The Oz – tilting at windmills: Part 1

Here’s one from the archives of The Australian that we think is even more apposite now, than it was in October 2011.


I’ve been telling them for years now –
the whole thing is a fraud.

Tilting at windmill power
The Australian
19 October 2011

POLITICIANS know that, in theory at least, most people are kindly disposed towards renewable energy. That is why, for instance, the government calls its carbon tax plan a clean energy package. But wind generation is unpopular with those who don’t want their outlook spoiled by the sight or sound of the massive turbines.

And increasingly consumers are starting to understand that the electricity generated from wind is more expensive — so it pushes up power bills. Research commissioned by the Energy Users Association of Australia showing that Australia will need to spend a further $30 billion on wind farms by 2020 — four times the capital investment in power stations in the national energy market during the past decade — to meet the government’s renewable energy targets reinforces such concern.

The Australian has consistently argued that a price on carbon, properly instituted, should provide sufficient incentive to produce the lowest cost power within our emissions targets. But inefficient renewable energy targets and subsidies have been adopted by both sides of politics.

Both the Gillard government and the opposition need to pay greater heed to the cost benefits of direct-action green schemes, including rooftop solar panels producing electricity, and wind turbines.
The Australian

With a change of Government only a few more sleeps away now, this Country has a chance to pull this insanity to dead halt.

See you at the Rally, June 18, Parliament House, Canberra.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.

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