Australian Senate’s Recommendations to Curb the Wind Industry – Driven by Common Sense & Compassion

senate review

Save wind industry mouthpiece, Labor’s Anne Urquhaut,
Australia’s Ministry for Common Sense & Compassion.


After almost 6 months, 8 hearings in 4 States and the ACT, dozens of witnesses and almost 500 submissions, the Senate Inquiry into the great wind power fraud has delivered its ‘doorstop’ final report, which runs to some 350 pages – available here: Senate Report

The first 200 pages are filled with facts, clarity, common sense and compassion; the balance, labelled “Labor’s dissenting report”, was written by the wind industry’s parasites and spruikers – including the Clean Energy Council (these days a front for Infigen aka Babcock & Brown); the Australian Wind Alliance; and Leigh Ewbank from the Enemies of the Earth.

Predictably, Labor’s dissenting report is filled with fantasy, fallacy and fiction – pumping up the ‘wonders’ of wind; completely ignoring the cost of the single greatest subsidy rort in the history of the Commonwealth; and treating the wind industry’s hundreds of unnecessary victims – of incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – with the kind of malice, usually reserved for sworn and bitter foreign enemies.

Labor receives $millions in operational and election funding from Union Super Funds – which its members (both past and present) run as political slush funds – funds which are handled with wanton disregard for the working class mum and dads – who unwittingly end up ‘investing’ their hard earned savings in disasters like Pacific Hydro – a wind power outfit that torched $700 million of mum and dad super savings in a single year:

Pacific Hydro’s Ponzi Scheme Implodes: Wind Power Outfit Loses $700 Million of Mum & Dad Retirement Savings

So, with their snouts wedged deep in the wind industry subsidy trough – and with everything to lose, it’s no surprise that Labor’s dissenting report is full of self-serving lies, omissions and half truths.

Fortunately, however, the majority of Senators on the Committee worked overtime to get the truth out – and made a suite of recommendations based on facts and evidence; and driven by those truly human attributes – common sense and compassion.

STT notes and thanks Coalition Members, Senators Chris Back and Matt Canavan – and Senators, John Madigan, David Leyonhjelm, Bob Day and SA’s Favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon for their tireless efforts throughout: efforts which have done more than any other Parliamentary Inquiry – anywhere on Earth – to expose the insane cost and utter pointlessness of the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Here’s a succinct little wrap-up on the Senate’s recommendations from Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Wind turbine report vindicates Senate scrutiny
Liberal Democratic Party
Monday August 3, 2015

Liberal Democrat Senator for NSW, David Leyonhjelm has hailed the findings of the Select Committee Inquiry on Wind Turbines as vindication of his motion to establish the inquiry and confirmation that regulation of the wind industry needs to change.

“It is abundantly clear from the evidence of regulators, the community, local councils and wind farm operators that the status quo is untenable,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

“Only the wind industry and its cheer squad disagree. There are glaring planning and compliance deficiencies plus growing evidence, domestic and international, that infrasound and low frequency sound from wind turbines is having an adverse health impact on some people who live in the vicinity of wind farms. This is not something a responsible government can ignore.”

The report is critical of the work previously undertaken by the National Health and Medical Research Council on wind farm noise emissions, which many have relied upon to declare wind farms have no adverse health effects.

The committee is also concerned about “the lack of rigour” behind the position statement of the Australian Medical Association on wind turbine operations. The inquiry report criticised the AMA for refusing to give evidence before the inquiry, describing their position statement as “irresponsible and harmful”.

The final report, tabled in the Senate today, retains the recommendations of the interim report (which the government has accepted) but expands on these and adds more.

Among them is a requirement for wind farms to comply with national noise standards in order to be eligible for consumer funded Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), that eligibility for RECs cease after five years to lessen the financial burden on consumers, that state EPAs have jurisdiction over wind farms rather than local councils, that the Clean Energy Regulator be subject to a performance audit by the ANAO, and that the Productivity Commission be required to examine the impact of wind power generation on retail electricity prices.

“Senators involved in this inquiry have been attacked by the Big Wind lobby and those who see it is an assault on all renewable energy. The Labor representative on the Committee, Senator Anne Urquhart, joined this criticism following the interim report.

“However, the report shows there is a problem with the wind industry, not renewables such as solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass. There are potentially just as many jobs in these and nobody living close to them is getting sick. Labor’s enthusiasm for renewables needs to incorporate some compassion for those being hurt.”

Senator David Leyonhjelm

Senator David Leyonhelm

Senator David Leyonhelm: makes a sensible plea for compassion.


A fair call David – but, then again, common sense rarely needs an advocate.

Meanwhile, Committee Chair, Senator John Madigan went on the offensive in his home state of Victoria – where wind industry front man, Labor Premier, Daniel Andrews has adopted an approach to his constituents that would have made his pin-up boy, Generalissimo Stalin, glow with pride.

Senator Madigan warns Premier Andrews: ‘Don’t gamble with the health of Victorians’
Senator John Madigan
Independent Senator for Victoria
July 16, 2015

Independent Senator for Victoria John Madigan has warned Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews the Victorian Government’s unshakeable commitment to wind energy is putting the health of Victorians at risk, while potentially exposing the state to future legal liabilities.

“There is growing evidence living near wind turbines can be detrimental to health,” Senator Madigan said.

“While for a long time this evidence mainly came from the reports of affected individuals, more recently a number of studies have lent scientific weight to their concerns, such as the German and Japanese studies recently reported on,” Senator Madigan said.

“Yet, in the face of this, we have the Premier telling us his government is ‘unashamedly pro-wind power’ and indicating plans to boost investment in the sector.

