near Mt Gambier in SA.

      When the Royal Commission into Corruption associated with the Wind Industry commences, SA should be the first (London?) cab off the rank.

  4. Melissa Ware says:

    Homes; shudder, shake, shelterless.
    Governments; apathetic, performance-less, pitiable.
    Wind factories; Relentless, torturous, broken.

    Describing this global, ruinous and delinquent epidemic as simply unjust, is a kindness. Any ‘compensation’ package will not resolve noise problems and suffering being inflicted with full knowledge and endorsement by all supporters of the wind factory trade. Railway lines, roads and other power sources do not inflict noise to the level of detriment as wind factories. Buffer zones, noise buffers and barriers, even ear plugs or ‘adapting’,offer some protection.

    Too many suffer in proximity to wind factories and no protection from exposure to this broadband noise/vibrations is available. Buffer zones, ear plugs, sleeping tablets etc. are ineffective – living in a wind factory and degraded health is impossible to avoid.

    Australia Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, accumulated, ongoing ‘days’ and nights of painful injustice.

    P.S. My empathy is extended to those whom believe a ridge or a hill will protect them from turbine infrasound. It passes through walls, roofs and body tissue and impacts, unlike infrasound found in natural places. Unseen but like a poisonous gas it is detectable, may be monitored and contained ie. remove the source. Health and safety protection for people and animals from unwarranted exposure is not being provided by our Government bodies and is a matter for Law.

  5. Noel Dean. says:

    I would like to share our story of Acciona’s thievery by deception at Waubra. The first point I would make is that Pyrenees Wind Energy Developments is 100% owned by Acciona as advised by Acciona. The Conditions of their permit relate to PWED or Acciona – but I will refer to them as Acciona.

    I complained that my family had gotten ill because of Low frequency noise and that I believed that Acciona had not met conditions of the New Zealand Standard (NZS) in relation to the Waubra Wind Farm.

    The NZS requires that there be a noise contour map and the permit conditions requires assessment of SACs be done subjectively, 4 times in the first 12 month period. However, assessment was only done once in the required period and during that test, the nearest turbine not operating. Also there was no noise contour map for the Waubra wind Farm at the approval stage.

    Claims by Acciona of complying to all requirements of planning permit is not true and I consider that they have gained property by deception by not ensuring these are met.

    I agreed to an offer by Acciona to do low frequency testing on my property inside of the house in exchange for a independent noise assessment by MDA which included a subjective assessment of sound outside of the property. This was agreed to with Acciona, MDA and ourselves present on 5 June 2009. Testing was done and data collected. But no subjective assessment was done. No independent report was received. Yet the results of investigation claim no difference of in low frequency noise – whether it was our house, or any other farm house. It was made public in newspapers and Acciona’s own newsletter – this I consider is theft and deception to gain property for financial gain from the government based on claims by Acciona. There is still no evidence from Acciona or the planning department to substantiate their claims.

    The recent Generation Manager at Acciona worked at the Victorian Energy Network Corporation for a number of years immediately before going to Acciona mid 2006. Given that Acciona has not supplied information to the Planning Minister to prove compliance (evidenced in a letter to me by the planning minister dated 20/11/13) and has been receiving RECs, insider trading may also be at play here.

    There are other issues of theft. We have lost the use of our farm and our home to live and work for a number of years now. Acciona obtained an impact assessment report without payment. We all have lost the health we enjoyed prior to the wind farm development. We have lost the protection of the complaints procedure because of Acciona’s interference and neglect.

    Australia Day is not a good day for us. Our Dads served in the Second World War for many years and we can not live in our home thanks to Acciona and useless Government departments who aid non compliant windfarms like Acciona to operate.

    Noel Dean

  6. David Mortimer says:

    Then we have the problem of home invasion and the “invisible thief”

    Low frequency and infra sound breaks into our homes uninvited and steals our peace and quiet and more importantly, our sleep.

    This theft is not only sanctioned by our governments at all levels, but avidly encouraged.

    None of our politicians or councillors have ever lived with wind turbines on their front lawn. None of them have to try and put up with the 24/7 sonic torture – yes, it is nothing short of torture that we are expected to just suck up and get on with it. The Geneva convention forbids such torture and labels it a war crime or crime against humanity. Perhaps it is time we took our cases to such a tribunal. Watch our pollies duck for cover as the heavy hand on international law comes down on them. Perhaps then, they’ll realise that we are not just making it all up.


  1. […] In substance, the mandatory RET/REC scheme is financing outfits like Pac Hydro to take peoples’ homes (some 40, so far) without paying any valuable consideration – or, in simpler terms again, Pac Hydro and other wind power outfits are literally stealing Australian citizens’ homes with Commonwealth government assistance (see our post here). […]

  2. […] Dozens of hard-working farming families are being driven nuts in their homes by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound all over the country – around 40 perfectly good homes have been abandoned, so far – including 11 at Waubra, 7 of which have been purchased by Acciona with the sale subject to draconian “gag” clauses (see our post here). […]

  3. […] Some 11 farming families have abandoned perfectly good homes due to incessant fan-generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – at least 7 of those homes being purchased by the Spanish operator from their victims using the solid stream of RECs (a Federal tax on all power consumers) – they collect and that get tacked on top of everyone’s power bills (see our post here). […]

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