Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Wind Farm Output Collapse Leaves 110,000 South Australian Homes & Businesses Powerless

**** STT could be forgiven for being just a little smug after events unfolded last Sunday night (1 November 2015) in Australia’s “Wind Farm Capital”, South Australia. As our post – Wind Power Disaster Unfolds: SA Facing Total Blackouts, Rocketing Power Prices & Thousands More Chopped from the Grid – was being put together for […]

Brits put All their Eggs in the Wind Power Basket

Having slung up thousands of giant fans the Brits now face a brewing energy crisis. Britain has thrown £billions in subsidies at wind power and has clearly put way too many eggs in the same (nonsensical) basket. Here’s lefty rag The Guardian on the looming – but perfectly avoidable – wind power driven catastrophe. Blackouts […]

Wind Power: the “Joke” that just isn’t funny anymore

**** South-Eastern Australia enjoyed a few typically warm summers days last week and the weather pattern saw wind power output collapse – as it does more than 100 times every year.  In our post yesterday we covered the resulting spike in wholesale power prices and “load-shedding” that saw small business owners in Victoria’s coastal tourist […]