Germany: 60-Tonne Wind Turbine Rotor Crashes To Earth

turbine rotor germany

Not the first time ….


60-Tonne Wind Turbine Rotor Crashes To Earth
Pierre Gosselin
1 March 2016

The online SVZ here reported yesterday on a wind-turbine construction accident occurring in Southern Germany.

Workers of the Hamburg-based Nordex company were operating a large hoisting crane by remote control as it lifted the 60-tonne wind turbine rotor assembly for mounting onto the 200-meter tall tower.

At 60 meters height the entire assembly came crashing down onto the earth below.

According to an eyewitness, a gust of wind may have caused the rotor to strike the tower before falling.

The SVZ reports that the impact likely caused irreparable damage to the structure’s foundation, and so the entire turbine unit will have to be rebuilt complete from scratch.

Damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of euros. No one was injured.

The accident is now under investigation and a construction strop has been ordered until the cause of the accident is determined. The SVZ writes that the estimated cost of a new wind turbine is near 5 million euros.

turbine fintona 4jpg

And it won’t be the last …

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I can’t help it STT, this is the most delicious thing I’ve seen all day. Ontario Canada, a leaning turbine being held in place by a “tether’. I am astonished that a tether could hold a massive amount of steel like that. Wow
    They could use some good Texan boys to lasso that puppy from all directions, no problem ! right?


    Imposing in there hundreds,
    Such an army on display,
    Those alien grey metal monsters
    I saw while on my way.
    Aliens on our shores have landed,
    So tall, backs straight and true,
    At night they watch through flashing eyes
    Of red, at me and you.

    Some have scaled the mountains,
    Others near schools and homes,
    Of one thing I am certain,
    Those aliens have no souls.
    No “whispering” from their ranks at all,
    An unearthly sound they make,
    It envelops each and everyone,
    No more can humans take.

    Three giant arms revolving,
    Enveloping all around,
    They’re here to ‘save the planet’,
    The biggest “con” I have found.
    Such hideous tall grey monsters,
    Invade green and pleasant lands,
    To stay for generations,
    Unless the people make a stand.

    These aliens feed on power and wind,
    Without either, they will die,
    They’re NOT environmental friendly,
    They’re for profit, (at a cost), that’s WHY.

  3. Alan m dransfield says:

    Bloody hell ,they are collapsing on the SAME day they are erected

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    This time no one was hurt, but it cannot be said the do not hurt people. The day it is accepted by the industry and its supporters that these things are manifestly unsuitable not only for their ability to supply secure, when needed energy, but completely unsuitable to contribute anything to ‘saving the earth and its environment’.
    No one was hurt this time, but if it had been installed humans, flora and fauna would have suffered, the environment would have been altered for the worse for ever.
    Whatever the cost to repair it is too much, and it and its fellow catastrophes should be left in repose, undisturbed so they cannot disturb the peace and beauty of the natural environment they would otherwise destroy.

  5. What is the noise, vibration data and to what distance, when turbines bust apart. Why are these impacts not considered and included in the Standards and regulations or the Planning Panels and assessments permitting wind farms to operate? What are the impacts of these disastrous practices on nearby families?

    Demand some REAL figures and using REAL-TIME monitoring, with improved equipment; and review the NZ standard and replace it with a REAL one which includes the REAL impacts on human health, well-being and to private property and amenity.

  6. It is time to end building these treacherous windmills.

  7. I’m glad no one was hurt…and even more pleased to know that the neighbours will not have to endure the adverse health impacts from noise and infrasound radiation!

  8. More please.

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    What a shame it never had the opportunity to payback its 60 tonne carbon footprint worth of concrete, steel, coking coal and iron ore.

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    Hierdie goed is gevaarliker as kernkrag!

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