Origin Chief gives the RET a mighty serve

Grant King is the CEO of a REAL energy company – not one drawn up from the bones of a corporate wreck like Babcock and Brown, say, or one that was put together to flog its own turbines like Suzlon RePower – the outfit behind the ridiculous Ceres project.




Origin is the 300lb Gorilla in the electricity game – so when it says it wants another banana – it gets a whole bunch.

STT hears that Grant has a direct line to Tony Abbott’s office and is keen to kill the RET outright. King takes the view that – in the near future – over half of the cost of our power bills will be due to the carbon tax and the RET. This means that there will be fewer businesses to sell sparks to – and Origin is in the business of generating and selling sparks. Unlike Infigen, which is in the business of collecting RECs.

On STT’s analysis King might even be on the light side when he says half, but why quibble? If you’re in the poor house because you can’t pay your power bill – it doesn’t matter whether the RET added 50% or 70% to it – you’re still freezing in the dark – so it’s kind of academic, really.

Grant King aka “King-Kong” reaches the same conclusion that we’ve been banging on about for months now – the RET and the REC are going to drive power prices to economy destroying levels faster than you can say – “was that a power bill I paid or did I just buy a new car?” He also makes the point that there is no evidence that wind power has actually done what the greentard claims justifies its obscene costs – ie to reduce CO2 emissions. Funny about that.

Check out this video from the Australian Financial Review where King-Kong-King lets us know he’s King of the energy market Jungle.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Windshift says:

    Grant King’s Origin Energy has been granted a permit to build a 157 turbine wind project at Stockyard Hill in the middle of a closely settled farming area.
    The permit was granted on the grounds that it met the incompetent NZ noise guidelines and based upon the noise emanating from 2MW turbines.
    Problem is the NZ guidelines only deal with audible sound, have a 100% record of failing to protect people and Origin’s recent information infers that 3.5MW turbines are to be used. Between 100 and 200 individuals will be tormented by sleep disturbance and other debilitating health problems.
    King and his directors need to can this project and let locals get on with their life otherwise they are no better than AGL. Selling the project on to a “couldn’t care less” international operator would be a cruel and gutless way out.

  2. NevilleW says:

    The dopey Greens party are getting their way. Oz will be bankrupt in the foreseeable future, manufacturing in Victoria will be a thing of the past. Could you imagine manufacturing trying to exist on wind energy? Even though Christine Milne has said many times “renewables can supply baseload”, of course no journalist has ever asked her for chapter and verse of her lies.

  3. Hit ’em again King Kong, but this time….HIT ‘EM HARDER!!!

  4. I have always wondered about how many electrical engineers grumbled, dissented, protested etc behind the scenes against the utmost stupidity of installing a highly unreliable, intermittent source of poor quality power (the “mature” technology called a wind turbine) and how many got reprimanded by their managers to hush or else…

    Australia can be proud that at least one energy company CEO that demonstrates the integrity and honesty to expose a scandal that affects the economy whilst risking a battering by media outlets who unashamedly display a bias towards wind energy.

    The stance of Grant King should also be an example to the modern politician, that they too should have the courage to speak out against the tide of public opinion (thanks to a barrage of media misinformation and propaganda and systemic indoctrination) and stand up to their counterparts who are happy to make money out of bankrupting Australia, whilst destroying its communities and environment and sharing the spoils with their shareholders.


  1. […] little while back we posted a video where Origin Energy’s Chief, Grant King laid out the demise of the RET.  Well – King-Kong-King is back beating his chest and letting the […]

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