Poles Apart: Polish Government Bans New Wind Farms & All Existing Turbines Gone by 2035

Faced with thousand of furious rural voters sick of being overrun by industrial wind turbines, Poland has effectively banned all new onshore wind farms. The prices fixed for new wind power contracts are so low as to mock hopeful developers, making it highly unlikely that any new contracts will be entered. And, clearly spooked by hostile rural voters, […]

Poles Apart: New Turbine Setback Rules Threaten Doom for Polish Wind Industry

Over-run by these things, faced with thousand of furious neighbours demanding an end to the onslaught, and spiralling power costs, Poland has mounted an enormous about face: where the wind industry was the flavour of the month for a year or two, it’s just been hit with the first salvo in an effort to give […]

Wind Industry Howls ‘Wolf’ as Poles Finally Get a Few Half-Decent Wind Farm Rules

**** A week or so back we covered a Bloomberg article on new rules set to be imposed in Poland, with the predictable – we’re “doomed” – response from the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers. Here’s an analysis of what the new rules really mean. Polish Wind Industry ‘Cries Wolf’ at First Attempt of […]

Polish Power Consumers & Property Owners Demand & Get New Criminal Rules to Jail Wind Farm Developers

**** Wind Farms Now Come With the Threat of Jail Bloomberg Business Jessica Shankleman 3 March 2016 Poland’s proposed rules may cost industry $38 million a year Legislation would apply to existing renewable plants One of Europe’s most promising markets for renewable energy is being threatened by legislation that would impose new fees and potential […]

Polish Ombudsman Fights to Secure Human Rights for Wind Farm Victims

**** One of the myths pedalled by Australia’s self-appointed wind farm noise, sleep and health ‘expert’ (a former tobacco advertising guru) is that the known and obvious adverse health impacts from incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound are a cooked-up “phenomenon”, exclusive to the English speaking world. Trouble with that little tale is that’s […]