Victim: Sonia Trist

STT would like to introduce you to Sonia Trist who feels that she can no longer stay in her home near the Cape Bridgewater wind farm. She describes her symptoms – anxiety and sudden wakening at night in this video (6.37). Sonia calls on all those affected by wind turbines to be strong,  join together and stand up and be counted, to help eradicate the cruel farce that is the wind industry.

You can see and hear other victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. maureen campbell says:

    This is torture, this is simlar to water torture. Where are these peoples human rights for god sake. Does no body care what happens to them. The community should be shouting loud and clear to let these wind farm companys know they are not welcome. If these people are so sure their is no health promblems put them up out side their own homes, I”M sure they will be screaming like stuffed PIGS after a few months.

  2. You say it so well dear lady. My own situation is so similar to yours here in Falmouth Massachusetts USA. I have abandoned my dream and it hurts every day, I live worse now than ever in my life at 57 years old. We are paying double mortgages at a time when they should have been gone. My vision and balance are permanently scarred. But my blinding migraine headaches are gone and they were a darn site worse.
    I have aged 10 years in 2 and that will never be returned to me. Nor will my faith in the human race. It’s a sad world that has to kill pristine country for any reason. No amount of electric generation is worth the permanent scars on our lands, skylines and the health of the planet and it’s inhabitants.
    The wind energy business has no more heart than any other kind of energy company…Just a much more effective sales pitch.

  3. Sonia, your testimony is so heart-felt and eloquently communicated. I plan to share it with my students in class next Tuesday. It is a course in “social problems” and at the moment, we are devoting time to investigating problems and politics of energy. We just read Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism. In addition to showing your film clip, Sonia, I will give them a quick synopsis of my industrial wind turbine tour of places North America, South Australia and New Zealand, revealing the dirty truths about wind energy. Students are eager to know what is really going on, they have NOT been fully green-washed. Thanks Stop THESE THINGS for setting the record straight.

  4. david mortimer says:

    Thank you Sonia – your situation very much mirrors ours here at Lake Bonney in the South East of South Australia. The current wind “farms” here cause us increasingly unbearable health issues (denied by the wind industry and Professor Simon Chapman) – if the proposed wind farm with turbines twice as powerful and with four times the blade swept area are built 2km from our house front on the up wind side of the prevailing winds, they may well kill us.

    That might sound over the top but you have to live in an affected house to really appreciate the problem as it is so easy for the dis-believers to say that if you can’t hear it then it is not hurting.

    The infra sound is still a percussive acoustic energy of a similar level as striking an anvil with a hammer. If the audible sound at those levels can damage our ears then surely people can see that the “silent” anvil blow (infra sound) can harm us. It doesn’t take rocket science!!

    Perhaps we should all write of our serious concerns relating to the health issues and financial non viability to the world’s stock exchanges. Maybe then these monstrocities would be starved of financial backing and the greedy superannuation funds who feed off our tax payer funded wind “farms” would add their voice to ours. Maybe then the “very vocal minority” as the ignorant and sarcastic masses like to call us would become very vocal majority as their hip pocket nerves start to hurt.

    Does someone have to die before people realise that wind turbines and residences don’t mix? I don’t want it to be me!

  5. We too are in the midst of trying to stop 115 wind turbine crowding the landscape in the foothills of the beautiful Bunya Mountains. Like you Sonia we have renovated our farm house and spent a fortune on fencing and watering points for our cattle and do not wish to be anywhere else. We love it here and with these unsightly industrial turbines it will totally wreck our beautiful country side and our way of life. The trouble is the proposed wind farm starts off with 115 and soon there will be 1500 of the beasts, as proposed in Collector. Take away the subsidy and see how many turbines will be built! Thankyou Sonia we are behind you and wonder when all this stupidy is going to stop.

  6. Grant Winberg says:

    What a gracious lady. Who owns Pacific Hydro? Isn’t it Australian owned by superannuation funds (unlike most of the others – Spanish, Chinese, etc). Who is on the board of Pacific Hydro – ex- union officials who looked after the interests of Australians. Well, Sonia’s story should be forwarded to every shareholder and director of Pacific Hydro to hopefully embarrass someone into accepting responsibility for this disgusting situation. And reawaken the union officials social conscience.

  7. There are many people going through the same or similar experiences. This is a disgrace on so many levels. I hope the guilty are soon held accountable.

  8. Thank you Sonia. You show great courage. The wind energy regulator in Victoria (the DPCD) are responsible for this intolerable and disgraceful situation. If only they had the courage to honestly and transparently regulate and investigate the impacts of WEFs and to ensure that the great suffering, that they know exists, is stopped.

  9. Thank you very much Sonia, excellently put, I live at Leonards Hill in Victoria and I have two wind turbines (WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION) app 600 mtrs from the back door and I know what you are going through, Take care

  10. Jackie Rovensky says:

    An intelligent articulate person speaking clearly and concisely – wonderful – thank you Sonia, I hope you do not have to leave your beautiful home – I hope the Victorian Government, EPA and your local community will join together to ensure the turbines are turned off and removed from this wonderful part of Australia, so you and your neighbours can once again live in peace.

  11. The industrial turbine companys & hosts don’t BLOODY well care. The turbines need to stoped & dismantled an thrown into the rubbish tip. Thanks for sharing your experience Sonia, as their hundreds of people are suffering from the heaps of junck.

  12. Listening to Sonia has upset me more than any other posting I have encountered on the issue. I am so sorry for her and so many others in this position. 600 metres from her home! How could they?

    Perhaps those who mock those experiencing adverse health effects caused by living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines can pay Sonia a handsome sum and move into her home when she is forced to vacate it? Such a payment may save Sonia’s home from becoming derelect and she may receive sufficient funds to support her into older age.

  13. Thank you Sonia for speaking out. These things need to be stopped & having people brave enough to tell their stories has to help in the long run.


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