Now finally, the truth laid bare

This television report was broadcast within the last 24 hours. It makes compelling viewing.

It marks an unprecedented move by the Environmental Protection Agency in South Australia to begin testing residences near Waterloo wind farm.

The investigation will include the measurement of infrasound and low frequency noise, down to 0.25 Hz, inside and outside homes, with “on off” testing.

It will require the cooperation and provision of operational data which wind development operators have so far refused to provide to any independent researchers, anywhere in the world.

In the words of resident Mary Morris: “This is a huge step in the right direction for people who live near wind farms.”

(Depending on your internet connection, you might need to press play, then pause video while it downloads.)



We praise the fine work done by  journalists Graham Archer and Lucy Polkinghorne.

In future posts we will report on how a local community convinced a government regulatory authority to acknowledge the existence of the problem and start to investigate it thoroughly, to find out why people are becoming sick.

How the ABC reported it.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. E Griffiths says:

    The problems of wind “turbine” noise adversely impacting on people’s health has been known for over 26 years. Following meticulous field & laboratory studies, Dr Neil Kelley presented a paper to the Windpower ’87 conference in San Francisco, California – October 5-8, 1987. See:

    “A proposed metric for assessing the potential of community annoyance from wind turbine low-frequency noise emissions” – N.D. Kelley, Solar Energy Research Institute, Colorado 1987
    A copy is available from:

    Click to access Kelley-1987-Wind-Farm-Low-Frequency-Noise-Problem-Identified.pdf

    Kelley stated on P1 of his study:
    “The modern wind turbine radiates its peak sound power (energy) in the very low frequency (VLF) range, typically between 1 and 10 Hz.”

    Kelley’s meticulous research:
    1. Identified low frequency noise as a direct causal agent for health problems emerging in wind farm neighbours.
    2. Identified specific sound frequencies causing health damaging “annoyance” symptoms, including repetitive sleep disturbance.
    3. Showed that health problems experienced by individuals became more severe with increased exposure to low frequency noise.
    4. Suggested maximum tolerable limits to low frequency noise exposure to protect people’s health. These limits were based on the research data collected. (These guidelines have been ignored by the wind industry to this day.)

    The wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers knew about the direct causal relationship between these specific sound frequencies and health damaging “annoyance” symptoms, which included repetitive sleep disturbance.

    In fact, on the basis of this research, wind turbine designs were changed to reduce noise emissions – from downwind to upwind wind turbines (where the blades are downwind and upwind of the tower respectively.)

    The wind weasels know there is a noise problem and are continually trying to change the noise guideines so they can continue to profit from excessively generous subsidies whilst torturing unwilling wind farm neighbours with their noise emissions. (NOTE: Noise is a recognised instrument of torture, so I am not using the term torture flippantly.)

    Yet the windustry still deny there is a problem and try to brush it under the carpet – much like the tobacco industry did years ago.

    Any future independent research will only corroborate the research carried out by Kelley and his team over 25 years ago. As far as I’m concerned, the windustry is a disgrace.

    What really galls me is that convicted or suspected terrorists appear to have more human rights than people living in their own homes.

  2. I applaud the news however hopefully it will be fully independent as it seems some supposed studies have been done in relation to the wind industry and their supporters. I just read something from the Taipei Times about residents of Yuanli in China hunger striking over planned 12 wind turbines inGlobal Wind Enery – The Human Impact. Typical supposed briefings to residents yet born in region never received anything about such consultations.

  3. So long as it is independent of any interference then many people worldwide will be grateful. We do not need something that requires backup 24/7 adding to expense. I feel for those who have been impacted by these not windmills but industrial turbines and should be treated as complexes not farms. Anyone who is for them should try and live with them.

  4. From all around the world, we are waiting for these results..

  5. finally.people.are.waking.up.about.the.wind.industry.

  6. kelpie chilcott says:

    As long as there has been no crossing of palms with silver but will wait and see

  7. ex Green now Milne is in charge says:

    The SA EPA’s reputation and that of its partisan staff has been trashed as far as adverse impacts of noise and windfarms, their lack of independence from the wind industry and their clear demonstration of putting windies interests ahead of the protection of the health of the citizens the are supposed to help protect.

