Top Sleep Specialist Slams ‘Nocebo’ Nonsense: Wind Turbine Noise Obvious Cause of Sleep Deprivation

Dr Wayne Spring is a sleep specialist with a lifetime’s experience of dealing with those suffering from sleep deprivation from all manner of causes. Recently, Dr Spring went into print, slamming those from the wind-cult who spend their time deriding the wind industry’s victims, rather than listening. One of its victims, who will never be […]

‘It’s like cigarettes in the 1950s …’

Ballarat-based sleep specialist Dr Wayne Spring first spoke on wind turbine sickness 18 months ago, comparing it to cigarette smoking’s connection to cancer back in the 1950s. As reported in The Courier, Dr Spring said he had been treating patients living near the Waubra and Hepburn wind farms. “Research needs to be done into the […]