Frank Campbell: Letter of the week


Frank Campbell scores letter of the week.

The wind industry and it parasites are working overtime at the minute in a vain attempt to win back the moral high ground – one target are local rural rags that are always keen to print anything that’ll fill their pages.

Well, no longer do these spinners get a free run, as friendly, farming folk cotton on to the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. Here’s one razor sharp retort tossed up by Frank Campbell in answer to well greased guff laid out by the Victorian wind industry’s greentard “dynamic duo” – Andrew Bray and Danny Caffrey.

Pyrennes Advocate
From Frank Campbell
21 February 2014

Your correspondents (A. Bray and D. Caffrey, PA 31/1 and 7/2) are wind turbine promoters who bombard the rural press with formula letters. As always, they fail to disclose funding sources. Bray is a paid “coordinator” dependent on wind company money. Caffrey is also a “coordinator”, and lives in Gippsland. He fails to disclose his institutional affiliation. Both masquerade as ordinary members of the community, when in reality they are propagandists.

Bray claims that wind in the recent heatwave was not a fiasco. But wind produced virtually zero power in the heatwave – as usual. The fact is that the still air of   continental high pressure systems, winter and summer, creates maximum demand. Consequently the wholesale spot price soared to over $12,000 MWh in Victoria and $10,500 in S.A. As demand drops, the spot price falls. Bray also falsely claims there is a direct relation between wholesale rates and household power bills.

As for solar, Caffrey states it has “prevented the need for new costly … coal-fired power stations”. Nonsense. Solar produces a mere 2% of Australian power.  Deindustrialisation and huge recent price rises have cut power demand. There’s no need for more power stations. Alcoa, a colossal power consumer, will close shortly, as will the entire car industry.

In that context, enormously expensive wind and solar power is an economic absurdity. Consumers and taxpayers pay through the nose for power which is purely parasitic on conventional base-load power.

The only country to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the past few years is the USA. Coal is being squeezed out by cheap low-emission gas. Australia’s vast gas reserves are being exported: alone among OECD countries, Australia has no gas reserved for domestic use. Therefore Australian emissions keep increasing.

What a farce.

Frank Campbell

What a farce, indeed! Short, sharp and to the point. The facts are simple enough and when presented to rational human beings are digested with ease. It’s fraud – pure and simple.

Hats off, Frank. We will win this.


With the RET on the critically endangered list,
victory is a hop, skip and a jump away.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    How I wish we could get letters printed here in SA! The Advertiser has a reporter who does nothing but denigrate and spitefully spits out her bias like a dragon, and they print no responses that counter her attacks. But that’s not unusual for this paper which has no concept of unbiased reporting or if any reporters do have they are edited out of existence.

  2. Bullies like Bray and Caffrey can’t handle it when they are getting a flogging as they are all run for cover. But this time it is all over – BULLIES.

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