    This is reflected in their current noise guidelines for windfarms as well as their willful ignorance and neglectful conduct, up til now? There was an unlikeabe chap Longchin (sic?) who has contributed to their standing. Let’s hope he is not involved. I also hope the Scottish gentleman keeps to his word, and has the tenacity and resolve of Rebus, because he is going to be feeling the heat of political and wind industry snouts, to be sure, breathing down his neck. (EPA no doubt undertake ongoing Risk Analysis , but in the past this has focused on Risks to Industry and themselves, ensuring that the trough is always full, and the health and well-being of rural folk is the least priority).

    If he succeeds in turning the EPA and its culture and practice around, I will keep a bottle of Islay’s finest for him and review my opinion of the independence and integrity of the EPA. And sing Scotland the Brave to celebrate…

  8. Wonderful news!! – thank you

    Best regards

  9. Harry Makris says:

    The negative impact on communities has been exposed time after time, and at length…(see the responses/submissions to the Wind farm Interim Development Plan Amendment (SA), together with State(s) and Senate Inquiries into the matter)……However, the most troubling aspect for me (Right Here, Right Now)) is that of “Community Division”….which can make life intolerable.

  10. Hasta La Vista says:

    The Wind Farm carpet baggers are being exposed for what they are !

  11. Jim Wiegand says:

    Be forewarned because wind industry studies and monitoring have always been an industry stall tactic. It creates the illusion of responsibility and that they are addressing problems. Then their reports come in from their hired shills and the research is not definitive, many questions arise, and the stall continues. So nothing happens, but there is still problem. The answer, “we need to conduct new studies” and new shills are hired. If an organization or group wants to really do an honest study, they will dig into their deep pockets so a dozen bogus studies can be created that will hide the truth. It is an endless dance of fraud. In the meantime their turbine construction keeps right on rolling. The avoidance of meaningful studies and the rigging of methodology have always been one of the industry’s primary tactics. It has been going on for over 25 years.

  12. Jackie Rovensky says:

    This is truly a great move forward for SA, and hopefully will be the beginning of a new era in common sense in this State. Thank you Mary and your local community for showing there is ‘no surrender’ to the company’s which continue to deny the existence of dangerous infrasound being emitted from their towers of misery.
    The EPA is now realising they have a responsibility to ensure peoples safety and they do have the ability to change things – for the better. All that’s needed now is the unfettered co-operation of the company

  13. Wind Witch Doctor says:

    Holy shite!……….The EPA you say……..will do full spectrum noise testing…..?….Unbelievable!

    I can hear the clickety clack of keyboards already of the likes of Chapman, Richard Mackie, Cam Walker, Russell Marsh, and Ketan Joshi tweaking their CVs………

    It is the end… only friend, the end……

  14. This is really wonderful news. Let’s hope that Australia will do a proper, honest and forthright job, unlike the Canadian Government whose Health Canada study is already shrouded in clouds of suspicion due to secret meetings with the Canadian Wind Industry.

  15. martin hayles says:

    It appears your selfless and tireless work at great personal and financial cost will eventually be vindicated. I salivate with expectation at a response from David ‘the emperor with no clothes’ Clarke, the hugely deluded patsy of Big Wind and author of his intellectually deficient ‘Ramblings’ website, in which he has personally vilified you. Clarke is a perfect example of the old adage ‘a man with a little knowledge is a dangerous man’.
    I look forward to Clarke’s future blog “Mumblings of a Windbag Dodderer”.

  16. A timely warning for wind developers: GAME OVER.

    What to do with wind turbines? Well, if the wind industry really believed that they were good for tourism, then this would be true if the did something innovative like stuffing the towers with pyrotechnics on New Year’s Eve…


  1. […] this talk Mary talks about how eventually, the EPA did agree to do full-spectrum noise testing at Waterloo, with parallel studies by independent acoustician, Steve […]

  2. […] to a major public health scandal which sorely needed the oxygen of publicity. As a result, the South Australian Environmental Protection Agency has now launched an enquiry which, if conducted with due diligence and if it doesn't turn into just another of the whitewashes […]

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