Weather Wages War on Wind Power: Typhoon Topples Turbine in Japan

How ironic it is that a wholly weather dependent power source has such a bitterly hard time coping with the … ahem … weather. When Hurricane Maria visited Puerto Rico last year, she managed to splatter wind turbine blades all over the island, leaving residents completely powerless: Weather Dependent Wind Power: Leaves Hurricane Victims Powerless […]

Mortal Danger: Wind Turbines Throw Blades, Disintegrate & Collapse with Alarming Regularity

More turbine mayhem, this time it’s Siemens turbines – less than 4 years old – collapsing on Maui – an island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Parts fall off wind turbine The Maui News Lee Imada 4 October 2016 The blades, hub and nacelle of one of eight Auwahi Wind turbines in the Kanaio area separated from […]

Germany: 60-Tonne Wind Turbine Rotor Crashes To Earth

**** 60-Tonne Wind Turbine Rotor Crashes To Earth NoTricksZone Pierre Gosselin 1 March 2016 The online SVZ here reported yesterday on a wind-turbine construction accident occurring in Southern Germany. Workers of the Hamburg-based Nordex company were operating a large hoisting crane by remote control as it lifted the 60-tonne wind turbine rotor assembly for mounting […]

Life in the “throw zone”

On one level, the images depicted in this video will provide many STT readers with a deep sense of satisfaction, tinged with joy, and bound with glee; or even what the Germans call “schadenfreude”: the malicious glee that comes from witnessing another’s downfall. **** **** On another level, for those poor souls stuck with these […]