Falmouth’s Fiasco: 8 Years in the Slammer for Bent Politician Responsible for Massachusetts’ Wind Power Disaster

salvatore dimasi

A little too much ‘back-slapping’ & ‘glad-handing’ landed wind industry front man, Salvatore DiMasi with 8 years in the Federal Penn.


The wind industry seems to attract a particular class of bloke, in much the same way that the Prohibition era drew lots of heavy-set Italians to the Mob.

Maybe that seemingly endless stream of massive subsidies filched from taxpayers and power consumers generates the same allure as festering dung does for swarms of flies?

Whatever it is, the whiff that surrounds the wind industry has attracted (and continues to attract) a class that has no hesitation lying, cheating, stealing and even bonking their way to the easy loot on offer.

The Italian Mob were in on the wind power fraud from the get-go: applying their considerable (and perfectly applicable) skills – leading the European wind power fraud, with what economists call “first-mover-advantage” (see our post here).

We’ve reported on just how rotten the wind industry is – from top to bottom – and whether it’s bribery and fraud; vote rigging scandals; tax fraud; investor fraud or REC fraud – wind weasels set a uniform standard that would make most businessmen blush.

The crooks involved – and the corruption, lies thuggery and deceit that follow them – are uniform across the globe.

Wind power outfits in Taiwan – faced with a pesky community backlash – sent the muscle in and beat the protesters to a bloody pulp (see our posts here and here).

The Thais aren’t much better.

In Australia, Thai outfit RATCH has been lying to, bullying and threatening communities far and wide for years (see our posts here and here and here).

In previous posts we’ve looked at how the goons that work for RATCH didn’t hesitate to invent a character – Frank Bestic – in a half-cunning attempt to infiltrate their opponents at Collector and elsewhere – see our posts here and here and here.

RATCH also teamed up with one of Queensland’s “white-shoe-brigade“, John Morris – in a joint plan to destroy the Atherton Tablelands by spearing 60 odd turbines into a patch of pristine wilderness on top of Mt Emerald – a move, quite rightly, opposed by 92% of locals (see our post here).

Morris – a five-star resort owner who has generously wined, dined and otherwise accommodated his mate, now dumped LNP pollie, David Kempton (who held a rabid interest in the project getting approved, despite the fact that his own electorate was miles away) –  pulled out all stops to smooth the way to development approval (see our post here).

Now, if you needed any more proof that political ‘glad-handing’, naked bribery and good old fashioned corruption is the universal ‘grease’ that helps these things get turning all over the Globe, here’s a sordid little tale from Massachusetts.

Massachusetts: Convicted “Wind Turbine” Politician, Salvatore DiMasi Sits in Federal Prison
Falmouth Patch
Frank Haggerty
3 November 2015

The commercial wind turbine business in Massachusetts is an unmitigated catastrophic disaster.

In July 2008, Governor Deval Patrick signed the Green Communities Act, which was a comprehensive piece of energy reform legislation promoting development of commercial wind turbines.

The state set a renewable energy goal using commercial wind turbines of 2000 megawatts of commercial wind by the year 2020.

The wind turbine program was doomed from the day it started. Massachusetts has too high of a residential population to support commercial megawatt wind turbines.

Today only a few years away from the year 2020 the state only has around 100 megawatts of commercial wind turbine energy. An absolute failure. The state has switched to Solar and other less harmful renewable energy products.

Falmouth residents know to well the state goal of 2,000 megawatts of commercial wind power is an absolute failure.

You have to ask why Select Board members: Doug Jones, Susan L. Moran, Mary Pat Flynn, Rebecca Moffitt, Samuel H. Patterson are still stuck in 2008.

Every politician in Massachusetts knows only 100 megawatts of commercial wind has been installed because of health and property right disputes.

The poor siting of turbines in Falmouth is the number one cause of the commercial wind turbine failures in Massachusetts.

The poor placement of commercial wind turbines in Falmouth, Massachusetts and many other communities is the result of a failed policy taking the health and property rights of citizens that only want what everyone else wants. The American Dream of home ownership and the right to be happy in that home with their family.

The Green Communities Act was a product of a compromise by the Governor, House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, and Senate President Therese Murray. House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi was later sentenced to eight years in federal prison on corruption charges where he sits today.

Disgraced ex-Speaker Salvatore DiMasi was sentenced for accepting $65,000 in bribes. The speaker used his office to corruptly steer multi-million-dollar state contracts to Cognos Corp.

Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House Sal Dimasi is the father of the Green Communities Act and the proposed Buzzards Bay wind turbine project. A failed project and harbinger of a state doomed commercial wind agenda.

Convicted House Speaker Sal DiMasi had been promoting legislation for commercial wind renewable energy.

Today looking back we know state agencies, politicians and news media ignored studies dated back to 1987 that warned of noise issues with the turbines.

Public safety was ignored for the wind turbine agenda of 2,000 megawatts of commercial wind by the year 2020.

How much longer is it going to take before the residents of Massachusetts understand the tentacles of corruption of the wind turbine business in Massachusetts?

How many other local and state politicians followed in the foot steps of imprisoned former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi?

Falmouth Massachusetts is ground zero for poorly placed commercial wind turbines in the United States.

How did it happen? It’s no longer a secret!

Corruption and intentionally poorly prepared wind turbine studies have ground commercial wind almost to a halt in Massachusetts.

The Falmouth Select Board is oblivious to these facts and appears to be living in some kind of exotic fish bowl.

The whole world is watching the wind turbine fiasco in Falmouth.
Falmouth Patch


Enron was in the wind ‘business’, too …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on pattikellar and commented:
    “Australia’s Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House Sal Dimasi is the father of the Green Communities Act and the proposed Buzzards Bay wind turbine project.” Sent to jail for corruption involving an Ottawa Ontario based company called Congos which was later bought out by IBM who returned the $$$$.

  2. Terry Conn says:

    Excellent work once again from STT. The truth is that wind turbine power is a ‘hoax’ and those that have participated in supporting it have fleeced honest citizens around the globe. The day of ‘reckoning’ is only just beginning – all those citizens whose lives have been destroyed need to focus their ‘sights’ on the perpetrators in their communities and pull the trigger on revealing them and demand accountability.

    • I fully agree Terry. “The day of ‘reckoning’ is only just beginning – all those citizens whose lives have been destroyed need to focus their ‘sights’ on the perpetrators in their communities….on revealing them and demand accountability.”
      Our elected Municipal ‘leaders’ in Ontario merely ushered in this agenda without doing the work of researching the history of wind companies. Our Provincial ‘leaders’ succumbed to wind company lobbyists and failed to do research on the alarmist man made global warming/ climate change propaganda. Our current Federal ‘leaders’ are doing the same.
      Above all, those elected are entrusted with protecting the citizens.
      They have failed miserably.

  3. Crispin Trist says:

    Is it now time for the likes of ABC TV (Australia), or anyone else for that matter, to put some daylight between them and the Global Wind Industry?!!

    Good work STT.

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