Germany’s Energiewende ‘Blown’ Away: Mutti Merkel’s Mauling Threatens Doom for Subsidised Wind & Solar

  Germany’s love affair with wind turbines and solar panels has clearly turned sour. During the winter just gone, with a total collapse in wind and solar power  output, Germany had to scramble to keep its lights on using coal-fired power plants, resurrected to deal with a grid on the brink of collapse and nuclear power imported […]

Germany’s Energiewende Nightmare: Grid Collapse Looms Due to Erratic Wind & Solar

*** As it goes in South Australia, so it goes in Germany: the attempt to run on sunshine and breezes has led to rocketing power prices, energy poverty and a grid on the brink of collapse. Here’s NoTricksZone on the German debacle. ‘Manager Magazin’ Reports How Renewable Electricity Is Taking Germany On A Wild Ride […]

Want to Destroy Your Economy? Then Follow the World’s Wind Powered Leaders: Germany & South Australia

As any student of that dismal science will tell you: for businesses, input costs matter. While wind-cultists claim that their beloveds wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone wreck whole industries, the reality is a long way removed from eco-fascist fantasy. Jack up power prices and, all things equal, an energy hungry firm’s profits must fall […]

Germany’s Wind Industry Doomed as New Policy Caps Wind Power Capacity

**** The wind industry, its parasites and spruikers, around the globe, hail Germany as THE wind power ‘Super Model’. Trouble is, in Germany – as elsewhere – the ‘gloss’ has well-and-truly worn off – and the ‘Model’ is looking more than just a little worse for wear. The Germans went into wind power harder and […]

Germany’s Wind & Solar Obsession Killing Industry & Thousands of Real Jobs

In Germany, around €190 billion has already been burnt on renewable subsidies; currently the green energy levy costs €56 million every day. And, the level of subsidy for wind and solar sees Germans paying €20 billion a year for power that gets sold on the power exchange for around €2 billion. Energy poverty is a […]

Germany’s Offshore Wind Power Debacle

**** The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. The subsidies have been colossal, the impacts on the electricity market chaotic and – contrary to the purpose of the policy – CO2 emissions are rising fast (see our […]

Germans Finally Take the Axe to Wind Power Subsidies

**** Germany’s renewable policy – referred to as the “Energiewende” – has seen €billions in power consumer/taxpayer subsidies thrown at wind and solar power at the expense of German industry, manufacturing and families. Skyrocketing renewables driven power prices are sending once competitive manufacturers and industries to the USA to benefit from energy made cheap by […]

Friday Funnies: German Satirical Take on Renewables Disaster

STT has focused on the debacle that is German renewable policy this week, taking a close look at its disastrous renewables policy – the product of an economic suicide pact endorsed by Germany’s “Grand Coalition” tagged “GroKo”. The GroKo – which cops a belting in this skit from a popular TV news/comedy show – is […]

German Wind Power Policy: an Economic Suicide Pact

**** For anyone looking for a taste of Australia’s economic future, then look no further than Germany. For that reason, over the next few posts, STT is going to have a close look at the debacle that is German wind power policy and its disastrous impacts on German business and households. Germany’s renewable policy – […]

Fan Makers Howl: The Sound of Squealing Pigs from Germany

Germans have woken up to the true cost of the insanity brought to them by their political betters aka the Energiewende. That ludicrous policy has foisted thousands of fans all over the German countryside – subsidised to the tune of €billions – but has, perversely – and predictably – resulted in increased CO2 emissions as […]