Wind Power: Britain’s Supersized Gamble with its Future

**** Britain’s political betters have set it up for one enormous gamble.  Britain is wagering its entire economic future on its – out of control – wind power boondoggle. The Economist reports on the INSANE cost of delivering offshore wind power – where generators are guaranteed obscene returns – being able to charge “three times […]

It’s never too late to wake up

In the third and final in this series – The Advertiser calls for an inquiry into the greatest economic fraud of all time. Time for an inquiry into power prices The Advertiser 12 July 2013 CONSUMERS’ expectations are quite simple, really – when they flick the switch the lights should come on, and they shouldn’t […]

Pommy pushback against wind power price punishment: Part 1

Well down the path to wind power price penury, the Brits are shouting “enough”!! In this post we cover what London’s, The Telegraph had to say about the road to renewable energy serfdom being paved by the wind industry and its parasites in Ol’ Blighty. In the next post we turn to a report by […]

We’re from the Government, and we’re here to “help”

The SA Labor Government has been the loudest advocate for wind power and, to make damn sure the turbines go up anywhere the developers want, it has the slackest planning rules of all States. With wind power making up around 35% of SA’s total generating capacity, it’s no surprise that it has the highest power […]