A Sunrise report on a sunset industry

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Harry Makris says:

    They “Knew” there would be Trouble and Trouble there is…

    That’s why the Wind Industry with “deep pocket” and the Government in South Australia with “strategic legislation” …In only a handful of years.. slammed in enough wind farms to supply 54% of the Nation’s wind farm operating capacity…and that’s with only 7.2% of Australia’s population..

    They had to do it quick…before people could see what was happening.. most people do not recognise danger unless it impacts on them directly… drought, invisible toxins, industrial wind farms, fracking, and a host of other concerns….These seems to them like a stressful part of life that can be put aside for more real and pressing concerns like paying the bills and eating….until it hits home that is…

    Australians are not well disposed to being “duded”…This lot raided the Treasury and Super Funds.. built the wind farms which destroy environment, communities and lives (for a whole lot of reasons)….then sold them on while the masterminds quietly slipped away….Italy I suspect……..
    Leaving us a Hell of a mess to clean up

    You know the old saying….”The first cab off the rank gets the fare”

  2. Libby Wheatley says:

    Thank you Stop These Things. You folks in South Australia, that your journalism, appears to be light years ahead of the United States media with respect to recognition of adverse health impacts of industrial wind on those living near colossal turbines. Here the push for wind energy continues to get mandated and subsidized, while much of the media hype is on ” green jobs” and lives that will be saved from decommissioning coal-fired electricity generation plants. But not a single coal fired plant has been closed as a result of deployment of a wind project, worldwide. In fact, they’ve built more coal plants in China to “back up” intermittent wind energy infrastructure.. As Rural Grubby suggests, above, some evidence documents the net carbon footprint of an industrial turbine is positive. We’d be better off not even building them! And, as Colin admonishes in the film clip, the ant needs to know where to bite the elephant. Keep biting, everywhere, comrades. Speak the truth, and expose the wind energy scam for what it is. Pure Greed. Your site is an inspiration to those of us in the States who are trying to get the deleterious impacts of industrial wind recognized, and addressed, appropriately: STOP THESE THINGS!

  3. Built a family home as testament to our forefathers in the prettiest valley, along come the wind farmers and ruin our community, outlook and peace and quite. Gullen Range windfarm is not complete yet this would be an ideal opportunity for someone to access the area in current form and post wind farm. Land devaluation, health risks, aesthetics. Wind towers 1km away – very worrying times for us.

  4. Andreas Marciniak says:

    The world is slowly waking up to this Big time scam , in Europe many countries are realising they started this with out all the Info needed to know about this kind of Energy and the problems that came with it.
    It needs to STOP before it ruins us all, not just us in Waterloo, all around the world.

  5. Where in the hell do these guys (media) get the idea that we NEED wind energy for a clean future. Bull shit! These guys need to investigate the benefits. They are working on a very huge assumption that wind can replace fossil fuels. There are plenty of examples that show that they cannot and in fact add to the problems of GHG emissions. All the wind industry is going to do is find some slimy way of abating the noise and rural residents will still be thrown under the big green bus…. having to live with this completely unfair intrusion and scam.. If a scientific assessment had been required of wind energy to PROVE its cost-benefits claims, it would not have been allowed on the grid so why are we even discussing set-backs or proper assessments for noise. It completely diverts the issue and stalls to the extent that people will simply give up and find their own solutions by abandonning their homes, selling out etc.

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      On the topic of BS people should be aware also of the false statement made by show host Andrew O’Keefe, at approximately the 6:15 minute mark, that wind contributes about 7% of national grid energy. The correct value is actually around 2.3 %, refer to Table 8, Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, 2012 Energy Update.

  6. Now, there is enough evidence of negative effects that they should STOP putting these things up.


  1. […] STT would like you to meet Colin Schaefer, who lives 8 km from the Waterloo turbines in the mid-North of South Australia. You may have already come across Colin in an earlier post when he was on the Sunrise Report. […]

  2. […] has now gone “mainstream” with the Daily Telegraph, the Australian Financial Review and Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 all covering wind stories recently in an informative and balanced […]

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