“Beyond the detrimental health impacts, this could leave the state liable to future claims by those who suffer ill-health as a result. Where there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm the law requires us to act prudently to avoid that harm. If we fail to do so we are expected to compensate those impacted. The Andrew’s government is confronted with just this type of situation.”

Senator Madigan said the Premier had been aware of the potential health impacts of wind turbines since at least June 2010 when, as Health Minister, he attended a community cabinet meeting in Bendigo and was handed a file containing approximately twenty statutory declarations made by people living near Waubra wind farm. Each statutory declaration detailed negative health impacts residents attributed to noise from the wind turbines.

Senator Madigan said: “Given the Premier has known about this for some time, it is completely irresponsible for him to be promoting the construction of more wind farms around the state.

“With peoples’ health at risk, the state government should exercise the precautionary principle and delay the approval of any further wind farms until their health impacts are properly understood. This is the only responsible position under the circumstances.”

Senator Madigan said he would write to the Premier to request a moratorium on the development of further wind farms until their health impacts are properly understood.

Senator John Madigan

John Madigan

John Madigan: another Champion for common sense and compassion.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on How Green Is This.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The Majority Senators have undertaken a difficult task; they have and will no doubt continue to be attacked by the greedy, unscrupulous industry and its misguided grovelling groupies and will continue to standing firm and knock back the attacks. These are Senators with high levels of social conscience and dedication to their role to look after the people of Australia, no matter whether they live in cities, suburbs, regional or rural areas.

    For anyone to condemn the Recommendations created from the evidence they received through a truly democratic process is doing nothing but showing the detractors for what they are – greedy, unscrupulous and maybe misguided – unwilling to face the truth.

    To reject the controlling of an industry which is meant to provide an ESSENTIAL SERVICE to all Australians, in a cost effective and safe manner is nothing more than negligent.

    The Recommendations are sensible and should enable those facing the invasion of Industrial Wind Turbines in their vicinity to feel their health is being looked after, that the environment and eco-systems are being looked after, that the cost of electricity will be and continue to be affordable for all Australians.

    Finally adoption of the Recommendations will ensure industry will be held to account, that they will not be provided with financial assistance at the detriment to other Renewable Energy providers, that they will need to stand on their own feet rather than continue to receive funding from the public purse, which we all contribute to through taxes, that the price of energy is not skewed by a system designed to benefit THE INDUSTRY OVER THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA.

    It is worrying that the Australian Medical Association was not willing to stand up and explain their Position Statement; if the people who wrote and supported it have gone then the AMA should either publically reject it or explain why not.

    The dissenting Senator(s) should have taken more time to listen and read all the evidence rather than ignoring. It shows a complete lack of respect for those providing evidence.

    It also indicates a lack of respect for the role of the Senate.

    Sticking to a Party line when faced with so much opposing evidence should have made them question the Party line not do everything to support one which has been shown to be lacking in common sense and rational independent thought not reliant on outside self-serving influences.

    • How refreshing it is to read the words of someone whose moral compass actually works! Your assessment is excellent!

    • Uncle Fester says:

      Let’s face it…. With the total demise of the Democrats, the ALP is forced to roll over for a rogering by the loony greens in order to have half a chance of remaining a political force in this country. The will say and do anything, including relying on any bed-fellow to ensure their political survival. Then there is the issue of their bankroll being tied up in the industry as well. No conflict of interest there at all, is there?

  3. The ALP association with the wind corrupted Union Super Funds is a blatant conflict of interest when it comes to independant and impartial assessment of the social, economic, environmental and health impacts of industrial wind factories. It is a ALP supported RORT, plain and simple. Urquhaut and Andrews are simply pawns in a multibillion dollar chess game. A Royal Commission is the only way to keep it in check.

  4. We, too, on behalf of those of our followers who do not live in Australia, but come from many countries around the world, would like to extend our thanks to the Senate Committee. Their findings and recommendations must have a knock-on effect to the Governments of countries such as Scotland which are even more negligent if they do not pay heed to the outcomes of the Inquiry.

  5. Any parliament member that gives the tick or green light for wind farms should be personally liable for any outcome in court where they are causing harm to peoples’ lives. They should be made to payup (out of their own pockets and or go to jail). If that is the case, they will think the issue through more thoroughly at least.

    The senate report has got all the facts at hand, so no excuses for not knowing.

    • I would say that any elected official has the duty to do thorough research before passively claiming powerlessness. Their mandate is to protect each and every citizen…not just the few who gain financially from this scam.
      “They should be made to payup (out of their own pockets and or go to jail). ”
      I agree.

      • Uncle Fester says:

        Just as one is unable to sign away their rights to safety in the workplace, governments and the individuals within are unable to sign away the rights to health at home. When the research is complete, this will be bigger than the Asbestos issue, and in this case, unlike James Hardie, the governments (both flavours, both state and federal) wont be able to funnel everything off to a shelf company to restrict their damages liability.

  6. Terry Conn says:

    I and many others I am acquainted with join the sentiments expressed by STT in respect to the responsible and excellent work done by the senate committee into wind farms.

    It is clear they have really worked hard and competently to understand the ‘wind industry’ and how it works, what it costs and what consequences follow for individuals impacted by living in the vicinity of a wind farm.

    The senate recommendations demonstrate the attention to detail needed to ‘fix’ the whole sorry business. The rest of parliament now needs to adopt all the recommendations forthwith and without exception.

    The labor party stooges for the wind industry could ultimately see the party destroyed by its total failure to listen and show compassion and secondly by continuing to disconnect itself from ‘reality’ in respect to what is a ‘failed’ technology that costs so much it will destroy the nation’s economic base if they do what they say — the party needs to understand that ‘wind farms’ are not a ‘social issue’ (like gay marriage) but a machinery based technology that is totally flawed.

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