SA’s Labor Goverment Ignored Warnings on its Wind Power Pricing & Supply Disaster

Hoping to avoid the predictable consequences of one’s own actions is simple ignorance; and forgivable.  However, deliberately ignoring measured warnings from others, when the consequences of those wilful actions will destroy hundreds of businesses; kill off thousands of jobs; result in thousands being deprived of power and tens of thousands more struggling to pay their […]

South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster: No Solution in Sight

‘Panic’ is the only word capable of describing the mood among South Australia’s policymakers.  Over the last few posts, STT has detailed a wealth of media coverage on SA’s self-inflicted energy debacle. The former general manager of the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA), Bruce Dinham is one of many groping around (knowing SA’s power […]

South Australia’s Economy the Victim of a Wind Power ‘Suicide Pact’

**** South Australia – Australia’s ‘Wind Power Capital’ – is like the cooking show moment where – through the magic of clever editing – a perfect soufflé is slid in front of the camera and the grinning, self-satisfied cook announces ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’. Except that, in SA’s case, what’s been plated up is […]

‘Saving’ South Australia from its Self-Inflicted Wind Power Disaster Needs $1 Billion Right NOW!

**** Wind and solar create headaches for energy market operator Australian Financial Review Mark Ludlow 19 February 2016 State governments may have to spend billions of dollars to duplicate the electricity network to cope with the unreliability of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, according to the national energy forecaster. As the Australian […]

South Australian Wind Power “FAILS”

**** South Australia is held up by the wind industry and its parasites as an Australian wind power “Supermodel” – as in this tissue of lies pitched up by Thai turbine-terrorists, RATCH: MEWF Newsletter May 2014. RATCH’s goons have always had a “troubled” relationship with truth and reality, so you would be excused for setting […]