Australia’s Miners say: “Tony, it’s Time for the Great Big Toxic REC Tax to GO”

**** As the RET Review Panel get ready to help axe the mandatory Renewable Energy Target, Australia’s miners have united to brand the RET a guaranteed “job killer” and just “plain crazy”. The miners quite rightly identify the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) issued under that policy as an enormous and unnecessary cost burden to households […]

Infigen Signals Its Own Demise – as the RET Review Panel Gets to Work

**** Infigen is an all-wind-power-outfit that used to be called Babcock and Brown – which collapsed spectacularly in 2009 – taking $10 billion of investors’ and creditors’ money with it on the way out (see this story). The way things are headed – get set for a replay. Infigen is bleeding cash (it backed up […]

Australian Wind Industry’s House of Cards Collapsing

**** With Australia’s wind industry in its death throes, STT has already given fair warning to bankers, investors and shareholders with so much as a cent in wind power companies to grab their cash and get out as fast they can (see our post here). All-wind-power-outfits – like our favourite whipping boys, Infigen – are […]

Dick Warburton: is the RET worth the Pain inflicted on Families & Business?

As STT followers know, the RET Review Panel is headed up by Dick Warburton – a man who’s acutely aware of the pain being inflicted on Australian families and business by the mandatory Renewable Energy Target. Since Dick was appointed to conduct the first thorough cost/benefit analysis of the mandatory RET ever undertaken, the wind […]

Australia’s Wind Industry Finally Faces its “Waterloo”

**** During the latter part of the French Revolution a diminutive Corsican took charge of French affairs, installing himself as First Consul in 1799; and, in 1804, anointing himself French Emperor – adopting the tag Napoleon I. The little Emperor bestrode Europe and – with his Grande Armée – from 1803 to 1815 generally gave […]

Wind Power “Investors” and Retailers – Enter Contracts at your own RISK

**** With the Coalition’s RET Review Panel sharpening their axes the wind industry and its parasites have descended into a disorderly state of panic. For the very first time the industry’s wild and unsubstantiated claims about CO2 emissions reductions; its ludicrous claims about being “competitive” with conventional generation sources; and nonsensical claims about having minimal […]

RET Review Panel gets to work

The wind industry and its parasites are still reeling about the prospects of the Coalition’s RET review – which could well result in the mandatory Renewable Energy Target being scrapped altogether. The Expert Panel appointed by Tony Abbott to undertake the review – Dick Warburton AO LVO (chair), Dr Brian Fisher AO PSM, Shirley In’t […]

Judith Sloan: Junking the RET is the right thing to do

Judith Sloan has already entered the STT Pantheon with an earlier piece on the insanity that is the RET (see our post here). Well, the lass with a head for numbers – and smarter than brain pie – is back at it with this sizzling piece from The Australian. Junking energy target is right The […]

The RET helped to kill Alcoa’s Port Henry Aluminium Smelter & 980 jobs

**** Proving Ron Boswell’s statement that: “Australia can have a carbon price and renewable energy targets or viable manufacturing. We can’t have both” – aluminium refiner, Alcoa has just announced that it will pull the plug on its Port Henry smelter near Geelong – with the loss of 980 jobs. Here’s The Australian on another […]

Burchell Wilson: The RET is corporate welfare on a massive scale

The Government’s review of the impact of the RET on power prices is expected to result in either a massive cut to the renewable energy target – or the scrapping of it outright – a move backed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Chief Economist Burchell Wilson. Burchell Wilson has already given the […]