Giant Ponzi Scam Busted: Renewable Energy Fraudster Trades ‘Green’ for Orange Prison Garb

Heavily subsidised wind and solar and a bevy of associated rorts and scams attract plenty of spivs, chancers and outright crooks. South Australia became renowned as Australia’s wind power capital thanks to a bunch of shysters and ex-convicts from the USA who started the whole scam rolling: How a Band of Criminals, Shysters & Chancers […]

Australia’s Most Notorious Wind Power Outfit – Infigen – Blames $304 Million Loss on the WIND

**** Infigen is an all-wind-power-outfit that used to be called Babcock and Brown, which collapsed in spectacular fashion back in 2009: the way things are headed, get set for a replay. As an investment ‘prospect’, Infigen is all about bleeding cash. It backed up a $55 million loss in 2011/12 with an $80 million loss […]

More Wind Power Outfits Go Bust: “Farmer-Investors” Lose their Shirts in the US

**** In Australia, the wind industry is in total melt-down, with many of its “BIG” players on the brink of financial collapse. And the dreadful “uncertainty” about the willingness of governments to continue fleecing power consumers and taxpayers – in order to keep throwing massive subsidies at the greatest rort of all time (which, on […]