Europe’s Wind Power Suicide Pact Killing 40,000 a Year

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Green Europe is killing 40,000 poor a year
Jame Delingpole
30 March 2016

Europe’s suicidal green energy policies are killing at least 40,000 people a year.

That’s just the number estimated to have died in the winter of 2014 because they were unable to afford fuel bills driven artificially high by renewable energy tariffs.

But the real death toll will certainly be much higher when you take into account the air pollution caused when Germany decided to abandon nuclear power after Fukushima and ramp up its coal-burning instead; and also when you consider the massive increase in diesel pollution –  the result of EU-driven anti-CO2 policies – which may be responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths a year.

But even that 40,000 figure is disgraceful enough, given that greenies are always trying to take the moral high ground and tell us that people who oppose their policies are uncaring and selfish.

It comes from an article in the German online magazine FOCUS about Energiewende (Energy Transition) – the disastrous policy I mentioned earlier this week whereby Germany is committed to abandoning cheap, effective fossil fuel power and converting its economy to expensive, inefficient renewables (aka unreliables) instead.

According to FOCUS around ten percent of the European population are now living in ‘energy poverty’ because electricity prices have risen, on average, by 42 percent in the last eight years. In Germany alone this amounts to seven million households.

The article is titled: The grand electricity lie: why electricity is becoming a luxury.

The reason, of course, is that green energy policies have made it that way. Many of these have emanated from the European Union, which in turn has taken its cue from the most Green-infested nation in Europe – Germany.

Germany has long been obsessed with all things environmental. Besides having invented the dodgy ‘science’ of ecology in the 1880s it was also, of course, between 1933 and 1945 the home of Europe’s official “Greenest government ever” – the first to ban smoking on public transport, an enthusiastic supporter of organic food, national parks and population control.

The Greens have also since the early Eighties been arguably the most influential party in Germany. Though their percentage of the vote has rarely risen above the 10 percent mark, they have punched above their weight either as a coalition partner in government or as a pressure group outside it.

For example, the reason that after Fukushima, Chancellor Angela Merkel completely changed Germany’s policy on nuclear power was her terror of the Greens who were suddenly polling 25 percent of the national vote.

It was the Greens too who were responsible for Energiewende – the policy which is turning Germany into the opposite of what most of us imagine it to be: not the economic powerhouse we’ve been taught to admire all these years, but a gibbering basket case.

This becomes clear in an investigation by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, which reports the horrendous industrial decline brought about by green energy policies.

Hit hardest, of course, are the traditional utilities. After all, the energy transition was designed to seal their coffin. Once the proverbial investment for widows and orphans because their revenue streams were considered rock-solid — these companies have been nothing short of decimated. With 77 nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants taken off the grid in recent years, Germany’s four big utilities — E.ON, RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW — have had to write off a total of €46.2 billion since 2011.

RWE and E.ON alone have debt piles of €28.2 billion and €25.8 billion, respectively, according to the latest company data. Losses at Düsseldorf-based E.ON rose to €6.1 billion for the first three quarters of 2015. Both companies have slashed the dividends on their shares, which have lost up to 76 percent of their value. Regional municipalities, which hold 24 percent of RWE’s shares, are scrambling to plug the holes left in their budgets by the missing dividends.

Thousands of workers have already been let go, disproportionately hitting communities in Germany‘s rust belt that are already struggling with blight. RWE has cut 7,000 jobs since 2011. At E.ON, the work force has shrunk by a third, a loss of over 25,000 jobs. Just as banks spun off their toxic assets and unprofitable operations into “bad banks” during the financial crisis, Germany’s utilities are reorganizing to cut their losses.

Why are the Germans enacting such lunacy? Aren’t they supposed to be the sensible ones?

Well yes, up to a point.

As a seasoned German-watcher explains to me, it’s with good reason that one of Germany’s greatest contributions to the world’s vocabulary is the word Angst.

The Germans are absolutely riddled with it – always have been – and it explains the two otherwise inexplicable policies with which Germany is currently destroying itself.

One, of course, is Energiewende caused by a misplaced, but deeply-held neurosis about stuff like diminishing scarce resources and “global warming” and the evils of Atomkraft (Nuclear power).

The other are its similarly insane immigration policies – the result of the neurosis that if it doesn’t replace its declining population with a supposedly healthy influx of immigrant workers, then it will wither and cease to be the great force it was under people like Frederick the Great, Bismarck and that chap in the 1930s and that no one will know or care where Germany is any more.

Ironically, though, if national decline is what the Germans most fear then the two policies they are pursuing to avoid it happening to be the ones most likely to hasten it.

This is sad. Sad for Germany which, for all its faults, has produced some pretty impressive things over the years: Beethoven; Kraftwerk; Goethe; Porsche; autobahns; those two girls on Deutschland 83.

And even sadder for those of us who, through absolutely no fault of our own happen to be shackled politically and economically to a socialistic superstate called the European Union, most of whose rules are decided by Germans over whom we have no democratic control.

