Victim: Colin Schaefer

STT would like you to meet Colin Schaefer, who lives 8 km from the Waterloo turbines in the mid-North of South Australia. You may have already come across Colin in an earlier post when he was on the Sunrise Report.

Initially, Colin was as strong advocate for the turbines, even helping in their construction, but he now would like to warn you against them as he has witnessed the dire consequences it has had for his community. He reminds us that money isn’t everything.

Remarkably, even at 8 kms, Colin can be woken some nights by annoying noise of the turbines in some weather conditions, as he describes in this interview (3.32).

You can see and hear more victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Good on you Colin for saying how it is.

    If you get woken up out of your sleep at night, of cause it is going to affect you health over time. You have to be pretty dumb, not realise that the noise is going to affect your health. There has to be an agenda for the greentards to push all this BULL SH1T FRAUD, about the industrial wind turbines not making noise?

    It is testing out relationships with the wind turbine hosts, who don’t seem to care what they are doing to their neighbours, with these industrial wind turbines that they are hosting on their land.

    Hope to see you Colin, in nineteen days, in Canberra, at Parliament House.

  2. I know Colin and his Family. He is a man that knows about wind turbines, and people should take NOTE of what he has to say.
    Thank you Colin Schaefer for helping to spread the word on what we have to live with in Waterloo, and others around the Globe that have these Giant Machines with in 10 km of their homes.
    NOT GREEN – NOT CHEAP – NOT RELIABLE – with very BAD side effects on People and the ENVIRONMENT.

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