Mad Max back to fight for Silverton

When Mad Max last visited the country around Silverton, New South Wales, his fellow travelers complained about it being a “wasteland” – and – fair enough – that was – after all – post nuclear apocalypse.

AGL are keen to turn a great cinematic yarn into reality – with plans to lob a hundred giant fans in and around the famous outback town, North-West of Broken Hill. STT hears that those responsible for forcing the project on the good people of Silverton include a slick group of Labor pollies who have – for the last few months – been very busy explaining their planning shenanigans to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Sounds like these boys might need to block out their diaries for yet another round before ICAC over their sharper than razor dealings with the locals at Silverton.


AGL want to do what to Silverton?

The Road Warrior is back and madder than ever. (Our North American followers should note that “mad” in the Australian idiom means “angry” not “crazy” – that little linguistic confusion led to the film titled Mad Max 2 here being tagged The Road Warrior, for American audiences).

The battle for Silverton is on – and AGL – champion dissemblers when it comes to managing community “outrage” are trying to win local hearts and minds, using the twaddle pitched up by the Victorian Health Dept a while back.  The people who wrote it weren’t game to put their monikers on the document – and we don’t blame them. It was – after all – a complete pile of dross. As we reported a while back – world beating acoustic engineer – Professor Colin Hansen dumped a huge bucket on it.

STT hears that the authors are – like Max – trying to run – but they can’t hide. Annie Gardner gave them both barrels and they’ve been ducking fire ever since.

There is more than a passing interest in how and why the document came into existence. A swag of freedom of information applications have been slapped on the Dept – which should bear some rotten fruit very soon.  STT hears that there will be some serious explaining to do from within the Dept – by a leading academic institution – and by some of the sleaziest wind weasels in the business. Red Faces are a certainty.

STT has had a swipe at the supine inactivity of Aussie journos – but knock us down with a feather if a young lad from Broken Hill hasn’t come out swinging with a cracking little piece which details yet another reason for treating the Vic Health Dept with derision and contempt – and its document  – as the wind industry sponsored propaganda that it clearly is.

Wind Report Rubbish
Barrier Daily Truth
Kurtis Eichler
28 May 2013

An American professor has trashed a Victorian Department of Health report claiming low level sound generated by wind farms does no harm.

The report “Wind Farms, Sound and Health: Technical Information” released last month rubbished talk the level of infrasound produced by turbines was hazardous to the health of humans.

The booklet says if humans can’t hear a sound it cannot be hazard to their health.

Professor Alec Salt from the Department of Otolaryngology of the Washington University in St Louis said there was a lack of objectivity within the state government report.

Professor Salt took to task the study’s findings that inaudible sounds don’t have direct physiological effects.

He said six publications from his group have shown how the ear responds to low frequency sounds up to 50 dB below the levels that would be heard.

“Three of the citations were peer-reviewed and published in some of the most well respected journals in the field of acoustics and hearing science,” Prof Salt said.

“Our publications, which were clearly neglected or conveniently overlooked, show that inaudible low frequency sounds do indeed stimulate the ear and produce marked physiological effects.”

“The stimulation of human inner-ear sensory cells occurs by identical processes to those seen in commonly used laboratory mammals, so there is no evidence that humans are different from other mammals in this respect.”

It was “highly irresponsible” for a health department to state as a fact that low frequency sounds have no physiological effects “when publicly available experimental results prove otherwise.”

The Victorian Health Department report was cold comfort for Silverton resident Helen Murray.

Ms Murray has been vocal in her criticism of the wind farm set to be constructed 6km out from her property along the Mundi Mundi Ranges.

Energy giant AGL’s big ticket project will see 75 – 100 turbines built.  Residents of the sleepy village have listed traffic, noise and visual impact as their main gripes.

“It seems to me that the Vic Health Department and various other government agencies are doing a head-in-the-sand job,” she said.

“There is so much information out there about these health effects and it is looking to me like no-one wants to know about it as there would then be a legitimate reason to call a moratorium on wind energy until these effects are thoroughly and honestly investigated.”

“I’m guessing the wind energy companies wouldn’t be very happy with the likely results.”

The Victorian Department of Health report was compiled from existing studies.

It contains infrasound readings from wind farms in Victoria and SA that shows the level is 20 decibels lower than the audibility threshold.

AGL said yesterday the June Community Consultative Committee meeting for the wind farm will discuss Prof Salt’s letter further.

“AGL Energy is committed to regularly communicating with Silverton residents about a range of topics pertaining to the proposed Silverton Wind Farm.”

“The Community Consultative Committee meeting on 23 May 2013 raised awareness of this letter, and AGL discussed a range of peer reviewed health and noise studies regarding wind farms that have been produced by various Australian Government bodies.”

The Victorian Health Department was contacted for comment.
Barrier Daily Truth

STT says: “hats off Kurtis”.

You’re ahead of the pack – but so are the mighty fine folk of Silverton – who are ready to fight AGL like Road Warriors.  If you’re lucky enough to swing by – take time to hold up the bar – there’s only one – where the welcome’s always warm and the beer’s always cold.  Who knows you might just catch a glimpse of Max as he slips out the back.

Silverton Hotel

A young Road Warrior looks for a hero.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. David Mortimer says:

    It never ceases to bewilder me that the pollies and wind industry keep on claiming that industrial wind turbines are perfectly harmless. If they are harmless, all it would take is to conduct some transparently scientific tests and put the matter to bed for once and for all…but they never take that step. Blind Freddy can see why. It would be industrial suicide for the wind industry.

    Thorough testing would cost $millions. Who is going to put up the funds? Certainly not the wind industry! Why would they pay to cut their own throat?

    Our governments world wide have a duty of care to compel the wind industry to finance the testing instead of just peddling “spin” and misinformation.


  1. […] Infigen managed to overturn the unanimous decision of the Mitchell Shire Council to reject its plan to lob 16 giant fans on the top of the magnificent Cherry Tree range. It did it by working behind the scenes – with the “help” of the wind industry’s goons at the University of Sydney – to get the Vic Health Dept to create a complete fiction on giant fans, noise and health – an anonymously authored document which has been thoroughly slammed by the world’s top acoustic experts, including one of the most respected acoustic experts in Australia – Professor Colin Hansen.  It was also berated by crack neuro-physiologist, Professor Alec Salt. […]

  2. […] Nor are we talking about the pile of dross put together by the wind industry and dished up by your Victorian Health Department – an anonymously authored document which has been thoroughly slammed by the world’s top acoustic experts, including one of the most respected acoustic experts in Australia – Professor Colin Hansen.  It was also berated by crack neuro-physiologist, Professor Alec Salt. […]

  3. […] Although, apparently, if you are looking for someone to fill you in about tobacco advertising – he’s just the boy.  Simon – reasonable people in this Country stopped listening long ago.  And the Victoria Health Department document referred to has been thoroughly canned by top acousticians, including Professor Colin Hansen and Alec Salt. […]

  4. […] Cheers!  Oh, and STT has heard a whisper that AGL is just about to announce that it will drop its plans to ruin Silverton.  That really would be cause to pull a cork or […]

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