Will the real Frank Bestic please stand up?

In our last couple of posts, we’ve looked at the battle to save Collector from the wind turbine disaster proposed by Thai wind scammers, RATCH.

RATCH’s pitch to the Planning Assessment Commission went down like the Hindenburg.


That didn’t go as well as it could have.

No surprises there.  Of the crowd that filled the hall at Collector, 95% were bitterly opposed to having giant fans lobbed in their backyards.  Funny about that.


Any of you boys feeling kinda insignificant at the moment?

One of the more curious aspects of the PAC meeting was the appearance of the mysterious Frank Bestic.

As we’ve reported, Frank is one fearless wind power fraud warrior.


Come on Frank – the World is dying to know – who are you?

But try as we might – even our best operatives – have completely lucked out.  We simply cannot find him.

We’ve gone door-to-door at Biala NSW – where Frank says he hails from – and drawn nothing but blank expressions from locals there.

We’ve scoured the Internet, the Electoral Roll, the White Pages and all of the pubs within a 6 pack-drive’s distance of Biala.  We just cannot find him.

We think Frank used to work for Transfield Services, but – truth be told – there’s not much we really know about him.

In his correspondence with Linda Pahl he was very keen to make sure that his email address remains confidential.  As we noted – clever and careful in equal measure.

Frank clearly does not want people to know who he really is.

In this email to Linda Pahl, Frank took the shrewd and surreptitious step of masking his email address – using one he’d obviously mocked up to help protect his true identity:

From: Nick Valentine [mailto:nickovalentino2110@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 9 October 2013 2:26 PM
To: Linda Pahl

Subject: Re: FW: Notification of PAC Meeting l Collector Project Amended Time and Venue

Thanks Linda

In my previous limited experience with these matters it would seem to me that those singing from the same hymn sheet are likely to be most successful.

Does the Friends of Collector have a particular narrative? If I am to participate in the meeting actively I would like to join you in solidarity.



Clever! The email address and the moniker filched by Frank belongs to none other than Nick Valentine!

As STT readers know Nick Valentine is one of the goons working to help RATCH to promote its Collector wind farm project – we covered his efforts to win the hearts and minds of locals in our posts here and here.

Here’s a video of Nick working hard to win the love of Collector’s locals a while back. Nick’s the bloke seen towering over local Traditional Owner, Shane Mortimer. Shane lets Nick know RATCH ain’t welcome, which leads Nick to challenge Shane for apparently threatening him. Strange that Nick – a solid young 6 footer – would feel threatened by a quiet man half his size. Never underestimate the little guy, hey Nick?

Nick’s even worked with fan erecting outfit, Transfield Services.

So Frank is clearly smarter than the average anti-wind power fraud warrior.

If you’re looking to conceal your TRUE identity, why not keep them all guessing by borrowing one from your opponents?

What a brilliant ploy by Frank!  This bloke’s smarter than brain pie.

There’s just no way that Nick Valentine would ever be seen showing “solidarity” with the Friends of Collector.

Nick would rather snack out on razor blades and broken glass before he said a single bad word about giant fans or RATCH.  So no one would ever believe that Nick was the author of any of these emails.  The perfect cover.

When news of Frank’s little cloak and dagger effort hits London, we’re pretty sure that 007 will down another dry Martini in Frank’s honour.


This one’s for the legendary Frank Bestic. He could’ve been a double 0.

What a move – by slipping into Nick’s skin before he turned up at Collector, Frank was able to prevent anybody working out just who he was.

So, the mystery remains: WHO is Frank Bestic?

In our earlier post we asked for any video or photos of Frank at the Collector meeting.

Now we’ll settle for any kind of confirmation that Frank is alive and well and traipsing the rolling hills of the Tablelands of NSW.

STT will be mighty pleased to know that Frank lives to fight another day – and, no doubt, our readers will be too.

And, by the way, can someone please let Nick Valentine know that someone called Frank Bestic has apparently been using his email?


Collector “Face Off”: Nick Valentine or Frank Bestic – who can tell?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    So Frank and Nick are one in the same.

    The take home message for us all – we need to be much more cautious and suspicious – which is quite contrary to the normal country way – as the wind weasels are preying on us and will do anything to have their way.

  2. Perhaps you would like to leave Frank Bestic and his friends a message..https://www.facebook.com/groups/Goulburngroup/permalink/622450414465509/

  3. Stand against wind says:

    It seems Nick is not only nasty but a nitwit.

  4. David Mortimer says:

    I have wondered for some time just how long it would take before a mole tried to dig his way into our ranks. Seems my wonderings have been answered.

    It just goes to show what lengths the wind weasels will go to in order to have their way.

    I guess that honour and honesty are not two attributes one can hang on a wind weasel.

    Just as an aside, I am sure that others have also noticed, but whenever noise is mentioned re levels above ambient and set back distances for turbines, ONLY the dBA scale is used and infra and low frequency sound never gets a mention. Just who is trying to hide what? Maybe Frank’s alter-ego knows?

  5. Nick Valentine ah..how about that! Perhaps Frank Bestic has moved to Newcastle? After the PAC Collector Hearing, Nick was dining alone at Mamma’s Little Bakery near Collector. Probably desperate for company, Nick let slip to one of the Collector residents, that he is moving to Newcastle, to work on another Industrial Wind Factory site. Perhaps our friends in the Newcastle region might know if Frank Bestic has relocated there?


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  2. […] Remember how Nick Valentine spruiked to packed town halls all over New South Wales about how RATCH’s giant fans were going to save the planet by literally sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere? Surely, Nick and his doppelgänger, Frank Bestic, will want to continue their “wonderful” work in the future? (see our posts here and here and here). […]

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