The campaign of hate against Sarah Laurie

International anti wind industry campaigners have called the vilification of Waubra Foundation CEO Sarah Laurie a “campaign of hate” and alerted Australian police to concerns for her safety.

An organisation based in Spain, the World Council for Nature, as well as the North American Platform Against Wind Power contacted the Commissioner of Police in Tasmania this week prior to Dr Laurie’s visit to King Island to address concerned locals about a wind farm proposal.

Both organisations, as well as numerous anti wind campaigners around the world, say they have detected a distinct lifting in the level of attack on Dr Laurie as Australia approaches a federal election and a Coalition Government looks set to tackle so-called green energy.

Both groups referred to recent posts on the Green propaganda website Renew Economy (click here and here) as well as an anonymous complaint to the National Health and Medical Research Council, saying these indicated Dr Laurie continues to rattle the wind industry in Australia.

The attack on Dr Laurie has been spearheaded by academic propagandist Simon Chapman, who has called her the “high priestess of wind turbine syndrome”.

Chapman appears to have made attacking Dr Laurie a personal mission – which anti wind campaigners say is a classic example of attacking the whistleblower rather than facing the facts.

Mark Duchamp, president of the World Council for Nature, called Dr Laurie “an honest and heroic doctor” in his email to Tasmanian police.

“She is known worldwide for her devotion to wind farm victims and her awareness campaign, but in her own country she has received multiple threats,” Duchamp said.

NA-PAW CEO Sherri Lange told Tasmanian Police: “Dr. Sarah Laurie of the Waubra Foundation has been one of the most courageous speakers, who has first hand listened to the victims of wind power, and who has become not merely a spokesperson, but also internationally iconic because of her immense understanding, and also her compassion for the elderly, children, and every person impacted.

“Unfortunately, her honesty has caused some fear in those who are still wind pushers. That fear has occasionally erupted into threats and demeaning language about her work.”

Tasmanian Police responded by saying the matter had been raised with the officer in charge of King Island police station who was aware of Dr Laurie’s visit to the island, including where she was staying.

Police said the situation would be monitored closely.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. genie81 says:

    How can anyone defend Chapman for his disgusting outrageous comments on A PERSON CONCERNED FOR PEOPLES’ HEALTH unlike him and his cronies. Anyone who is so stupid as to consider violent actions should be watched and bugged to make sure Dr. Laurie’s life is not in jeopardy. Its unAustralian and he should be the target but anti wind persons are not like him and his cronies who target one woman not all the others who are anti turbines. Carmen Krogh Canada has made comments on his so-called research done without him ever speaking to sufferers or visiting along with Tim who rang a host to see if he was affected for his comments at a forum. So Big and Brave Chapman can only pick on a woman along with his scumbag partners. The NHMRC is cowardly in respect to the industry and who gave Chapman $1.6 million or more to do research and what did he do with the money? Sit behind a computer and read everything anti wind without time for anything else. Yellow-bellied snake!!!!

  2. Everyone can do their own research about health effects of industrial wind turbines regarding sleep disturbance. All they have to do is deniey themselves of sleep for seven days & nights and see how bright they are after that. You don,t have to be a Professor Chapman to do that, so simple & you have got your answer, then you can call youself a Professor. Then Red Heads Goverment will take notice of you.

  3. When you are fighting corrupt individuals and organizations, I think Ghandi said it best…..First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you…..then you WIN! They are fighting like hell, and we are going to win.

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Firstly, anyone can conduct research; you do not have to have a degree, belong to a professional body or even attend a university in an academic role. We have seen with Chapman and Flannery that it is possible to ‘research’ in areas where they have no academic or industry qualifications. Whereas Sarah Laurie has a Medical degree, and her work researching effects on human beings of noise associated with industrial wind turbines is undertaken within the area of her qualifications.
    Also Dr Sarah Laurie is not funded in her research by public research funding agencies such as the NHMRC.
    A concern is, are these funding agencies directing grants in the most effective manner. Are those who receive the money the best qualified?
    Sociologists should not be funded to research and comment on medical and acoustical matters. The social implications of such things as health issues from noise have nothing to do with the research into the MEDICAL conditions people report. Acousticians while not medically trained are able to provide results of their investigations into levels of noise, and work with medical practitioners and researchers to assess if these levels of various noises could be found at levels which can affect human health, therefore they are able to work jointly with medical practitioners and researchers to reach a valid conclusion.
    Sociologists can only make GENERAL comment on POSSIBLE consequences on society.
    Threats by those running scared are an example of the manner in which this industry has progressed so far. They cannot fight clean because they know they are misrepresenting the truth. They are frightened because they and the industry are being exposed. They know that Dr Sarah Laurie and others are being heard and what they are reporting is being listened to. Properly conducted research by people they have not been able to compromise and/or enlist is something that causes them concern; they are looking down the barrel and seeing their influence and profits dwindle.
    Those speaking out, working for those who thought they were alone; making inroads into the psych of politicians and others who make the decisions is making ground and we applaud them for their consistent and hard work throughout the world.

  5. david mortimer says:

    Since when was research the exclusive domain of qualified academics? I have been carying out my own research albeit empirical regarding living with and without turbines for 12 months. Does that mean I can expect to be investigated for carying out an “illegal” activity?

  6. They are all in it George, Chapman, Barnard, Ewbank, Donaldson and Clarke, however Clarke just appears to be the lap dog to the others, he ‘parrots’ everything the others post on the net, to denigrate Sarah.

    They all say they receive no financial gain from the wind industry, one has to ask what their motivation is, to malign Sarah the way they have.

  7. I find it funny that all these “haters” are all the type of haters that sit behind the computer, this includes the gutless Chapman who wont even meet with people claiming to be effected by wind turbines.
    Are they anything to be scared of? highly unlikely, most of them wouldn’t be able to knock over a average 12 yo let along a grown adult.
    Im all for them to come out into rural Australia and try to intimidate us all, sounds like fun to me!

  8. Amongst the Chapman bandwagon of fanatic pro-wind associates, is a man of the name Mike Barnard. He claims on the Renew Economy website quoted above that Sarah Laurie is going to “get investigated” for doing research whilst unregistered. The level of confidence in this statement is little revealing: Barnard is either manic, or belongs to an over confident cabal of bullies.

    Barnard however forgets to mention that Chapman is not a medical doctor, and certainly not registered, but sits on his “public health” throne and researches and publishes papers, mocks suffering individuals, collectively diagnoses them as suffering mass hysteria, nocebo, etc, but strangely is never perceived as posing as a clinical psychologist/psychiatrist.

    Hatred and malice clearly blinds. Chapman and his friends should be investigated for a conspiracy to use “research” as a tool to launch paranoid witch hunts. Is Sarah Laurie was doing research since 2011, why did they wait till now?

    We also now get a clearer understanding why on the one hand Chapman publicly harassed Dr Laurie to publish her research, whilst on the other he warned that the NHMRC would find itself in a difficult position if it assessed her data because it was supposedly collected without ethics approval.

    There is little evidence that Chapman ever intended to work fairly on this matter. Perhaps he is best described as the chief character assassin of whistle blowers and people who challenge certain facets of Australia’s political and industrial establishment.

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