Tony Abbott Gets the Heads-Up on Disappointing Dan Tehan’s Pro-Wind Industry Push

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Dan Tehan’s Boss gets the ‘heads up’ from Annie Gardner.


Labor-in-Liberal clothing Federal MP, Dan Tehan manged to stir up a veritable hornet’s nest in his western Victorian electorate by appearing on the Ministry’s of Truth’s 7.30 Report and putting in a performance that would have done wind industry spruikers, the Clean Energy Council proud (see our post here).

Dan’s dismal efforts to protect his constituents drew opprobrium from far and wide, and news of the backlash went all the way to the top: STT hears that Dan’s foot-in-mouth efforts were among the hot topics being discussed by Coalition MPs in Canberra’s corridors of power this week – including the inner sanctum of the PM’s Office.


Heads up Tony: you’ve got at least one dismal performer.


Never one to backdown in a fight for what’s fair and reasonable, STT Champion, Annie Gardner sent this pointed political “heads up” to Disappointing Dan’s Boss

Mr. Tony Abbott,
Prime Minister,
Parliament House

Dear Mr. Abbott,

I am writing to alert you to a very serious problem for the Coalition in the seat of Wannon, a problem which has been bubbling away for quite some time, but exploded last Thursday, with our member Dan Tehan’s very foolish appearance on the ABC’s 7.30 report.

The outcry which has continued in this district since Thursday evening is astounding ….

As far as a large number of Dan’s constituents are concerned, this participation, against Dan’s better judgement, was literally “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

I’m sending you copies of some of the letters which were sent to Dan in utter disgust, in this case from families seriously impacted by infrasound emitted by wind turbines, which are destroying this once magnificent agricultural district.

Of course many people here are still reeling from the virtual “in house job” which resulted in Dan’s pre-selection several years ago, when there were far more suitable candidates from this district, in addition to the manner in which pre-selection was handled, hardly satisfactory.

We are warning you, we have had enough of the contempt which Dan has shown toward his sick constituents. Dan’s own electorate of Wannon is where Steven Cooper’s world first research findings confirmed a link between health symptoms and infrasound emitted by wind turbines at Cape Bridgewater.


He claims that Keppel Prince, the steel fabricators in Portland could “live with 33000 gigawatt hours”. He claims that the Clean Energy Council, which is literally the wind industry, could “live with 33000 gigawatt hours”.

But, Mr. Abbott, the thousands of hard working rural Australians impacted by wind turbines, COULD NOT LIVE WITH 33,000 gigawatt hours!!!!!

He has turned his back on the constituents who have been loyal Liberal voters for their entire lives, and has allowed himself to be bluffed by the wind industry and associated industries. They’ve conned him, but he’s really too thick to realise it. After all, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If he was a bit more savvy, he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be bluffed, and used by the wind industry and its cohorts, in the manner which he has.

What we can’t believe is that he is blatantly supporting a small army of workers who would surely be members of the AMW Union and wouldn’t intend voting for Dan anyway, whilst at the same time ignoring and neglecting his conservative voting faithfuls. What a fool he’s been, and the fallout from this stupidity is a very serious problem for you Mr. Abbott.

We’ve called him “Do nothing Dan” for a long time, and that is not just the attitude of wind farm victims. Your government is blindly forging forward supporting coal seam gas in this south-western district of Victoria, which along with wind farms will be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER.

Today in Hamilton I noticed a protest in the Safeway carpark, with farmers’ tractors, hay bales and working dogs, where a petition was being signed, by what seemed one hell of a lot of people. I’m told there’s to be a big rally against coal seam gas, at the property “Brisbane Hill” tomorrow near Branxholme, between Hamilton and Macarthur.

The seat of Wannon has always been a safe Liberal seat, but if I were you Mr. Abbott, I’d be very worried. After all John Howard’s seat was a safe Liberal seat also, and look what happened there!!

