Response #10 to Chapman’s “study”


I find your so-called research offensive and totally dismissive of intelligent people (even though they do come from the country!)

Have you ever visited and stayed in the residence of any of the people who are so badly affected? Have you actually talked to any of these victims and assessed what sort of people they are? Have you ever considered that maybe there is some truth in all these complaints? If you are so sure it is all in their heads why don’t you encourage research to prove your theory correct, instead of regurgitating wind energy companies’ propaganda?

If the nocebo effect is all that is creating grief for people then I should be sick!! I am a middle aged woman. I have been fighting the Macarthur WEF for 9 years. I was told by representatives of the developer that becoming ill would mean I was neurotic. I am sitting listening to the low roar of the turbines – thankfully partly drowned out by gentle rain on the roof. I have been fearful for 9 years that I would be impacted in some way. According to your theory I should be sick. So far, thank God, I have no ill effects. What does that say about your theory?

Come out from your cloistered academic environment and talk to the victims and the refugees. Spend some of your holidays living among turbines. Stop adding to our stress and anger by spruiking your ill-judged prejudices!

Chris Jelbart

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. In Mid Wales UK, we are fighting approx 850 wind turbines in a relatively small area plus the associated infrastructure. We are fighting a Public Inquiry against wind farms in the area but it is real people power, we the community are fundraising and fighting the big boys ourselves. If anybody suffers health or noise problems associated with wind turbines, please could you contact Montgomeryshire Against Pylons please. Thank you!

  2. Mr. Chapman is supposed go be for community health. He seems to have an agenda for wind turbines. I wonder what he will say when its finally shown here that wind turbines exist for the developers to make money as al evidence from overseas is ignored. He should remember just because he sees a lack of proof does not mean that there are problems through sleep deprivation although he thinks the industrial wind turbines make very little noise I wonder if he has ever been in a business that uses turbines. I don’t think so as he is usually behind a desk checking everyone against wind turbines and thinks that world experts are wrong.

  3. Not everyone suffers from the turbines. Not everyone gets lung cancer from smoking. Not everyone has allergies. Not everyone throws up on roller coaster rides. Not everyone has asthma, even though we all breathe the same air. But that does NOT give a bad name, or discredit the people who DO suffer, in any way.

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The responses to Chapman’s so called research and the article in the paper are evidence of the complete stupidity of Chapman to continue to try and force his beliefs without having any evidence to prove them onto the public. I am sure academics who are true researchers will be wondering how the hec this person gets any media coverage or indeed any research funding.
    If he wants to generate anger he is succeeding, but what can that achieve – nothing.
    That the media anywhere is still unwilling to put a balanced and unbiased report together is astonishing. That investigative journalism appears to have become a thing of the past is disappointing.
    If it wasn’t for a few dedicated reporters no one would even know these Installations were being built – except of course for those who have them imposed on their lives.
    It’s time the city media gave time to the subject, so people can understand where not only their power is coming from, but where their money is going – not only what they pay in energy bills, but what is paid to the companies by our government – so city people will understand they are paying twice for their power, and hopefully understand why those who are having their lives destroyed are upset.
    When sections of the community become ill, lose asset value and are forced to live in an industrial estate rather than the clean clear peaceful environment they chose it’s time Parliament did something about it. We know the Government won’t so it’s up to the Parliament to force their hand.
    If the media would like to achieve something useful rather than continue to pour out and constantly repeat the same old stories this is the time to do it – make yourselves relevant again.

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