Wind Turbine Ice Capades: German Wind Farm Neighbour Cheats Death, Dodging Flying Ice Chunks

*** Over the last few weeks German wind turbines have been stubbornly refusing to produce much power at all, while a frightening number have, instead, determined to completely self-destruct, with a rash of collapses, component liberation events (aka blade throws) and self-immolations (see our post here and below). Adding a distinctly cool flavour to the […]

IWTs or WMDs?

You’ll remember “Prowind” breaking the silence over, what was, the best kept secret in Defence circles: that giant wind turbines are being deployed as weapons of mass destruction. Commenting on our piece Life in the “throw zone”, Prowind told us that the dozens of recorded “blade throw” events were “not accident”; and that turbine owners […]

Life in the “throw zone”

On one level, the images depicted in this video will provide many STT readers with a deep sense of satisfaction, tinged with joy, and bound with glee; or even what the Germans call “schadenfreude”: the malicious glee that comes from witnessing another’s downfall. **** **** On another level, for those poor souls stuck with these […]