NSW PAC – Unfazed by RATCH’s Lies, Treachery & Deceit

Nick Valentine

STT readers will remember the hunt to find the elusive Frank Bestic – who we believed – at that time – was a former Transfield employee who had apparently “jumped ship” to help in the fight to save Collector.

It turned out that Frank was none other than Nick Valentine – RATCH’s head goon in charge of the disaster planned for Collector (in the photo above, he’s the 6 footer on the right).  For a recap on the hunt for “Frank” see our posts here and here and here.

When the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) got together at Collector – in anticipation of rubber-stamping yet another economic disaster – and acoustic and visual nightmare – they were met by a town hall full of angry locals – 99% of whom were bitterly opposed to what the Thai-turbine-terrorists had planned for their peaceful little community.

During what was a spirited and rowdy encounter, locals presented the PAC commissioners with evidence that the community and the commissioners had been lied to and “gamed” by Valentine parading as a pro-community advocate calling himself “Frank Bestic”.

In a delightful piece of theatre, the commissioners reacted with shock and dismay and Nick reacted like the worm he clearly is – at one point running off into a paddock to escape TV cameras and journos keen to challenge him about his little subterfuge.

Well, while the PAC commissioners may have reacted with horror about being lied to by the developer’s goons, they went ahead and signed a death warrant for the thriving little community of Collector, anyway.

But, STT predicts that it will not end there – during the PAC meeting – Collector’s locals were merely bubbling with restrained anger.  Now they’re seething with white hot rage.

RATCH, if you thought the locals a little rambunctious during the PAC meeting – you just ain’t seen nothing yet.

Here’s the local rag’s take on how the battle for Collector has only just begun.

Collector wind farm opponents angry about government approval
ACT News
Hamish Boland-Rudder
5 December 2013

Opponents of a wind farm at Collector say the fight isn’t over, while a local Liberal MP has labelled the industry “economically unviable” after a 55-turbine project received NSW government approval this week.

Friends of Collector founders Rodd Pahl and Tony Hodgson expressed disbelief at the Planning Assessment Commission’s (PAC) determination to allow the wind farm to proceed, albeit with eight of the proposed 63 turbines removed from the project.

Neither would commit to a legal appeal against the PAC decision, but both said they were reviewing their options.

“The whole thing’s a disgrace,” Mr Hodgson said. “What’s happened I think has been an absolute breakdown in due process.”

Mr Hodgson, who on two previous occasions sent letters to potential host landholders threatening to sue should turbines prove “an actionable nuisance”, warned his neighbours not to rely on indemnity provided by wind farm company RATCH-Australia to protect them against legal action.

Mr Pahl said the decision was met with disbelief by some members of the community, who weren’t satisfied with the removal of the eight turbines that would have been most visible from the township. ‘‘Our concern is that it’s not just visual, but it’s also around noise and health,” he said.

“The PAC are relying clearly on what we regard strongly as being outdated and biased advice from the NSW government, in particular on the health issues.”

Mr Pahl hoped an upcoming review of the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) would cut back on subsidies for projects like the Collector Wind Farm.

“This has nothing to do with saving the planet or green electricity. This has everything to do with money,” he said. “From our point of view, unless RATCH and the host landholders have very deep pockets of their own, this wind farm won’t be built.”

Newly-elected federal Liberal MP for Hume, Angus Taylor, said the “controversial” Collector Wind Farm decision, which defied “strong community opposition”, would disappoint residents, and hinted the RET review would likely prove the undoing of the wind farm industry.

“Projects like this seem set to continue unabated until a national review – which the new federal government has committed to in 2014 – can reveal the true economics behind the industry,” he said. “The RET review will look into the massive subsidies for wind farms, which are forcing up electricity prices and propping up an economically unviable industry.’’

Collector Community Association’s James McKay said he was disappointed with the entire three-year process, which divided the community rather than united it behind the project. While he said the removal of eight turbines was a small “win” for the town, ultimately there was a long fight ahead to ensure the community received adequate benefit from the wind farm in the long run.

“The whole thing could have been better, and so obviously Collector, collectively, is now in a position where it has to salvage what it can a bit and send a clear message to legislators that it has to improve the process,” he said.

RATCH-Australia project director Anthony Yeates said some of the conditions of approval – particularly removing eight turbines – were unexpected, but the company planned to move ahead with the project and hoped to begin construction by the end of 2014.
ACT Times

Telling, isn’t it, that RATCH was “surprised” by the PAC’s decision to remove 8 giant fans from its plan.  When you have the entire NSW state government in your back pocket, any impediment to ride roughshod over locals is “unexpected”.

The fact that a developer can tell bare-faced lies to a planning panel and still receive approval for a project – which 99% of the affected community are ready to die in a ditch to prevent – speaks volumes about the “integrity” of those we pay to serve and protect us.

“Infamy” is not a legacy – it is a species of “shame” that ends up being worn by the next generation. Collector will not forget what those responsible have done.

At the other end of the spectrum, STT hears that Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor has taken to Canberra politics like a duck to water and has gathered a fearsome posse of Coalition members who are ready to scrap the RET and otherwise bring this nightmare to an end.

Angus Taylor

A cracking maiden speech out of the way – now it’s down to “business”.

And, Senator John “Marshall” Madigan has just delivered a speech this week that reads like a declaration of total war on the greatest environmental and economic fraud in Australian history.

Stay tuned for our wrap-up on the Marshall’s latest wind weasel round up – where he names and shames the dirty rotten scoundrels who have allowed it to continue unchecked for so long.

John Madigan

Blacksmith from Ballarat – giving wind weasels and their enablers HELL.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Deceit and lies are the cornerstone of this industry, that Government planning committee’s appear to be falling all over themselves to assist the industry is a sign that the rot has gone deep into the fabric of this nation’s decision making process.

    Are these committees subject to their Governments whims? Maybe if their reports were immediately available for public view we would know if it is the committees that have been infected, or if their reports are just ignored by Governments who’ve already made the decision to accept these projects, and are only giving lip service to the process of seeking advice from committees?

    However, what the Governments and industry need to remember is that rot eventually has nothing left to gorge on and becomes lifeless.


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