Many of the letters I’ve been copied in to Dan in the last two days, have been accusing him of being aligned with the Labor Party. In fact, he’s promoting the Labor Party policy, at the same time as doing enormous damage to his own electoral chances, and that of the Coalition in this district.

We’re not happy with our elected Liberal Party representative in the seat of Wannon, and many have vowed they’ll work to unseat him at the next election.

I hope you will take notice of what I’m relaying to you in this correspondence. We’ve been let down badly by Dan Tehan and, as a result, it’s going to be very messy for the Liberal Party in Wannon.

Yours sincerely,

Annie Gardner

Ann Gardner: registers justified customer
complaint with head of operations.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We are in lord Howe island just off the coast of nsw. 350 residents on an island 10km long and 2 km wide. Our council ( The Lord Howe island board) are attempting to install two turbines with 300 metres of residents homes. We have no where to go, we are deeply concerned about our health. If anyone can write me a letter explaining the impact turbines have made on their health, it will help us show some of the community members that it really does make you sick. We just need someone who has actually suffered first hand to explain.

  2. Sideshow alley says:

    Dirty Dan looks as intelligent as a Sideshow Clown, waiting for someone to pop in the ping pong ball.

    His head turns to the right, then the left, then the right, then…

  3. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Great response Ann. Yet this little pimple was again on radio this morning pushing for the 33,000 RET, and it looks as if he and his Labor supporters are going to get it.
    If they do then it has to be that the IWT industry cannot access the LRET, it MUST be reserved for those other safer and productive forms of ‘renewable’ energy. The IWT industry has received far too much already.
    If we are to secure the safety and health of those living in regional and rural areas then the IWT industry has to be curtailed. Those turbines causing pain and suffering have to be removed and a no more allowed to be erected – even if they have already received planning approval.
    Keep up the pressure Ann and everyone else.

  4. Disappointed says:

    Good on you, Annie.
    Can you write one to TA about Gutless Greg Hunt too?
    Bet you he was scripting Disappointing Dan behind the scenes…

  5. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Great work Annie.

    You are an inspiration and an example for us all, but in particular for the fool on the hill, Dan Tehan.

  6. Noel Dean. says:

    A Great Letter Ann. NOISY DAN, a wind Industry parrot and a fool, his support for 40 maybe jobs with the risk of losing 200 jobs does not make sense. NOISY DAN has no thought for ensuring that the received noise is measured at Windfarms in Victoria: too stupid to ensure Complaints of Noise are Measured to best practice; CANNOT Read; will NOT listen to us; BUT sure CAN LISTEN to the nonsense from the Windies.

    NOISY DAN’s actions do not comply with Proper Process; deeming him NOT fit to represent the Liberal Party; and he should be disciplined by Tony Abbott for making public comments without any proper basis.

    It does not make any sense for a decision on the renewable energy target, until the recommendations of this Wind Farm inquiry are made. The personal harm from turbines is wide spread across Australia and around the World: the harm is well known to people who have an interest and CAN READ; as is the harm caused by the spiralling cost of electricity in Australia and around the world, as well.

    NOISY DAN and Sarah Henderson have the responsibility to ensure people are not harmed. This has NOT been done and will NOT be done until Special Audible Characteristics are considered for what they are; in conjunction with real time noise testing of all audible sound being emitted from all operating turbines. Rather than the stupid Matthew Guy compromise of an audit only; resulting in NO noise assessment for complaints of received noise being made in Victoria by Impacted residents and road users near badly placed Wind Turbines.

    Noel Dean.

  7. Jim Hutson. says:

    Ann, you really are a wonderful representative for the people, all over our country who suffer badly from Industrial Wind Turbines.

    A huge thank you.

  8. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Ann Gardner knows what she is talking about as she keeps herself well informed with what is going on in and around this corrupt industry; the biggest scam this country has ever seen.

    Ann, and a lot of other people, living around these things are suffering a lot of unnecessary pain. As for Dan, he is not worth feeding, for what he had to say on ‘our’ biased ABC’s 7.30 report.

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