No Blacker day for the Greens

Former MP and current adviser to the SA Labor Government, Peter Blacker gets a big vote from STT for talking sense yesterday about the negative impact on prime agricultural land from wind turbines. Here’s the report on Blacker’s “Green heresy”, courtesy of Channel 7 News. On some planets he would be given the Award for “Stating the bleeding obvious”. But here on Earth, he is an exception, which is more the pity.

Green Martian

Listen to SA Greens member, Mark Parnell as he blurts out something that could only be true on Mars. Ordinarily, the greentard simply denies the fact that property values fall when the giant fans go up. However, this prime example of why the Greens will be relegated to the political dustbin goes way out on a limb and says what his ilk have never had the audacity to say – he asserts that wind turbines actually ADD to property values. Well knock us down with a feather. We have watched it several times now and can assure readers that’s what he says.

Always looking for “hard evidence” (except say, evidence of an actual reduction in GHG as a result of wind turbines) this former Martian (we were told as youngsters that that’s where little Green men came from, so perhaps, no surprise) backs up his claim that turbines increase land values by saying there is no “hard evidence” that they reduce values. Logic from another Planet?

Meanwhile, back here on mother Earth the Federal Magistrates Court has already held that an approved but not yet built wind farm reduced the value of the neighboring property by 33% for the closest part of the property and 17% overall.

The Greens seem to wallowing in de river in Africa known to STT as De-Nile.


De river in Africa called De-Nile

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Green (the Greens).

    Just think about green & how the plant gets green. It needs the labour (the Labor party) of the planet to provide the plant food & water of the planet to make it grow & keep it fresh, but when the plant food& water run out, the plant dies, goes brown, then it goes to dust.

    If we don’t put a stop to what is going on, with the Labor party & the Greens party with all this rubbish about the carbon tax & these industrial wind turbines, it is going to destroy what we have worked for all of our lives & sends our country broke, or bankrupt.

    The best thing we can do is cut off the supplies to Labor & Greens & let the above take care of them before it happens to all of us & them. It is better to get rid of them & then we can have our country back.

    P.S.The Premier of VIC is included in the Labor & Greens camp.

  2. Folks just make sure there is no coal seam gas under your properties, this may be the hidden agenda to get your land at the cheapest price after you have vacated it. The mining invasion in bed with the wind farm invasion makes sense. Instead of throwing you off your properties this may be another devious way to satisfy their insatiable greed.
    Why not link up with Lock the gate/Call to Country, for a class action against the Federal Government, who under the Constitution Chapter 5 Section 119 states: The Commonwealth shall protect every State against Invasion.
    With Federal collusion in all of the above, the next port of call must surely be the Governor General, then the Queen, if all that fails then let’s all get down on our knees together & pray.
    The enormity of this threat against our rights, & the safe guarding of this great Nation, should not be under estimated, for it is a very serious threat indeed. We are being sold out, in many cases to Foreign interests, who are raping & controlling our Country, ably assisted by far too many Politicians, who have caught the evil disease, strangulation by confusion & revolution, to change the Political system which has stood this Country in good stead for many years.
    Those who own the tools take good care of the tools, when the Government owns them the whole system defaults.
    Our servants have become our unmerciful overlords & it’s time for deliberate ACTION to turn the ship around.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Mark Parnell is well known in SA for his completely irrational comments, he seems oblivious to what he is saying, and these types of comments appear to freely ooze out every time he opens his mouth.
    How can he say Mr Blacker and those who are concerned about effects of IWT’s are wrong, that there is no evidence that land values go down, then assert they can actually go up, if there is no evidence they go down is there any evidence they go up? If so why didn’t he reference it or at the very least state there is evidence? He probably hasn’t read the email I sent with the report of the Magistrates findings in Victoria.
    Mr Parnell is determined to support this industry with or without evidence it has any environmental, or other useful purpose.
    If he is concerned about the environment he certainly has a strange way of supporting and saying it. Perhaps he’s lost touch with his friend Mr Green Credentials while consorting with their enemy, the Windy Gang.

  4. It is time to comment on Greens Mark Parnell and his predictable wank on wind turbines increasing land values. His comment appears to be a rebuttal to Peter Blackers’ comments on the Suzlon/Ceres project and the enourmous 800 sq kms involved. Prime cropping country, where we depend on aviation for the timely application of chemicals, baiting, and seeding.
    Our farm, Victoria Park will be surrounded by 30 turbines within 3 kms of property boundaries. A number of turbines are directly on my fencelines. In any case I will not be able to avail myself of such aircraft for agricultural use. The exact same aircraft, used by the same company will not be able to waterbomb my property, hence our home and potentially my family wil be left in jeopardy. Why is this and how can this be?
    I put it to you that the labor govt and unions have billions invested in Big Wind through their superannuation fund investments. Google Gary Weaven and Pacific Hydro.
    It wouid seem logical all politicians have money invested in Big Wind through superannuation funds and quite likely the public service. Why wouldnt they? At this point in time it is a government guaranteed predictable return. The sad part is these monies come from a redistribution of the wealth of the taxpayer to self interest, whether that be to governments or union super. It is a disgrace and your electricity prices are showing it..
    Going back to turbine hosts and increased land valuations, I put it to you; How will their land increase in value? The argument may be that the new landholders will gain the payments of the the land leased. Has there been a precedent setting case for this argument to have validity? Why would a potential landbuyer feel confident in acquiring his new property when he knows another body who has nothing to do with him will determine what he does on that property. The astute new property owner may want to live on the property, perhaps even in the house. He’s heard about noise issues.. He knows he may be impacted.
    HE should know that this industry in it’s present form is going to fall over. Therefore he asks himself who is going to pull the turbines down and at whos cost. He certainly cannot be sure that it will not be at his cost. Government bodies change and law and rules change,
    Most purchases of significance are based on confidence in that which one is purchasing.
    i hope I have given some pause for thought in relation to windfarms not increasing land valuation
    Finally , Mark Parnell is a fully paid up greentard. He is either an absolutely naive dickhead or a paid up lackey. You ……make your call.

    All comment I make is absolutely mine and not reflective of anyone else

  5. I have been saying all along, we have got to get the names and contact information for anyone stupid enough to think that turbines increase property values. We’ll make a list of the morons, so that they can purchase the homes of the people suffering from the useless turbines. It is the perfect solution, I’d say…..

  6. In my hometown, Fairhaven, MA, Sumul Shah, the wind developer, told residents that property values sometimes increase as much as 20% once wind turbines go up.

    Later, I asked him if he was planning to begin buying the houses for sale around the turbines to reap the 20% capital gains. I am still waiting for an answer.

    So far, he hasn’t purchased even a single home, though I have to say there are a lot more on the market now.

  7. They have to change their name because there is NOTHING GREEN about the Greens, or their WIND TURBINES,
    Maybe to Watermelons, Green on the outside and Red on the inside.

    • Astral Weeks says:

      I think the GROANS could also be appropriate? Green on the outside, Brown/roan on the inside (once upon a time a favoured shade, but now out at sea) with constant whining and whinging emitted by their current bag of wind “Astroturf” Milne. Let us hope they are blown offshore after the next election, somewhere south of Macquarie Island. They might then land a more useful job with Rear- Admiral Bob saving whales from military grade LRAD equipped whalers and Japanese chefs with exquisite cleavers?

      Will they complain about adverse acoustic impacts then???

    • I kind of think the term, “little green men from mars” is appropriate. They certainly don’t belong on this planet!!!


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