Ewbank made to U-turn


One of STT’s favourite “greentard” bloggers, and the wind farm developers’ most ardent apologist, got short shrift on King Island last week at the meeting where locals gathered to hear some of the facts, instead of the spin usually delivered by Ewbank and his Overlords.

You’ll remember the way the CERES Stormtroopers treated the Yorke Peninsula (YP) locals at a meeting back in February – bouncing people into the street if they didn’t hold the right coloured ticket.

Well, Ewbank copped a little of the wind industry’s own medicine when he was shown the door.  Politely, we might add. But King Islanders are just like that.  Unlike the YP turbine host charged with assaulting a local who had the temerity to turn up at the CERES meeting to protect his slice of heaven.

Ewbank, of course, wasn’t invited, and as a gatecrasher with form he might have seen it coming – perhaps he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed?  STT thinks his comments to the Stock & Land tend to remove any remaining doubt.  Here’s how the Stock & Land reported on his latest antics.

Wind farm opposition continues

02 May, 2013 04:00 AM


A MEETING held by the No TasWind Farm Group last week saw guest speaker Dr Sarah Laurie address King Island residents about her research into wind farms.

Dr Laurie is the CEO of the Waubra Foundation, which was created to research health problems associated with wind turbines.

Initially Dr Laurie was in favour for a wind energy project proposed for the hills near her property in South Australia.

But after being alerted to health problems associated with wind turbines, Dr Laurie decided there was potentially serious health problems associated with them.

She decided to look into the matter and became aware that despite the health problems being described around the world, there was a lack of research and need for more research.

In the weeks leading to her arrival, on king Island there had been plenty of discussions about Dr Laurie, so much so the police attended the meeting.

No TasWind Farm Group member Donald Graham said the meeting was useful for King Island residents.

“Dr Laurie clearly pointed out that there are issues with turbines and noise and infrasound,” he said.

The meeting also had some controversy when Friends of the Earth spokesperson Leigh Ewbank was asked to leave.

Mr Graham said the meeting was a community meeting called by the group for residents and invited guests only.

“We do run our meetings in a friendly, tolerant nature that our island is renowned for and the group would take any visitor at face value until they crossed the line,” he said.

“Mr Ewbank however has already crossed the line several times before attending our meeting.

“He has a past record of turning fact into fiction when it comes to Dr Laurie and there is now a clear attempt by outside interests to hijack this island issue.”

Mr Ewbank said he was shocked and surprised to be ejected from the public meeting and left without opposition.

“King Islanders who noticed my attendance at TasWind Consultative Committee forums the previous week will attest that I’m a polite man who’s only seeking to observe the community consultation process. I’ll leave it to King Islanders to decide whether my ejection was fair,” he said.

“I visited King Island to observe what appears to be a best practice model for community engagement.

“The anti-wind farm meeting is part of the political context for the proposal and would have allowed me to listen to the views of the island’s wind farm opponents. Nationally, there’s strong support for wind farms because if the sectors job creation, local investment, and environmental benefits.

“It’s interesting to understand why some people don’t share that positive view.”

Stock & Land


Ewbank’s favourite T-shirt with an STT edit

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Hutson says:

    I have had a pretty hard week,lets say month, years, of Bloody Wind Turbines. Tonight I decided to go right into the nitty gritty with Google earth and started measurements of actually how close some Wind Turbines are being placed to peoples homes. This is in relation to the Gullen Range Industrial Wind Turbine Complex.
    It’s sad to actually see how close they are being built to innocent peoples homes, and you know from other peoples experiences what is going to occur.
    So what’s brightened me up a bit. To actually see that some of the perpetrators of this enigma have signed up to have these massive Turbines as close as 600 meters from their homes.
    So I say to the Wind Turbine Hosts, enjoy the Turbines as they make money for you, and when your realize you have been conned and lied to by the Wind Turbine Company, and you find that your lives are being trashed along with your neighbours, find solace in your greed. I might add, don’t forget to bank some of your 30 pieces of Silver for the rainy day that’s coming, not that it will be enough to satisfy your neighbours ligitation.
    So all in all another day at the never ending Wind Turbine saga.

  2. This man is not doing this job for his own good, Fiends of the Earth are paid to “represent” the wind industry, I think we all know that anyway.
    These people that come in from outside the area and try to push their “employers” product on locals should be treated as nothing more than scum and probably in my opinion physically removed, others may prefer to be more polite.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Interesting how Mr Ewbank refers to himself as being a polite man. It may have escaped him that many a despot has been polite – until they gain power.
    It is not always how you say it but what you say that shows what you are.
    He and his cohorts know exactly what people are concerned about and it is a fallacy to say that nationally there is strong support for these installations.
    As we have come to see once people are provided with the truth of how this industry performs and is funded, and what concerns there are in relation to the noise they produce then tacit support withers.
    Once communities who are being ‘chosen’ to have them in their vicinity are made aware of what could happen – tacit support withers.
    If they were to be destined for parks and open space in cities – tacit support would not only wither but active opposition would lead to huge demonstrations and outcrying of NO NOT IN OUR BACKYARDS.
    Demands for research would be listened to and demands that funding be withdrawn would be heard and headed.
    Mr Ewbank nice people don’t go around denigrating those who hold opposing views. They don’t try to discredit those with a professional and personal desire to see that people are well informed, and who campaign for research to be undertaken for the good of those suffering. Mr Ewbank you were not invited to the meeting on King Island, so why did you try to attend?
    Was it to be able to go away and misrepresent what you heard to shore up an industry struggling against truth and justice, and one which could be seen to be a dying industry?

  4. Crispin Trist says:

    A personal opinion.

    Come on King Island. Save your little slice of heaven. The Wind developers want your land because it is a far cheaper option than putting them out to sea! If the developers have their way, King Island would become one large Industrial Wind Facility! They do not want you there. You are in their way and they will try every dirty trick in the book to bulldoze this project through. Save King Island and promote tourism and lifestyle. Investigate ways to get off the grid altogether. There are other ways.

  5. The windpushers are well aware that everyone hates them, and they also know why! The only support they will ever have, is from those who are paid to support them, and often, promoting wind turbines, is demanded of them, as well as the added catch of a “gag clause”, that they must sign, in order to receive their blood money!!!

  6. For Mr Ewbank to call himself a “man” is perplexing. I’d think “a muppet of a man” is more appropriate!

    He has a track record for encouraging community fracture and is nothing short of an infiltrator. Well done to the community of King Island for asking him to leave! We salute you.

    He encourages local and vocal so-called environment groups to turn on their community and sabotage their independent investigations and democratic right of objection.

    Check out his attack on the community who put up a fight against the Cherry Tree Wind Farm. He even got Dads Army on to them!


    He is a TWIMBECILE of the worst kind.

    For all of those out there who can’t sleep, try these acronyms instead of doing the crossword at 3am. It is much more therapeutic and will entertain you until the sun comes up!


    Involved in

    Mix it up a little with words such as “environmentally challenged individuals”, leftist, extremist, subterfuge, shamanism and shite. You’ll be entertained for hours.

    What do they say about people in glass houses! You have done it now Ewank … keep your little city nose in your latte!


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