Not content with RORTING the power market – AGL is bullying punters who can’t pay

In our last post we had a look at how pandas have taken an interest in power prices in South Australia.  SA’s well on the path to power-price-perdition – thanks to its heavy “reliance” on intermittent, unreliable and insanely expensive wind power. Now – energy market gorilla, AGL – has taken to bullying their customers […]

It’s never too late to wake up

In the third and final in this series – The Advertiser calls for an inquiry into the greatest economic fraud of all time. Time for an inquiry into power prices The Advertiser 12 July 2013 CONSUMERS’ expectations are quite simple, really – when they flick the switch the lights should come on, and they shouldn’t […]

ENRON now spelled A-G-L

In the last few weeks we’ve been focusing on how the wind power fraud impacts on South Australian power prices – making them the highest in the world – although SA seems to be fighting for line honours with wind power mad Denmark. STT readers are well aware of what happens when SA’s 1,223 MW of […]