Coalition’s Contempt: Senators Slam Pathetic & Belated Response to Wind Farm Inquiry

STT followers will well remember the efforts made by a band of Federal Senators to lift the lid on Australia’s wind industry. Starting back in April 2015, those Senators spent almost 6 months, attended 8 hearings in 4 States and the ACT, heard from dozens of witnesses and received almost 500 submissions, before producing their […]

Germany’s Wind Powered Transition: a Policy in Chaos

It’s not easy being green: Even with new reforms, doubts remain about Germany’s energy transition The Economist 13 August 2016 Brandenburg used to be called the sandbox of the Holy Roman Empire for its poor soil and marginal geography. Today a more appropriate moniker might be “the wind farm of the European Union” for all […]

Wind & Solar Power 2.5 to 5 Times More Expensive than Coal & Nuclear

Power costs matter. The wind industry keeps telling us that their product is ‘free’, and getting cheaper all the time. Trouble is, that the facts tend to differ. In the table above, in nuclear powered France, power consumers pay half the cost for power than those suffering along in wind powered Denmark. Maybe it’s got […]

Doomed & Desperate: UK Wind Industry Attempts to Engineer Backdoor Subsidies

David Cameron’s Conservatives strode to outright power on the back of a ‘crystal clear’ manifesto to cut subsidies to wind power and to give locals the right to veto wind farm projects at the planning stage. But, in a ‘never-say-die’ last ditch attempt to obtain ‘backdoor’ access to the perpetual subsidies that are the only […]

US Wind Power Spruikers – AWEA – Caught Lying About Wind Power Costs

**** The wind industry was built on lies, half-truths and critical omissions – and it preys on misconception, ignorance and downright stupidity. The stanedard tactics are to go on the offensive, with well-oiled spin from the wind industry’s “play-book”. However, as time marches on, the myths and lies are being called for what they are. […]

Spotlight Thrown on the Regressive Costs that Subsidise UK’s Failed Wind Power Policy & Hammer the Poor

**** Our data shows that climate policies aren’t working. Why does that scare our opponents? The Telegraph Dr John Constable 2 Apr 2015 The solution to climate change lies in unleashing the ingenuity of the market – not in top-down subsidies which penalise the poor to prop up inadequate technologies Since 2004, the charity I […]

Who exempts the Poor from the LRET’s $50 Billion Electricity Tax & More Power Price Punishment?

**** The “debate” about the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target continues to rage in Canberra, where the rent-seekers’ game of “save the LRET at all costs” has been driven by the increasingly panicked and apoplectic rantings of Miles George and Kane Thornton. Miles heads up near-bankrupt wind power outfit Infigen (aka Babcock & Brown) and, to […]

German Wind Power Goes Completely AWOL 11 Times in the Last 80 Days

**** German Wind Power Goes Completely AWOL For The 11th Time This Year … Fossils, Nuclear Again To The Rescue! Pierre Gosselin NoTricksZone 20 March 2015 It’s a good thing Germany still has a lot of conventional power supply from coal and nuclear on line. Otherwise the entire country would have blacked out this morning […]

$Billions in Endless Wind Power Subsidies: Nothing Short of State Sponsored Theft

  Here’s a couple of pieces penned by boys who start from the right end of the great wind power fraud equation. Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D., is director of the Institute for Political Economy and professor of political economy at Utah State University. He also serves as president of Strata Policy, a public policy think […]

Britain’s Ministry of Truth – the BBC – omits all but the “Convenient” facts on the Great Wind Power Fraud

**** In recent weeks, STT followers have been treated to a pitched battle between Australia’s National broadcaster, the ABC’s “Ministry of Truth” (aka Media Watch) and the facts. In Media Watch’s case, it’s a battle with the true facts about the known and obvious adverse health effects caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and […]