The huff and puff of the NSW Farmers’ wind guide

The Editor, The Land Newspaper Dear Sir, NSW Farmers recently released their much requested Wind Farm Guide. How unfortunate a great opportunity was missed to produce a document of real information and value, one which truly reflected the reality of the wind industry. Immediately the authenticity of the information provided must be questioned. Why would […]

Fear and loathing blowing through the bush

From The Daily Telegraph, February 21, 2013 Journalist: Andrew Carswell AGGRIEVED farmers from NSW’s central west are gearing up for the mother of all legal battles, fighting an enemy that has ripped apart their communities and pitted neighbours against each other. Their targets – wind farms. As the federal government fumbles over its proposed report […]

The government wind farm meeting the Premier (probably) doesn’t know about

The New South Wales Government has caved into community pressure over coal seam gas mining partly due to the noise impact on local residents, while one of its departments is organising an invitation-only meeting to consolidate the state’s wind farm industry. As reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, the government has announced a ban on […]

I am a wind turbine host

Comment posted on STT, 17 February, 2003 I am a wind turbine host from South Australia and read the NSW Farmers Association guide. I was horrified and wondered if the organisation had been bought out by the wind industry. Incidentally, I have recently had an acoustic monitoring of the inside of our home over a […]

Critical omissions and twisted commentary

“I find the lack of honest declaration is both astounding and appalling. The guide should be there to protect farmers, encourage them to do their own research before signing up for turbines (if they do their own research, I suggest it unlikely they would sign up), and to not fall for the smooth talking glossy […]

Hey Leanne, Alby calls it turbine propaganda

“… an irresponsible act of partisan pro wind turbine propaganda … one would have expected any responsible farmer organisation to have done its homework … it is downright amateurish and lazy incompetence.” PRESS RELEASE January 29, 2013 Member for Hume Alby Schultz MP today described the recent announcement by the NSW Farmers Association that it […]