German Government Hunts Down Wind Industry Criminals & Corruption


It’s elementary, Dear Watson. The wind industry
attracts seasoned criminals, wherever it operates.


What amuses STT is not that the wind attracts career criminals, but that they have the sanctimonious audacity to preach to the rest of us about their nobler-than-noble ‘trade’, while lying, cheating and bullying their way to profit from massive and (seemingly) endless subsidies chiselled out of us.

One of the funnier cases, was that involving a pair of convicted felons who launched a ludicrous defamation action against community defenders in Arkansas.

But, the mirth inspired by such efforts doesn’t mean that the crooks that run the wind industry aren’t in bitter earnest.

They’re certainly capable of pulling out all stops when it comes to wallowing in other peoples’ money, as this story from Germany shows.

German Authorities Open Investigation Into Wind Energy Corruption … “In Part a Criminal Business” … Only A Few Profit
Pierre Gosselin
9 February 2016

Yesterday I wrote [see below] about how wind park planners and the city councilmen who recklessly approve them may be held personally liable for damage to health that they cause, primarily through infrasound. With locals wind parks, too often crony deals are involved and legitimate opposition gets brushed aside or squashed. The result is often a select few end up lining their pockets while the rest are left to suffer.

A few days ago the German language NWZ mobil here reported on a heated wind park controversy that is boiling over in northwest Germany, writing that “state attorneys are now opening investigations on the profiteers of big money wind energy and how planned wind parks are dividing communities”.

The NWZ mobil writes:

“Wind energy makes some rich, the others sick, as tensions peak at the North Sea coast.”

The controversy swirls around opposition to a planned wind park expansion near the home of Wolfgang Mänzel in the village Stedesdorf.

NWZ mobil reports Mänzel at first was enthusiastic about wind parks near in his community, and even invested in the nearby “Citizens’ Wind Park Stedesdorf” nearby, with the hopes of reaping returns. But all that has since changed.

The returns on the investment have been disappointing and investors such as Mänzel have since realized that the business opportunity was never meant to make them rich at all, but rather was set up “to help raise the acceptance for wind energy out in the countryside by using financial incentives,” The NWZ mobil writes. In reality the terms of the investment scheme were all along designed to make a select group of planners and councilmen rich, but not the small investors.

Its no surprise that in Stedesdorf those really profiting the most are now trying to expand the wind park by another 5 turbines. But Wolfgang Mänzel and others feel they were misled by some of the councilmen. It turns out three of the them have a direct stake in the expansion project and stand to profit even more handsomely. Now there are growing accusations of corruption and the town stands bitterly divided amid a thickening atmosphere of distrust and deep suspicion.

The NWZ mobil writes that wind energy critics and opponents now live in an atmospheres of threats and hostility. The NWZ mobil reports:

“Wind energy is a multi-million euro business: high state subsidies, guaranteed for years, paid for by the power consumers.

“Wind energy is in part a criminal business. Not only local politicians are profiting. The mafia launders money by investing in wind parks.”

To protest the seemingly self-serving projects, in October 2015 Mänzel and others founded a citizens initiative against the wind park expansion, and published an open letter to make the affair more public. The recent accusations of corruption have since led to authorities launching an investigation of the “Stedesdorf Wind Park”.

The NWZ reports:

“At the state prosecutor’s office in Osnabruck, two anonymous reports of wrongdoing have been filed at the end of January against five partners. Now the state attorney’s office in Celle is investigating for possible bribes to parliamentarians.”

Welcome to the real world of German “green energy”.

In the meantime there has been some good news. NDR television here reports that the additional 5 turbines that had been planned to be added have been overwhelmingly rejected by local citizens, with 80% voting against them – though the vote is non-binding.

German wind farm

German wind power outfits face an even uglier horizon.


Not only are German wind power outfits under scrutiny for their criminal misdeeds, their political enablers are facing legal liability in the hundreds of millions of euros for the completely unnecessary harm that they and their wind industry benefactors are causing.

Germany: City Council Members Approving Wind Parks May Face Personal Liability For Damage To Health!
Pierre Gosselin
8 February 2016

The legal winds are shifting! Many city councils and wind park planners are going to have to clean up their acts when pushing through their pet wind park projects.

Germany’s Fundamental Law specifically expresses that the State is obligated to protect the life and physical body of the individual, foremost from illegal attacks by others.

Consequently, according to German legal experts Prof. Michael Elicker and Andreas Langenbahn here, city councils approving the installation of wind parks may be held personally liable for damage to the health of persons who live close to them.

And when it comes to wind parks, even if only a certain part of the population are susceptible to the health hazards of infrasound (frequency below 20 Hz), it does not preclude the requirement being complied with. They write (my emphasis):

“If the state (in this sense the term also includes the towns and communities) allows large wind parks to be constructed at a completely inadequate distance – at times only a few hundred meters – then it violates the state obligation to protect and may be held liable for the health consequences.

“With this backdrop there are large risks also for communities and their participants if during the planning of so-called “wind-park priority areas” they willingly follow along with the ‘considerations of the contracted planning companies, of whom most of them belong to – and the term is indeed appropriate – the ecological-industrial complex.”

In Germany this puts city councils who onesidedly base their decisions to build wind parks on dubious planning/approval processes and feasibility studies squarely in the legal line of fire.

Too often windpark approvals are fraught with conflicts of interest and crony deals. Finally in Germany the spotlight is getting aimed at the dark underside of the renewable energy industry and their tactics used in ramming projects through against the will of the people.

Also city councils and wind park planers are finding it increasingly difficult to dismiss infrasound produced by wind turbines by claiming that “it cannot be proven scientifically”.

Experts Elicker and Langenbahn calls claims there is no scientific evidence supporting the health hazards of infrasound “false” and that the State is in any case obligated to protect life and body of persons not only after a hazard is conclusively proven.

The authors of the report write that it is extremely difficult to dampen the very low frequency infrasound and that it can travel for kilometers, noting that contrary to wide-spread belief, the frequency is audible, and that it is perceived as pulsations and vibrations.

Even Germany’s Ministry of Environment writes, summing the results of investigations and contradicting earlier claims, that starting at a certain acoustic level, infrasound can have a variety of negative effects on the human body and can interfere with the cardio-vascular system, adversely effect concentration, reaction time, balance and the nervous system. Victims often complain of dizziness. As seen in this video:



Elicker and Langenbahn believe that many councilmen and planners have been too careless in their dismissal of infrasound when planning their wind parks. They write that this could all lead to a “rude awakening” for those involved in the slipshod approval of wind parks, and warn they may even be personally liable with their own private assets.

High time.

angry german kid

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  1. This needs to happen in Ontario as well.

  2. I won’t say too much as I’m sure the industry would love the jump on this. Not that I know too much yet anyway. I would say, and it only being a guess, it is one company. But who knows, maybe they have all been doing it .. Let’s just hope our side gets the signed affidavit soon..

  3. Some good news coming our way thanks to a whistle blower from within the wind industry. One of our highly prized fighters is on it like a blood hound .. I will just say at this stage its going to hurt them pretty bad ..

    • Very interesting comment, Shane….
      I assume you live in Australia – if so, which state?
      Is the whistleblower’s information general or does it relate to a specific wind energy project/operator?

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