Splattered: 160 Tonne Wind Turbine Implodes Without Warning in Ontario & Becomes Instant Tourist Attraction

As insanely dangerous as they are utterly useless, when they’re not throwing their blades to the four winds, industrial wind turbines just keep on collapsing.

With the biggest weighing in at over 300 tonnes, every time gravity does her worst, the risk of chaos and carnage follows: 290 Tonne Vestas Wind Turbines Dropping Like Giant Wounded Flies

In Scotland,  no doubt mindful of an inconvenient PR optic, the wind power outfit concerned worked overtime to cover up the collapse of one of its whirling wonders in January last year: Scottish Wind Power Company Attempts to Cover Up Turbine Collapse

The number of total turbine implosions continues to rise, posing a serious and wholly unnecessary risk to life and limb.

Fortunately, in this story, there were no fatalities.

Wind Turbine breaks in half in Chatham-Kent
Windsor CTV News
19 January 2018

A wind turbine has snapped in half and is currently sitting bent over in an open field in Chatham-Kent.

The approximately 160-tonne turbine is located at Drake Road and 16 Line at Raleigh Wind Power facility in Dillon, Ont. The turbine buckled overnight, according to Terraform Power director of investor relations Chad Reed.

“The collapse involved a single turbine at our 52-turbine Raleigh facility,” Reed told CTV News. “TerraForm has not experienced any similar issues at any of its wind facilities globally.”

John Norton, the general manager of community development with the municipality, says the fire chief was on scene, as well as local police and crews from Terraform Power.

Norton adds they are all investigating to see how the turbine collapsed in half.

“In the meantime, we have secured the immediate area around the turbine and taken the full facility offline as a precaution as we conduct a site inspection,” said Reed through an email.

The toppled turbine was discovered by a hunter scouting for coyotes early Friday morning in Harwich Township, according to The Blenheim News Tribune. The huge turbine blades and motor assembly crashed to the ground and the support structure appear to be folded in half.

Monte McNaughton, the Conservative MPP for Lombton-Kent-Middlesex, took to Twitter to alert Chris Ballard, the Minister of Environment and Cimate Change of what happened.

“17 families in Chatham-Kent cannot drink their well water and today, this from one of your local wind turbine projects,” McNaughton wrote on Twitter. “I again call for an immediate moratorium on North Kent and Otter Creek wind projects.”

There are no reported injuries or impact to the broader community, according to the company. No houses or barns were in the immediate area of the toppled structure.
CTV Windsor

Wind industry spin doctors often talk up the tourism opportunities that spearing these things into rural communities can bring.

Well, in this case, they’re right: local boy, Wayne King was keen to take in the sights and give this wondrous new form of outdoor entertainment the big thumbs up!

Here’s the local news with a story on Chatham-Kent’s latest, thrilling tourist attraction:


Blade strike may have caused turbine collapse says engineer
Dale Molnar
25 January 2018

As the investigation into last week’s wind turbine collapse in Chatham-Kent continues, and some theories into what happened are emerging.

Vern Martin, a mechanical engineer and vice-president of Flowcare Engineering consulting company in Cambridge, Ont., believes a blade may have malfunctioned and struck the column causing it to buckle.

“That as a mechanism has actually been recorded as occurring before in some of these other failures,” said Martin, pointing to the website, Caithness Windfarm Information Forum from the UK, which keeps track of wind turbine accidents around the world.

Martin said the two main causes of wind turbine failures are fires in the gear box and blade failures. According to the Caithness website, a blade failure was recorded in Sault Ste. Marie in January of 2008 from high winds.

There are also documented cases of the blades throwing ice several hundred metres including a case in Orangeville in 2009.

Martin said it is possible water could have seeped into a crack in one of the blades in the wind turbine in Chatham-Kent, froze and caused the blade to fail.

Martin is also a member of the group Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of community groups opposing wind turbines across Ontario.

Executive board member Warren Howard of Listowel told CBC News the province should give back more oversight control to municipalities which could enforce standards on wind turbines under the Ontario Building Code.

“Any municipality that steps in and tries to do anything, they get sued by the wind company,” said Howard. “I think you do need on the ground supervision for the construction of these projects and their operation.”

But Miss, do we really have to take that wind farm tour today?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Dorothy Harrower says:

    Australia and Europe, do not invest in wind power. Quick study. Canada … Me thinks not so much. Just my opinion.

  2. Yeah!! One more hits the dirt!!

  3. The general ignorance amongst the public about the dangers of wind turbines will continue until the industry is forced to reveal all such incidents. It is disgraceful that these companies encourage people to take tours around windfarms, particularly children who cannot be expected to know they are walking into danger. Every blade throw, fire, collapse should be recorded and made public. The industry does not even protect its workers against dangerous incidents as well as health effects in manufacture.

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