Oh and by the way, Greenies: as I never tire of reminding you, you insufferable tossers, not a single one of the “future generations” you constantly cite in your mantras as justification for your disgusting, immoral and anti-free-market environmental policies actually exists.

But the people you’re killing now as a result of those environmental policies DO exist.

Or rather they did, till you choked or froze them to death, you vile, evil, eco-Nazi scumbags.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Curt Widlund Sweden says:

    Ett år för tre år sedan dog 24 000 i England då elpriset var för högt för fattiga. Det sorgliga är att det bara diskuteras kostnader, GW som vindkraften skall klara av,

    Vad kostar el märkt Bra Miljöval för en privatperson?
    SNF Det bestämmer ditt elbolag. Oftast blir det en extrakostnad på något eller några ören per kilowattimme. I jämförelse kostar elen totalt ungefär en krona per kilowattimme. Det blir alltså någon procent dyrare med miljömärkt el. I en lägenhet brukar det motsvara några tior, och i en villa några hundralappar.

    Vad kostar det för ett bolag att märka sin el?
    Man betalar dels för ansökan, dels en årlig licensavgift som består av en fast del och en rörlig efter hur mycket som säljs. Exakt hur mycket det kostar beror på hur omfattande elproduktion man har, och står beskrivet i licensavtalet.

    Många idag lider kraftigt av infraljudet:
    Witnesses from Ontario Canada

  2. Peter Pronczak says:

    Depopulation is a Greens mantra that fits with the British Monarchy neo-Nazi human overpopulation as an ‘environmental problem’ promoted by the Crown since 1960s & Greens from WWF/ACF in 1972.

    Following from the Panama papers, the George Soros-funded Centre for Public Integrity, in Washington, DC, to take up the analysis—the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists). This George Soros-funded group then put together a network of some 400 reporters
    in 80 countries to research the data.
    The ICIJ’s role in this operation demonstrates that there is no such thing as objective, agenda-free journalism, which the ICIJ purports to be. It is funded by a slew of activist foundations with disturbing histories, including the Ford Foundation and Soros’s Open Society Foundations. George Soros’s involvement is most telling: he has long funded the “colour revolutions” through which the Anglo-Americans have pursued their regime change agenda across Eastern Europe and the Middle East, ultimately targeted at BRICS powerhouses Russia and China. He is also the biggest irony in the story.
    Soros’s investment flagship, the Quantum Fund, is based in just such an offshore tax haven—the Netherland Antilles!
    And among the 99 private investors in that fund is the woman who rules the majority of the world’s tax havens, Queen Elizabeth II. The ICIJ is also funded by Australian internet millionaire Graeme Wood, the founder of; Wood is singled out on the ICIJ website for a special thanks for his $1.5 million contribution in 2013, the largest by an individual, which Wood made through the Centre for Public Integrity, of which he was a director. Wood is also a big bankroller of the British royals’ green fascism agenda. In 2010 he made the biggest political donation in Australian history—$1.6 million to the Australian Greens party, itself a colour revolution operation supported by the Soros front

    Soros is well known as a vulture feeding from the manipulation of nation’s financial systems.
    The Greens, particularly in Australia, brag they are not funded by big business – how ignorantly stupid are these mushrooms?
    With all of their garbage on saving the environment none of them have demanded Environment Impact Statements prior to military actions or war.
    Nor have they protested supply of Australian uranium to the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine regardless that their nuclear reactors are just about all time expired by 2020.

    99% of all species that have ever existed are extinct. Climate changes regardless of man. And yes there are examples where man-made destruction has occurred and should, if only for moral and aesthetic reasons, be limited. By the same token a recent example of genetic engineering, given a very liberal benefit of doubt that the intention was not to cause harm, or even engage in population control: The British Oxitec company and the release of GM Zika virus mosquitoes in Brazil, that many people who have no understanding in use of advances in energy flux density, or, that highly developed societies decrease their population replacement rate, means that technological development has a positive effect.

    As we know that eventually our planet and solar system will die. Does this mean, as a species, we should begin to to prepare for extinction, or rather to continue to exist in other places in this or other galaxies?

  3. Carol A Miller says:

    Are you listening Mr Turncoat. Mr Abbott stopped the wind turbines and you have resurrected them. Happy now? As long as it goes against Tony you don’t care. Useless narcissist.

  4. While fuel poverty is a part of winter deaths, it’s only a small fraction of it. The cold itself and the accuracy of the flu vaccine are closer connections. What is significant is the waste of money on renewables that could be spent on caring for the elderly, generating new antibiotics, funding better hospitals and other treatments that prolong life.

  5. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Just as socialist central planning failed miserably before it was replaced by free market economies (capitalism), green central planning will have to be discarded before Europe will be able to see a return to economic growth, technological optimism and the prevention of thousands of needless deaths due to feel-good green energy fantasies.

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