Wind Power: All Pain & NO Gain

Germans have woken up to the horrendous fact that their renewables rush has left them with an electricity grid on the brink of collapse, soaring power prices and that it was all for nothing. Instead of reducing CO2 emissions, the Germans have spent €billions subsidising thousands of giant fans and – despite the grandest of […]

German Wind Power does what the Dambusters couldn’t do

**** On the night of 16/17 May 1943, RAF No. 617 Squadron aka the “Dambusters” set out in 19 Avro Lancaster MKIII bombers armed with Barnes Wallis’s revolutionary bouncing bomb – in what was called Operation Chastise. The purpose of the famous raid was to attack 3 major dams on the Ruhr in Germany: the […]

German power prices driven sky high by wind power subsidies

We’ve been following German anti-wind power fraud moves by business and consumers over the last couple of weeks. This piece from Der Spiegel suggests the Germans really have been taken for ride. We’ve highlighted the passage which sets out exactly what STT has been banging on about from the beginning: wind farms cannot possibly produce […]

German industry set to flee renewable power price punishment

In a recent post we detailed the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s response to the consumer and business backlash against the insane costs of electricity in the Fatherland. German power prices are being driven sky-high by out-of-control German renewables policy, and the Germans have had enough. **** Deutsche Welle reports on a pending exodus by German […]

Germans launch blitzkrieg on turbines

STT readers might think of Germany as the land where large men in leather shorts drink beer all day from steins the size of Belgium, but it’s not just a land where slops and sausage reign supreme. The German Mittelstand – its thousands of small to medium sized firms – builds stuff that works and […]