Growing Up: Australia’s Nuclear Submarine Deal Paves Way For Nuclear Powered Future

Nuclear power is the obvious choice for naval submariners keen on speed, reliability and stealth. Which is why Australia has just signed up to join the big boys with a fleet of its very own nuclear-powered submarines. While there might be plenty to debate about the terms of that deal, one thing is crystal clear: […]

Empty Promise: Why Giant Batteries Can’t Fix Wind & Solar’s Natural Unreliability

The truly deluded reckon that by adding a few giant lithium-ion batteries we’ll soon be running on nothing but sunshine and breezes. Those that (often grudgingly) concede wind and solar’s weather-driven (ie perfectly natural) unreliability, claim that storing wind and solar power when the sun’s up and the wind is blowing, just right, and releasing […]

Lost In Transmission: Connecting Remote Wind & Solar To Cities Will Cost $Trillions

Our power grids were working just fine, until unreliable, intermittent and diffuse wind and solar turned up. Insanely costly in any event, now we’re told that our ‘inevitable transition’ will cost $trillions more, with the additional cost that comes with hooking up thousands more wind turbines and millions more solar panels, spread far and wide. […]

Reality Bites: Europe’s Wind & Solar Disaster Forces Serious Reversal On ‘Green’ Transition

Eventually, order emerges from chaos. Thanks to the chaos of Europe’s self-inflicted wind and solar disaster, reality is starting to take hold, with the promise of order on the horizon. Investment in new wind turbines and solar panels has plummeted across Europe. Coal-fired power is back in vogue and nuclear plants are the next must-have. […]

USA Leads Charge On Small Modular Reactors With NuScale Design Ready For Construction

As the energy source of the future, safe, reliable and affordable nuclear power hardly needs an introduction. Power-starved Germans have re-embraced it; the French have been powered by it for nearly 60 years. Altogether, there are 30 countries where you’ll find nearly 450 nuclear reactors currently operating – as well as the Germans and French […]

Nuclear & Coal-Fired Power Saves Germany From Self-Inflicted Wind & Solar Disaster

Vlad Putin can’t be blamed for blanketing Germany’s millions of solar panels in snow and ice, or freezing solid their 30,000 wind turbines. Nor can Vlad be convicted for this (and every previous) winter’s long periods of gloomy, windless weather – ‘dunkelflaute’, as Germans call it. No, Germany’s current energy catastrophe is the perfectly predictable […]

Large-Scale Offshore Nuclear Power Plants Promise Faster Relief For Energy-Starved World

Once reliable and affordable power supplies have been destroyed, thanks to our fixation on hopelessly unreliable wind and solar; in consequence, the world is waking up hungry for energy. And when we say energy, we mean power, delivered safely, reliably and affordably. Nuclear power ticks all those boxes, but building latest generation 1,000+MW plants can […]

SMR Gold Rush: Smart Money Backing Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Europe’s energy crisis is all down to its delusional reliance upon intermittent wind and solar, which is why the smart money is backing nuclear power, at any scale, including Small Modular Reactors. The list of operators investing in SMR technology is growing at such a rate that could be described as an investor gold rush. […]

Clear Winner: At Any Scale Safe, Reliable & Affordable Nuclear Is The Natural Energy Choice

There are 30 countries where you’ll find nearly 450 nuclear reactors currently operating – including the French, Americans, Canadians, Japanese and Chinese. Another 15 countries are currently building 60 reactors among them. Nuclear power output accounts for over 11% of global electricity production. But not a lick of it in Australia, thanks to an idiotic […]

Zero Sum Game: Nothing Renewable About Mineral & Energy-Hungry Wind & Solar

Wistful children playing in flowery fields beneath fleets of whirling wonders is how the wind industry sells itself. The reality ain’t so pretty. Embedded in every 300 tonne juggernaut is a bevy of minerals and a mountain of energy used to create the feelgood fiction that the kiddies are safely frolicking beneath a truly useful […]