Victims: Robyn and Glen Brew

STT would like to introduce you to Robyn and Glen Brew who run an organic farm at Evansford near the Waubra Wind Farm in Victoria. Depending where they are on their property, they can see 10-20 turbines. In this first video interview (5.35) they have generously shared their personal stories of how the turbines have impacted on their health and made sleeping and working in the paddocks on the farm difficult. They also share how their neighbours have been impacted.

In this second video (3.34), Robyn and Glen share how they have seen a change in their animals. Robyn has kept chickens for 30 years and has found that those nights when she is most disturbed by the turbines, she can guarantee her chickens will also lay deformed eggs.  When Glen has kept sheep near the turbines, the lamb death rate skyrockets. Also they note that the bats that lived in the area before the turbines started have virtually disappeared. Simon Chapman might argue that Sarah Laurie is channeling Dr Dolittle and is able to talk to the animals as well!

Please listen and share widely these real stories of life next to industrial wind turbines.

You can hear more wind farm victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Noel Dean. says:

    Thanks Robyn and Glen for speaking out, it is now 4 years since we abandoned our home at Waubra after a night of swooshing sound which left me with a dreadful pain in the head, which has also resulted in adverse health affects to my wife.

    Later this was diagnosed as coming from excessive air pressure affecting my inner ear, my doctor advised me to get air pressure plugs for my ears which gave some relief about 3 kms away but not where we lived.

    I too, like Glen, experienced the rocking motion when I was in a car and when I moved the car a few hundred metres it was OK. This was not far from Glen’s paddock, about 1 km from the turbines.

    The whole-body vibrations were also experienced by us and our Cattle become flighty and knocked down fences. On one occasion, when I was in a block, grazing one large steer, it’s front legs went stiff and straight. I let the cattle free range, and they camped where the noise contour map predicted was the best area of our property, that may comply with the noise standards for short periods of time when the turbines are not swooshing, which was about 2% of the property at best. The cattle were often seen sheltering between the wall of a large irrigation dam and the turbines, even when not offering protection from the wind, the steer came good after about 4 weeks or so, the cattle were sold off.

    I also found a possum at the property that could not walk, I put it in a possum locator by sliding it in with my foot, relocated it to another area and let it out next day. It was able to walk in a drunken like manner.

    I went with Robyn to a State community Cabinet meeting in Bendigo early June 2010 where we gave Mr Daniel Andrews, the then Health Minister and now Opposition Leader. 20 Statuary Declarations from people around the Waubra and Cape Bridgewater wind farms, which were adversely affected by the operation of the windfarms during this meeting. He said they would to be passed on to the NHMRC.

    We also attended a meeting at Evansford with members of the Health Department, where a letter from my doctor was read out to the panel in front of many people by another person. The leader of the health department at this meeting said that he did not question that people are being adversely affected by the turbines, but needed to find out the direct cause of the problem. This letter has been received by Acciona without a response.

    It must be noted that my family made a complaint of noncompliance nearly 4 years ago. This is a compliance issue that is being ignored by all levels of government and Acciona and it is a fraud committed by the people in governmental departments and Acciona who are paid to investigate health issues and ensure that compliance is met. Guess what? The next meeting I attended in Melbourne with the health department, the leader of the Health Department at the Evansford meeting was not present.


  2. Jim Hutson. says:

    Those people who don’t believe Wind Turbines Kill Birds
    should look at “Bird Killed by Green Energy” on You Tube

  3. Thank you Robyn & Glen, what you have to say is very interesting indeed.

    Any one with the slightest bit of common sense, would have an understanding what you are on about.

    1 You both are trying to be clean & green with your organic farming. I’m keen on zero till farming, because the life under the ground seems to like it better then convential farming, so I understand where you both are coming from. We all have our land at heart.

    2 I guess you both find it very hard to see what your animals & feathered friends are going through, as the stress for them must be terrible..

    3 I am not a fan of bats or flying foxes, but the QUESTION must be asked, why they have gone elseware, as they rely on sound waves etc. for navagation.

    4 You both are having the same problems as other people are having with their health. There are too many people that are having health problems for them to be made up.

    AGL got fined about 1.5 million dollars for telling lies (a leopard does not change its spots). Boy there are lots of leopards out there! I mean wind companies & other people such as Chapman, Flannery, Denis the Menace of VIC, Red Head & her crew & all the potential hosts & hosts.

    AGL are trying to get Coopers Gap Industrial Wind Turbines up and running in QLD, as we are not surprised they got fined for the lies, as they tell the untruths, quite regularly.

    The wind companies & hosts are only involved in the wind industry because of the GREED FOR MONEY — they are not green in any way, shape or form, the clean & green council included.

  4. What don’t the sceptics get? These people are just telling their story like it is. Is the truth so hard to hear?

    Thank you Robyn & Glen for having the courage to speak out!

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