German Climate Physicist says: Time for Germans to Sober Up, kill their Wind Power Debacle & Save Millions of REAL Jobs


Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke: time for Germans to sober up.


The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. The subsidies have been colossal, the impacts on the electricity market chaotic and – contrary to the environmental purpose of the policy – CO2 emissions are rising fast: if “saving” the planet is – as we are repeatedly told – all about reducing man-made emissions of an odourless, colourless, naturally occurring trace gas, essential for all life on earth – then German energy/environmental policy has manifestly failed (see our post here).

Some 800,000 German homes have been disconnected from the grid – victims of what is euphemistically called “fuel poverty”. In response, Germans have picked up their axes and have headed to their forests in order to improve their sense of energy security – although foresters apparently take the view that this self-help measure is nothing more than blatant timber theft (see our post here).

German manufacturers – and other energy intensive industries – faced with escalating power bills are packing up and heading to the USA – where power prices are 1/3 of Germany’s (see our posts here and here and here). And the “green” dream of creating thousands of jobs in the wind industry has to turned out to be just that: a dream (see our post here).

Now, with Germany’s wind powered energy debacle clearly running completely out of control, a few sober individuals – like German physicist, climate scientist and spokesman for the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke – have weighed in. Prof Lüdecke has ripped into his country’s insane renewables policy; in an effort to get his compatriots to sober up, before they’re all left without a job, living on welfare and sitting freezing, in the dark.

German Climate Physicist: Alternative Energy, Climate Are A “Religious Creed”… “Miles Away” From Openness
P Gosselin
26 April 2015

german miners protest

Berlin: 15,000 German Miners out to save real jobs, like their own.


Yesterday approximately 15,000 coal miners turned out to protest the German government’s energy policy.

German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced earlier he intended to levy a CO2 surcharge on older coal power plants with the aim of shutting them down.

Before yesterday’s demonstration, German physicist and climate scientist and spokesman for the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, published a sharply-worded commentary here on the government’s anti-fossil fuel/nuclear power policy. As the introduction Lüdecke wrote:

“Climate protection and the switch over to renewable energies were instilled in German citizens by state propaganda, green brainwashing and with the help of all of Germany’s mainstream media. The unconditional necessity to advance into alternative energies has become a religious creed. By historical and global comparison, such a thing happens the most easily here, time after time. The logic used by the politically interested parties every time appears to be infallible. [..]

The argument goes as follows: The rescue of the planet from a death by heat and the immediate shutdown of the irresponsible German nuclear power plants are essential. The question of whether this is really true is not to be asked, let alone discussed.”

Lüdecke says, however, that public awareness over the madness of Germany’s energy policy is beginning to dawn and that he believes “now is the phase of sobering up, but unfortunately not yet one of reason.” Leading print media are beginning to soften their support for the so-called Energiewende as it now stands, he writes. As angry coal miners take to the street, and thousands of industrial jobs become threatened, it is becoming increasingly apparent something has gone awry.

Lüdecke thinks that the sobering-up process will take time because every political party has made green issues part of its platform. “Green is a very difficult color to wash away,” the German physicist writes.

Lüdecke then explains the primary disadvantage of renewable energy: their low energy density, i.e. meaning they require vast areas and that the major ones are weather-dependent. The German EIKE professor does not know how long the sobering-up process will take, citing the immense power of an array of lobbies behind the green movement.

Lüdecke also aims harsh words at Germany’s pompous and one-sided media:

“Finally a word for the German media, here especially for the public TV and radio networks. They are rightly being compared by the current contemporaries to the conditions of former East Germany or even earlier times.”

At the political level, Lüdecke blasts the atmosphere of intimidation against people who have alternative views, who often are threatened with physical violence from radical leftists groups.

When it comes to openness, such as that proclaimed by French philosopher Voltaire, the German climatologist writes “in the dark media of Germany, we are miles away.” He adds:

“Factual discourse, connected with polite listening and taking the arguments from opponents seriously, is definitely not in fashion.”

Lüdecke describes Germany as a desert when it comes to independent reporting and expression of opinions.

There, as here, a gullible and pliant media has aided and abetted the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time. Whether it’s bone laziness, or intellectual dishonesty, modern journos have a lot to answer for.


Holmes struggles to find ‘forensic skills’ on modern journo’s CV.


Once upon a time, the ambitious young hack was inquisitive, suspicious and had the kind of forensic zeal that would have teamed up well with Sherlock Holmes and his side-kick, Watson. Not any more.

Sadly, save for a few remarkable examples – like Graham Lloyd, Alan Jones, James Delingpole, Emily Godsen, Christopher Booker and Rodney Lohse – the press-pack simply parrot the drivel tossed out as “media releases” by the Clean Energy Council, and its wind industry funded equivalents around the globe.

But, thanks to the likes of NoTricksZone, and a few other dedicated bloggers, the unassailable facts are seeing the light of day; much to the horror and annoyance of the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers.

As the scale and scope of the fraud is steadily being revealed – despite the wind industry’s best efforts to keep a lid on it – those who are in a position to have called it a long time ago – and failed or refused to do so – are going to end up looking like either gullible dupes; or willing worshippers, in an insidious, quasi-religious cult.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. petersen, holger says:

    Sorry for my bad english!

    I am a German boy and I read a lot of you. We are watching todaytonight! A lot of people getting ill from windmills- infrasound. The wind is changing in Germany too! Do you know the Video infrasound test on youtubeDOTcom? A very interesting sub-woofer test!

    We all know Prof. Cooper. Up to now he is very famous, King of Windnoise! Thanxx to Australia and this site!

    Fuck off big windmills!

    • Holger, your English is perfectly clear. The fact that wind power is an economic and environmental fraud needs no translation: it is an incontrovertible fact in ALL languages, as is the entirely unnecessary harm caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; the destruction of millions of birds and bats; and the callous disregard displayed by the wind industry to all of its human and avian victims.

      We are glad you like our site. Use it to your best advantage.

      • petersen, holger says:

        Here the video where you can see that Pressure waves have a massage effect with 0 dB.

        Greetings from Germany.

  2. Keith Staff says:

    Germany is waking up, how about Australia?

    Read the book by James Delingpole – “Killing the earth to save it: How environmentalists are ruining the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your jobs.”

  3. Melissa Ware says:

    The new Greens leader, Senator Di Natalie “vows to get climate change policy back on track and champion mainstream values”, as quoted in today’s Age Newspaper.

    As in Germany and many other countries it seems propaganda and green brainwashing will continue to support the renewables industry, I believe at the cost of [rural] health, that Di Natalie, as an ex-GP appears in this article, seems keen to improve.

    According to his statement he will look at the things that make people sick, with hopes of a clean environment, air and water.

    This Senator refuses to recognise the disastrous health impacts of wind turbines, which are forcing some badly impacted residents to abandon their homes and to have no roof over their heads.

    I hope his Leadership coming from a health background is one based on the creed ‘first do no harm’; and that he is serious about improving the environment, particularly for those of us being impacted by industrial infrasound and LFN.

    • Grunwald says:

      Di Natale, like wind-Milne is willingly blind when it comes to wind turbine health impacts.

      Wind turbines are the swirling eco-swastika, and the Greenshirts are caught in its awe.

      However, the Greens have a great future with him at the helm – he lacks communication skills (bedside manner anyone??), lacks any integrity regarding the wind turbine health issue, and has the credibility of a Christopher Skase.

  4. Wake up Australia, this fraudulent wind fan scam is sending Germany broke. Australia, get off our butts and lead the world, and get rid of this enormous wind scam, as it only going to lead us to financial ruin. Giant fans will not save the planet.

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