David Ridgway slams Labor’s Primary Industries Minister for being asleep at her post

Gago excoriated for silence on turbines

Primary Industries Minister Gail Gago has been exposed for failing to defend primary producers impacted by wind-driven power stations.

In Parliament today, Ms Gago refused to say how new power stations will affect farming practices or the profitability of graingrowers around the gaint turbines.

“This is remarkable because just one wind-driven power station on the Yorke Peninsula would impact about 800 square kilometres of prime cropping land,” shadow Primary Industries Minister David Ridgway said.

“The rural community has already hearing of a looming clash between the energy industry and primary production.

“Today the Minister refused to guarantee protection for the many primary producers who may be affected by power stations.”

Under sustained questioning by Mr Ridgway in the Upper House, Ms Gago revealed that the Department of Primary Industries did not provide a formal submission on specific wind farm proposals in South Australia.

“It is appalling that her department did not tell Planning SA about the impact on grain-growing areas.

“She should immediately demand those answers from her office and her department, and she must share those answers with the public.

“I suspect – and the Minister did not deny – that the department doesn’t have the resources to say how agricultural producers will be affected by neighbouring wind-driven power stations.

“And it is absolutely astonishing that the Minister couldn’t say whether she contributed to regional impact statements about proposed turbines like the latest Yorke Peninsula project.

“Primary production in South Australia needs a voice,” Mr Ridgway said.

“It’s a pity that Minister seems to have lost hers.


Hon David Ridgway MLC
State Liberal Leader in the Legislative Council
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Hutson says:

    As a retired Agricultural Pilot with 35 years experience, I spent some time last night on the phone to my mate in Georgia USA. He reliably informs me that at all the State Conventions there is a growing concern among Aerial Agricultural Operators as the hazards imposed by Wind Turbines, [particularly in Northern states, North Dakota and mid west of America ] to Agricultural Aircraft and the problems of spraying near them.
    To give an example, with the weather conditions ok for spraying in the district at Ground level, they are unable to spray down wind of the Turbines for up to 10 miles due to the chop (Turbulence) and the drift problems associated with, I suspect with the spiral vortex lifting the spray into the Air.
    So if the Turbines extend for say 10 miles there is an area of over approx 314 square miles or 809 Square Kilometers or approx 200,000 acres around them that could be affected. As we know that timing is critical in cropping e.g. pest, this is a potential problem.
    The other thing I foresee is the liability of an Agricultural Aircraft actually hitting one of these things. Imagine the Lawsuit, and the CASA REGS that would be forth coming to protect the Wind Turbines, NO FLY ZONES.
    Interestingly in an original plan of one Turbine company with a proposal of a massive IWT complex in South Australia, on the original plans the was a calling for “No Agricultural Aircraft to be allowed within 30 Kilometers.
    In my experience all I ever had to do was pull up over trees and fly around the odd obstacle. As distance is gauged by the apparent size of known objects, how does a pilot judge his distance from a wind turbine that is approx 450 ft in the Air?
    Glad I am retired.

    • Jim, thank you very much for posting that here. I am a member of the Heartland Farmers group, opposing the construction of The Ceres Wind Turbine Project, here on Yorke Peninsula. One of the major concerns is that the neighbouring farmers will not be able to use planes for spraying and spreading. Not only have you confirmed that, you have also given us a very good idea of the area of land that will be taken out by the turbines. This idiot, https://stopthesethings.com/2013/05/13/dangerous-dave-clarke/
      keeps calling Heartland Farmers, liars, unethical, spreading misinformation, because they have clearly stated, from advice given to them by Aerotech, the only aerial spraying contractor here, that their safety parameters are 500 meters flying parallel to the turbines and 3 kilometers towards the turbines. He keeps saying the planes should be able to fly between the turbines. Of course we know that is ridiculous when they are turning and it is never calm enough here through winter, for them not to be. You have just blown his argument clean out of the water and and made him look the complete fool that he is. I hope you don’t mind, but I have taken the liberty to post this on the Heartland Farmers and my Facebook pages as well, because it is so important, in us trying to get the message out there, as to how big an effect the Ceres Wind Turbine Project is going to have on the surrounding area. Once the turbines are built, it is too late, so once again, thank you very much, Jim.

  2. pmm232, I am deeply sorry that you have to suffer because of the greed and ignorance of the people in governments all over the world who have jumped on the Green Energy bandwagon, without knowing the full repercussions of such a scheme. I am fighting this with everything in me, not only to protect my son, who has aural sensory processing issues, but also, to try to shed light on people, such as yourself, that are already suffering because of the government, and the wind industry, going hand in hand to deny the truth. The only reason for their denials, is the responsibility that they would have to take upon themselves. They would be forced to correct their mistakes, and properly sight these turbines, that have proven to be a complete waste of time, money, and resources. We are also losing far too much, such as our agricultural lands, and our health and well being etc. It is immoral for the government to continue to allow this to happen, in light of all of the proof that has come out, with the only ones denying the truth, but the wind pushers. We will never stop fighting this injustice..,..

  3. Like so many departmental and regulatory issues…not the information to make any evaluation of integrated and cohesive sense. The EPA not measuring, ignoring low frequency noise from all sources because they don’t have a connection to local health effects of pollution in their legislation. Such systemic failure. As someone else has said to me, this systematic failure is everywhere, and government authorities and politicians get away all the time with their manipulation of ignorance in game play. Will there ever be a system that works for the people! Elections once every now and then are not delivering… We need community surveys on all of what undermines our integrity. This should not be left to the media. Elections don’t provide enough accountability. Our legal system rests on flawed legislation and unaccountable administration and an absolute failure of planning compliance evaluation by councils. Why are they in the Development Court every day? Games without public interest or purpose.

  4. Labor & the greens could not give a damn how farmers & country town people are affected by these usless wind turbines. They have never ever showed any concern for farmers & people that live in country towns.

  5. I am a sufferer of Infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration.

    All Political Parties don’t want to know.
    The Greens
    Local Council

    But not only us, our Children’s Children and every Generation after unless this is addressed seriously.
    I am 64. I should be able to enjoy these years, not suffer as I am now. WAKE UP GOVERNMENTS!l

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