Up in Smoke

So much for wind power “saving the planet” – fossil fuel suppliers are watching their diesel sales soar as it becomes the fuel of choice for the back-up generation needed when wind-watts go missing – an inconvenient fact covered in Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down ….

You could say green dreams are going “Up in Smoke”.


Say, Holmes, is this thing running on diesel?
It’s kinda smoky in here!

But it’s another kind of wind power fiasco that’s creating more opportunities for diesel suppliers – this time – in the North Sea.

Windpark To Nowhere … 22,000 Litres Of Diesel Fuel Burned Every Month To Keep Windpark From Rusting Away!
P Gosselin
13 August 2013

Germany has ambitious plans of erecting huge offshore wind parks in the North and Baltic Seas with the hope of generating lots of natural, climate-friendly energy.  The Riffgat offshore wind park, comprising 30 monster turbines located some 15 kilometers from the North Sea island of Borkum, is such a wind park.

The Riffgat offshore wind park has no transmission lines to take the power onshore. More than 22,000 litres of diesel fuel are needed each month to keep the idled turbines from rusting away.


Better to burn diesel, than it is to rust.
Because Rust Never Sleeps.

The dream is that Riffgat will power tens of thousands of homes and businesses with clean energy, and so become a model for the rest of the world.  And now that construction of the wind park is finished, the dream also includes leading politicians inaugurating the wind park amid massive media attention, and thus looking like responsible heroes who are rescuing the planet.

That was the dream.

But now comes the reality. Number one German daily Bild here reports that the wind park is indeed complete, but it isn’t going to be supplying any green energy anytime soon. Bild writes:

“The wind turbines aren’t operating.  They are not allowed to run.  This is because the wind park is still not hooked up to the power grid. 15 kilometers of the 50 kilometers of underwater power cable needed to connect the park to the mainland are still missing!

And because the wind park is not allowed to remain idle, diesel generators must keep the wind park in motion: the sensitive motors that are to convert the wind into energy must run continuously.  Otherwise there’s a threat of corrosion from the salty air.

The consumption is enormous: according to BILD information Riffgat needs over 22,000 liters of diesel. A month!”

It isn’t possible to lay the last 15 km of sea cable because that section of the seabed is still littered with old bombs from WWII.  Special ships are required to find and defuse the old munitions.  Unfortunately these ships are booked out and it’s going to take months before any become available.  Bild adds that the park isn’t going to get hooked up until February 2014 at the earliest.

Until then, and likely much later, 22,000 litres of diesel fuel will be burned each and every month to keep the turbines from rusting away.

But in the end – as that great philosopher, Mr Young told us – “it’s better to burn out than it is to rust”.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Philosopher Neil Young was prescient.

    ‘After the Goldrush’ could also be a fitting requiem for this corrupted industry.

    After relentless lobbying with their Green pimps for a government subsidy fix under the (false) guise of carbon free energy, they are now in acute withdrawal. The subsidies rush is drying up. Their fiction as ‘knights in armor’, is exposed for the Green Dream/Lie it is.

    As in ‘Needle and the Damage Done’, every (wind) junky is just like a setting sun..

    Comes a Time STT!

  2. All these wind weasels and greentards must be mad, and getting worse as time goes on. It is a pity that the bombs didn’t blow the turbines up when they were building them.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The way things are going around the world by the time these could be connected to the grid the whole industry will be a rusting pile of imploded ideology. One question – how did they manage to erect them without setting off one or more of the munitions?

    • One of the comments in the original article interestingly suggested that the unexploded munitions story was all made up because they knew the grid would not be able to handle the level of fluctuation and they wanted to delay connection.

      • Jackie Rovensky says:

        That would explain it. All smoke and mirrors – where has truth gone?Has it been hijacked and the word ‘truth’ now means ‘lie and lie and lie again’.

  4. I don’t understand the mentality – 22,000 litres of diesel, when did diesel become GREEN energy?

    Who is paying for this STUPIDITY? The people that can’t afford it!

    The CEO’s that decided to go this path should pay for this not the Consumer. Diesel pollutes the atmosphere, diesel spills hurt nature.


  5. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    Running wind turbines on diesel….how ironic. Never was about anything but the CASH!!!

  6. More money thrown into the Faux-green money machine. Now we’re running on diesel….how ironic….never was about the environment anyway, but now it’s bloody obvious!

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